McMurray Hatchery Ornamental Layer Chick Assortment

We are now offering a special combination of chicks from our Rarest of Rare Assortment and Top Hat Special which will be FEMALE BABY CHICKS! Nothing like this is available anywhere else in the world! Imagine buying such things as Cochins, Campines, Red Caps, the exotic Polish varieties, and many many more in pullets only. Best of all: you can buy this ORNAMENTAL LAYER COLLECTION and save money! We are putting a special price on these female baby chicks much lower than what you'd have to pay to get them individually. We guarantee you at least 8 different kinds in each order of 25. (Our choice) If you are short of space, or don't like to hear roosters crowing but still want the most unusual of the world's exotic poultry breeds, try our ORNAMENTAL LAYER COLLECTION.The supply of these is limited so please order them as early as possible. Assortments may contain additional chicks not listed.