Red Star Started Pullets

Production Brown egg layers, shipped at 15-24 weeks old. Each month we start a new batch of Red Stars. Red Stars are the gold standard in brown egg production. Red Stars will start laying at around 22-23 weeks. They lay a large brown egg and are an easy to raise bird.

Our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks are kept in the brooder for 3-4 weeks depending on the outside temperature. When they arrive, they are given Gro Gel, warm water with Quick Chick and a little sugar dissolved. Around the time that they start jumping on the side boards of the brooders, we move them onto pasture. In the pasture they have free access to fresh grass, weeds, seeds and bugs.

Please note: In order for these birds to begin producing eggs at 22-23 weeks, they must be maintained on a high quality diet appropriate for their age. 20.5% crude protein 0-4 weeks. 20.0% 4-10 weeks. 17% 10-16 weeks. 17.5% until laying. These are the recommended