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ORDERING TURKEYS: To keep turkeys warm during shipment from the hatchery to you and to assure safe shipment we require a minimum order of 15 turkeys. You can combine breeds to make up this number but the order must come to at least 15. 

Turkeys need to be started on a game bird or turkey starter of no less than 24% protein.

Broad Breasted Bronze and Giant White turkeys are available March through June, all others are available March through August.

Please note:  Blackhead is a single celled organism (Histomonas meleagridis), and has the potential to damage the liver of turkeys and gamebirds.  The cecal worms, a common parasite found in chickens, acts as an intermediate host for the Blackhead organism.  Raising chickens away from turkeys and game birds is a good preventative measure in controlling Blackhead Disease.

We are no longer shipping turkeys to Alaska.