McMurray Hatchery White Jersey Giant
This very heavy white variety of the Jersey Giant breed was developed from white sports of the Black Giants, and is a comparative newcomer to the ranks of purebred standard chickens. As the name implies, it is primarily a meat bird of extra large frame. A little slower to mature than Rocks, Reds, and other more common heavy breeds, it will eventually surpass them in size and weight. Yellow skin color and white plumage make an easy fowl to dress. Distinctive features in addition to size are the dark willow color of shanks and toes, and the very dark brown eye. Mature hens are very large and good layers of brown eggs. Baby chicks are a real smoky gray varying from almost black to quite light. The adult birds have a tendency to show some dark or gray ticking on an occasional feather, and both the chick and adult color are the result of the fairly recent development of this variety from the Black Giants.