The male Redhead has a large, round, bright reddish brown head and neck, a short blue bill with a black tip, and yellowish orange eyes.  The body is gray body with a black breast, black rump and tail feathers.  The male is similar to the female but still has a reddish-brown head.  His body is brown but is darker on the breast; his eyes are yellow.  The female Redhead is a paler brown in color.  She also has a rounded head with a bluish bill and a black tip. There is a light patch at the base of her bill and her eyes are brown.  Both sexes have broad gray wing stripes and like most diving ducks, their gray legs are far apart which makes it hard for them to walk on land. 

They are usually night time feeders and eat mainly aquatic plants, insects, mollusks, and fish.  They are rapid flyers and have been known to fly as fast as 80 mph.


They are from a 2017 hatch and are available as male/female pairs at this time.


They have not been pinioned.  To request that they be wing clipped, please call 1-800-456-3280.