McMurray Hatchery Rare Breed Special Chick Assortment

Here's a great chance to raise some of the rare and unusual varieties at a price far below the cost of selecting individual breeds from the regular price list. This Special will include at least 6 different purebred varieties from this list in an order of 25 chicks and in larger orders there will be even more: W. C. Black Polish, Blue Andalusians, Silver Spangled Hamburgs, Dark Cornish, Speckled Sussex, Light Brahmas, Red Leghorns, Mottled Houdans, Partridge Rocks, Silver Laced and Columbian Wyandottes, Turkens and some of the 35 varieties from the Rarest of Rare list. It will be an exciting adventure to watch these beautiful chicks develop into interesting, handsome birds and a real challenge to learn to identify all of the different kinds. This Rare Breed Special will include straight run chicks. Numbers of each may vary from breed to breed. We cannot guarantee to either include or omit specific breeds from the above list. If you must have only certain varieties, please order the exact variety, sex, and number of each you want. There is a great interest in raising assortments of rare breeds and you too will be delighted with the variety and fun to be had from our Rare Breed Special. Assortments may contain additional chicks not listed.