The Red-crested Pochards are a diving duck, spending most of their time on the water or near the watersedge. They gather in small groups, and are the most active early morning and evening. They like to dive, dabble, and up-end for food. Red-crested Pochards eat mainly  roots, seeds, and vegetative parts of aquatic plants.

Red-crested pochards are the only ducks known to have a feeding ritual where the male dives and brings food to the female while she swims on the water's surface.

The male is easily identified by its orange-brown shaving brushhead crest, red beak, and pale flanks.

The female is mainly brown with pale cheeks.


They are available as a trio.  

They have not been pinioned. You can request that a wing be clipped.  To do so, please call 1-800-456-3280.