McMurray Hatchery Runner Duck Assortment

Runner Ducks are a delight to watch with their unusual upright appearance. Add a few to your flock with this assortment. Includes our choice of at least two different varieties from our Black, Chocolate, Fawn and White, and Blue Runner ducks. 

Runner ducks — also called Indian Runner Ducks, Penguin Ducks, and Bottle-Neck Ducks — were developed in Scotland in the 1900s from stock that came from the East Indies. Runner Ducks have long, slender bodies and a vertical posture. Runner Ducks to not waddle like other breeds of ducks, they move upright with a quick step. They are smaller in size, and good foragers. 

Runner Ducks are also sold individually — available in four colors and as sexed ducklings. 

Straight run (unsexed) only.

CANCELLATIONS ON WATERFOWL: Cancellations and changes to orders for waterfowl must be made by 12:00 PM (Central) on the Friday before scheduled delivery. Any cancellations or changes to waterfowl orders after that time will be charged a $10.00 late cancel fee.