White Mute Breeder Swans

The mute swan is a large, all-white swan recognized by its orange bill which is black at its base. There is also a prominent black knob at the base of its bill. Another distinctive characteristic is the graceful curved neck held in an S-shape with the bill pointed downward while the bird is swimming. The male mute swan, or cob, is usually larger in size with a more prominent knob on his forehead but is otherwise identical to the female, or pen.

Young swans, called cygnets, are usually white, but gray-colored cygnets are not uncommon. There is an excellent chance that the swan pair will breed at three years of age, although we can not guarantee this.

Due to state regulations, Mute Swans cannot be shipped into the states of California,  Maryland, New York or Michigan. 

Sold in male/female pairs.  Pinioned. 

You will have to pick them up at a major airport.