McMurray Hatchery Red Shouldered Yokohama Pair
Red Shouldered Yokohamas were first developed in Europe from Japanese breeds brought to Europe by French missionaries. Males have impressive long tails and saddle feathers. Females are good layers of light cream-colored eggs. Yokohama chickens tend to be quiet and gentle.

"I have ordered from all hatcheries to get birds to the standards. McMurray [Hatchery] has by far had the best of the best birds. They are to the standard. Of course not all will show, but I can actually put these with my breeders as good specimens."  — 5-Star Customer Review on Type and Conformation

EXHIBITION NOTE: We cannot guarantee that individual birds will be show quality. We suggest ordering multiple chicks and then selecting the best for show. Special care will need to be taken with any long-feathered breeds to prevent feathers from breaking.