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Assortments & Bargains
These assortment packs allow us to offer you a nice mix of various chickens. Why do we do this?  We are never able to match exactly the orders we have with the chicks that hatch.  By grouping our extra chicks into the various assortments, specials and bargains, we can offer you these breeds at a much lower price.  All assortment are offered in lots of 25.
McMurray Hatchery All Heavies Male Baby Chick Assortment
All Heavies
If you are looking for cockerels that are great free rangers to eat - our All Heavy Assortment is what you need!
McMurray Hatchery Murray's Choice Layers Chick Assortment
Murray's Choice Layer
Chickens that lay white, tinted, and brown eggs will be supplied in this beautiful assortment from at least 5 different varieties.
McMurray Hatchery Barbecue Special Day-Old Chick Assortment
Barbecue Special
Here's a chance to get some fast growing chicks that will make delicious, broad breasted, chicken to be prepared by your favorite method of cooking.
McMurray Hatchery Rare Breed Special Chick Assortment
Rare Breed Special
Here's a great chance to raise some of the rare and unusual varieties at a price far below the cost of selecting individual breeds from the regular price list.
McMurray Hatchery Brown Egg Layers Chick Assortment
Brown Egg Layer
These brown egg layers will make a colorful and productive assortment of pullets. One of our most popular assortments.
McMurray Hatchery Rarest of Rare Chick Assortment
Rarest Of Rare Assortment
This is a truly deluxe collection of the rarest, most beautiful and exotic birds.
Collection Cockerels
These chicks are all males selected from the breeds included in our Rarest of Rare and Top Hat Special assortments.
McMurray Hatchery Special Assorted Bargain
Special Assorted Bargain
We have over 60 different purebred standard varieties of baby chicks each hatch. It is never possible to estimate exactly how many of each there will be or to book specific breed orders for all of them in advance. Therefore, we offer this SPECIAL ASSORTED BARGAIN in order to use up all of the extras and odd lots.
McMurray Hatchery Feather Footed Fancies Chick Assortment
Feather Footed Fancies
A collection of the fascinating large breeds which have feathered shanks and toes and very fluffy plumage giving a massive appearance.
McMurray Hatchery Super Duper Chick Assortment
Super Duper

A duke’s mixture of plain and fancy breeds of all colors and types at a really low price. These will be all cockerels unless our sexors made a mistake but some each of heavy, light, rare, and common breeds.

McMurray Hatchery Heavy Assorted chicks
Heavy Assorted
Our Heavy Assorted Straight Run combination is for the customer that wants some heritage chicks at a great price. Straight Run means we didnt sex these so there are both males and females of truely the best back yard chickens your grandparents would recognize.
McMurray Hatchery Top Hat Special Chick Assortment
Top Hat Special
The crested breeds are the most interesting and beautiful of all chickens with their full, feathery crests. The baby chicks are especially pretty and cute as the crests show up as little top hats right from the start. These breeds are very quiet and gentle and don't seem to stray too far from their yard.
McMurray Hatchery Meat and Egg Combo Chick Assortment
Meat-N-Egg Combo

This special is created especially for those of you who have specific needs regarding the number of eggs and meat you wish to have.

McMurray Hatchery Fly Tyer's Special Chick Assortment
Fly Tyer's Special
We have had many requests for chicks which will produce fly tying material when they grow up. Here’s a collection which will put you in business. These are all cockerels which produce the hackle feathers you want.
McMurray Hatchery Ornamental Layer Chick Assortment
Ornamental Layer
We are now offering a special combination of chicks from our Rarest of Rare Assortment and Top Hat Special  which will be FEMALE BABY CHICKS! Nothing like this is available anywhere else in the world!