Salmon Favorelle

Here is your chance to own a piece of France. The feather-footed, five-toed Salmon Favorelle was bred in France for meat and eggs. They free range well and can easily adapt to chicken coops. They are extremely docile, making them a perfect backyard chicken.

Pictured: 2-week-old Salmon Faverolle chick.

When shipped, these chicks will be between 28 and 63 days old. At 28 days old, most chicks do not require supplemental heat and can be started out in your coop. Because they do not require supplemental heat, we are able to ship as few as 1 of these 4-9 week old chicks. You can mix and match any type of 4 week old chicks in your order.

These juvenile chicks have been vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis. They have been watered with Quik Chik and given GroGel, and have been fed with a highly nutritious feed formulated for optimum growth.