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Tinted Egg Layers

A tinted egg layer may lay a blue, green, cream, pink or lavender eggs. Cream being the most common.

Loosely referred to as the "Easter Egg Chicken", our Araucanas/Ameraucanas lay beautiful colored eggs of blue-green shades from turquoise to pastel blue.  Our chicks have some Araucana and some Americana breeding mixed and consequently are not for show.

Egyptian Fayoumis
These small, active, lovely chickens have been raised along the Nile River in Egypt for centuries, and even though quite common there, are practically unknown in this country.
Cream Legbars

One of Europes best kept secrets. These birds are smart, beautiful and friendly and lay blue eggs!


It is good sized with a beard, muff, feathered shanks, and 5th toe. The male is colored in straw, reddish brown and black; the female a creamy white and salmon brown. Baby chicks are creamy white with muff, fuzzy legs, and 5th toe.

This is a very old breed known even to the ancient Romans and introduced by them to Britain. Characteristics are the color combination of silvery white and black for males and white and ashy gray for females. Both sexes have a 5th toe, and a long body on short legs.
blue eggs
Whiting True Blue
A new breed for those looking for blue eggs,  Dr. Whiting developed a breed to lay a consistently blue egg.