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The Pearl-White Leghorn
2014 Delivery Dates
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PEAP Females $3.27 $3.02 $2.97 $2.70 $2.68 $2.62
PEAS Straight Run $2.87 $2.62 $2.60 $2.37 $2.36 $2.31
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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Class: Production
Egg Color: white
Egg Size: extra large
Egg Production: best
Meat Production: better
more here
Heat Tolerance: best
Cold Tolerance: better
Disposition: poor
Weeks to Maturity: 18
Freerange: good
Skin Color: yellow
Feather Color: white
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: not at all likely
Bird Size: medium
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Male Mature Weight: 6 lbs
Female Mature Weight: 4.5 lbs
Over 45 years of scientific breeding research have gone into the development of this layer through a blending of special strains of White Leghorns. These pullets weigh about 4 lbs. at maturity, start laying at 4 1/2 to 5 months, and will continue laying 10 to 12 weeks longer than most good layers. Livability and resistance to disease are very high, and the feed to egg conversion ratio is excellent, holding down the cost of egg production. When our local farmers ask us to recommend the pullet that will lay the most eggs of top grade and size, of uniform shape, good shell, and highest interior quality, and do it on the least feed and in smallest amount of space, we suggest the Pearl.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
We received our commercial layer deal on April 28, 2014. We also ordered a Black Giant and Dark Cornish rooster. We picked the healthy box of chicks up at the post office. The head count revealed that we received 55 chicks instead of 52. One of the white chicks got smothered to death in a pile of birds, but that was our only fatality. The chicks lived inside for their first 4 weeks. Next they moved to a small chicken tractor in the front yard. 4 weeks later, they moved into a big chicken tractor We're 2-4 weeks away from our first eggs! My only complaint is receiving 5 roosters instead of hens, but they only guarantee 90% accuracy at sexing chicks. All in all very happy and will buy here again. Next we'll be buying brown egg layers which will be raised 100% organic. Thanks McMurray
Love all my layers I received. Healthy, happy and hungry! I have 26 cuckoo marans, pearl white leghorns, and black stars! I can't wait for the 18 to 20 weeks so we can start eating delicious home grown eggs! Thank you for all your help and for the beautiful chicks.
I have been ordering chicks from McMurray Hatchery since 2001. Customer service and delivery are first rate. The pearl-whites are also a first rate bird to raise and enjoy even in our climate in Montana! Winter can see temps down to -40 and summer heat can be over 100 degrees. These leghorn beauties can take these brutal extremes and still produce large or jumbo eggs nearly every day, and I swear they smile, too! I absolutely love these chickens. They can be bossy with the other chickens, but are also loving leaders of the flock. I haven't seen the rooster yet that can compete with their leadership on the forage forays into the gardens and pastures. They actually hardly eat any commercial feed at all until winter! I have found them to be long-lived, too, compared to most breeds, and this makes them a value to me, as I get so attached to my birds! I would encourage anyone to give the pearl-whites a home in their flock.
These chickens ROCK
These chickens ROCK
We love our 3 leghorns! They are 1 year old, and lay huge eggs. Their names are Peekaboo, Daisy, and Snowflake. They come running for their treats in the evening to be put up in their coop. Thay are so smart!
I LOVE MY LEGHORNS!!!!!!!!! I had such a great year with them i went to state with my girls. They are such a funny little breed I love. Definitely recommended this breed for eggs and for showing. All around a great breed. Thanks McMurray
Best bird ever and so kind ******buy it******
We ordered Pearl White Leghorn hens/females and they were in good shape and very active chicks and now young adults. They are very good layers of big sized white eggs straight through the winter. They are friendly with people; but a bit bossy to our New Hampshire Red hens. They are tough girls and fun to watch. If I would let them they would walk right into our house and find a place to roost with the family! Instead they have settled for BOSS of the hen house... They even boss around the Big red (New Hampshire) Rooster we all call "Buddy".
So glad to read comments from people who have discovered the joy of owning White Leghorns. Ours lays one egg nearly every day with no desire to be broody in the year we've had her! Hesitated about rescuing the unwanted white Leghorn because I had two gentle Silkies and heard too many negative rumors about Leghorns but we put her in the flock. To our surprise the Leghorn was gentle around the Silkies. She is smart, alert, tame, trusting, talkative, and sociable for not being reared by us from a chick. She comes when called by name and jumps onto our lap for her treats. She is a good flyer and can easily leap over the fence separating the garden but intelligently respects the barrier. She loves to dig in the garden with us to get those wonderful grubs! It's fun to have a companion hen that follows you around in the yard and a Leghorn very easily can be that sweet companion, foraging for most of her food, and laying big snowy white eggs for you. We greatly respect and admire white Leghorns now.
I recieved my chicks last spring and got different breeds. I picked some of these for the eggs never expecting to fall in love with them. They are so sweet and friendly on top of being great egg layers. I love these hens.
These Pearl Whites are fun to watch. Ours love to range. They're very flighty, but a good economical bird to have. Ours just started to lay right at 17 weeks!! We're happy with our leghorns!!
Got my Pearl-White Leghorns and Red Star Hens on February 13, it is June 11 and they are LAYING!! Right at 4 months old!!! They are docile and come when I call. I LOVE my chickens!!
Awesome bird!!! They are truly egg laying machines, we get about one per at an 80% laying rate. No complaints from us. McMurray has an outstanding customer service department. In our order we received some roosters in our all female order and McMurray made it right. The hens are healthy and rambunctious bug eaters, they love mulch piles.
I ordered a medley of layers from McMurray. My favorite is "Pearly", my white leghorn. I heard bad things about leghorns being flighty and or charging at people. That is just not true. I live near the beach in Los Angeles, perfectly suited for my hens. Pearly, is the tamest, sweetest bird: she is gentle, loves to be held and have her comb and wattles massaged. She knows her name and comes when I call her. She allows children and adults to hold and pet her without protest. Besides all this, she is an outstanding layer, 6 out of 7 days per week. Thanks McMurrays
Absolutely A+++ on service and product. Our 28 - 3 months old leghorns are a pleasure and we are enjoying them immensely. They are healthy, alert and are happy campers in their new hen house and yard. Thanks for excellence in your business.
Love my Leghorn's...egg layin machines. Personality plus with my rooster. Great therapy!
A year and a half ago I bought a White Leghorn from you hatchery, along with a barred rocks, a Buff Orpington, and two Rhode Island Reds. At first I was reluctant to buy the White Leghorn after hearing that they are flighty and unfriendly. My leghorn, Pearlie, is the most loving and beautiful bird I have, and also the best layer, averaging six eggs per week. Pearlie is very tame and gentle with long wings and a slim, sculpted body. Each morning when I let the chickens out of their cage Pearlie cackles loudly, excited to see me. She will jump onto my lap and put her head on my shoulder as I massage her comb, eyes and waddles. I never knew chickens could be loving with distinct personalities until I bought this bird. Thank you McMurray.
Our White Leghorns are the friendliest birds! They like for you to tuck them under your arm and walk around the yard with them.
One of my favorite breeds. I have 29 different breeds, and I have to say my Leghorns are one of my favorites. When I did on-line research, I read comment after comment that Leghorns were flighty and unfriendly. This has not been my experience. My Leghorns from McMurray are extremely friendly curious and healthy. I will definitely buy more next year.
We bought some of these guys from you in April (2011), and they are already almost 2 feet tall, and they are the most lovable chickens you will ever find! Thanks Murray McMurray Hatchery!!
I love these sweet chickens! I was a little worried when I ordered Leghorns from other things I have heard, but I'm so glad I took the plunge. These girls are smart, friendly and clean! How in the red clay of GA do they stay so white? Also - 17 weeks, TONS of eggs. Truly egg laying machines. What more could you ask for from a perfect bird? Thank-you Murray McMurray for my awesome Leghorns. Love them. I will be ordering more next year.
So pleased! All my baby chicks arrived just as scheduled. TY
We received our Leghorns the first week of February. I am proud to say that they have been laying eggs for the past week for us. Beautiful rich yolks. Thank you so much
SO loving my birds! They have started laying already at just 16 weeks. Plus they are super friendly, not at nervous, like some say. Thank-you Murray McMurray for awesome chickens.
I recieved my order for 25 Pearl White Leghorns today! (Easter!) They came to the post office. I recieved a call, went up there, and got them, and they were so lively! Loud peeping! Healthy as a horse. We put them in the box I made for them, and they are happy!!! McMurray did an awesome job, came on time, healthy and perfect! Can't wait for some eggs!!
McMurray has the best customer service I have ever experienced in all my years of doing business!!!
I've had the white leghorn breed for years. They let us hold them and are very nice. They do very well up here in Maine in the -20 deg. winter cold and the 95 deg. summer heat. We get just as many eggs in the summer as in the winter. They eat very little but lay alot of eggs. Food to egg ratio is the best of any breed.
These birds are egg laying machines. Never a shortage of eggs when they're around. We love them.
This breed is the best egg layer I ever had. I have a very smart one. It was the first one to lay a egg, and I got a egg every day. This is a great breed.
Our McMurray Leghorns are now 9 months old. They are the best layers out of the dozen varities we have and continue to lay an egg a day through the winter.
Our white Leghorn, Bonnie lays right on through the winter. Huge white eggs! I suggest this breed (and hatchery) to every one!
I ordered 24 females and one male. They are awesome.
We recived our Pearl White Leghorns 16 weeks and 1 day ago, and today I'm please to say we got our 1st egg. I'm so happy they are so beautiful and white. Very nice birds.
I am so happy with the Pearl White Leghorns I ordered from you last year. They truly are great layers. Large beautiful eggs consistently. My customers love the eggs, and the birds are fun to watch. I will continue to order from you!!
We have purchased the Pearl White Leghorns for the past two years. They arrive healthy and grow very fast. They are a delightful chicken. We have been selling their eggs, and our customers are delighted with their very large white double yolk eggs. They lay quickly (4 months) and have continued laying right through the winter months.
In 3rd or 4th grade we ordered some Pearl White Leghorns. I have taken them to fair every year in 4-h and they always get Best of Breed, Best of Show, Best egg production trio. That is a lot of awards for just 3 chickens. Now I am in 8th grade, and they still are laying great. They are hardy in the winter, and they are as sweet as can be. Thanks for having great quality.
Thank you. The first time I sent for my chicks and I'm glad I used your hatchery. I was afraid with the really bad weather this year that the chicks wouldn't make their shipment here. Not only did they come healthy, but with the information you gave to continue their growth, I have been surprised how their improvement has surpassed all other chicks in the past years. Thank you again.
Dear McMurray Hatchery, About 6 months ago I ordered some Pearl-White Leghorn pullets. They are the cleanest and the friendliest chickens I have ever owned. Their egg production is outstanding. They have not missed a single day since they started laying about two months ago. Believe it or not, one of them is sitting on a clutch of her own eggs that she layed. I can't wait to see the chicks when they hatch. I know she will be a good mother. Thanks, From Dustin in MS
I wanted to thank you Mcmurray Hatchery for the best chicks I have ever had in my life and the arrrival time was excellent. Your staff on the phone were so wonderful to help me out everytime I had a question. Thank you for the best chickens and I can't wait to order another set of White Leghorns again. If anyone asks me where they can purchase chickens I'll say Murray Mcmurray Hatchery because their the best.
Well North Carolina, has just recieved a shipment of the healthiest and most perky Pearl White Leghorns in the state. I just recieved these chicks Sunday and they were all alive and chearping. Have had not one problem with these chicks. They are beautiful! The kids love em! I HIGHLY will and am, recommending McMurray Hatchery to my friends and anyone else looking to raise these chicks as pets or business use. I am looking forward to the next shippment towards the end of May. MCMurray Hatchery is the place to go for all your needs! EXCELLENT business conducted!! GREAT JOB to everyone involved with my order! THANK YOU!
Last year my husband and I ordered 50 of the Pearl White Leghorn pullets, and 3 roosters. They were healthy upon arrival, and kept getting better. They were the most beautiful birds. They looked like a flock of white geese out in the yard. They started laying at approximately 17 weeks of age. You can't beat them for egg production. Thanks McMurrays for always sending quality birds!
These chickens were the best egg laying chickens I've ever had. They're not the most social but are very graceful and polite chickens.
Hi..I live out in the country and i have had laying hens for about 3 years now. I got some White leghorns this spring and at first i hated them but as they grew i also grew to love them. They are so regal and graceful. My two leghorns are the prettiest birds of my flock and boy can they LAY!! I get an egg a day off of them! I thought i would hate them but now i love them!
Hi... Eight months ago I purchased ten different breeds and all are doing very well, laying regularly and we love them all. But I have to tell you that the Pearl White Leghorn wins the show. Stunningly bright white they stand out in the flock, but they don't win the beauty contest, my Golden Campine takes that prize, instead, the Leghorns win their prize for their incredible egg laying record. My thirteen year old daughter charts the laying pattern of all of our hens every day. Since the hens started laying about three months ago, each Leghorn has laid an egg a day for fifteen to sixteen days straight and then they rest for a day... then they start the cycle over. Incredibly, their white eggs are always extra large to jumbo in size...and for a treat they lay double yolks every now and then. My three Leghorns are calm, non aggressive and never make a sound except after laying an egg. Thanks to you I may have discovered the "Perfect" chicken. Thanks for all of your help and advice to a first time city chicken lover.Ray NicholSeattle, WA