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Misc. Equipment
McMurray Hatchery Essential Starter Kit
Murray McMurray Hatchery's Essential Starter Kit
This essential starter kit offers everything you need at an unbelievable low price!

Caponizing Kit
All the equipment you will need to safely and easily caponize your own birds.
All-Poly Top-Fill Fount
All-Poly Top-Fill Fount 7 Gallon

This hand held debeaker is not as fast or convenient as an electric debeaker, but is very effective and much more economical for the average flock owner.
Pinless Peepers appllied
Pinless Peepers pkg of 25 Need pliers 5SNAP
Pinless Peepers

Flight Top Netting
This netting is the ideal cover for your game bird run. It is made of very tough olefin fibers and will last a minimum of five years without rust or mildew. The 2” mesh is very economical, has a strength of 65 lbs. per mesh, and is ideal for the tops of pens.
Snap Pliers for Pinless Peepers
SNAP Pliers to Install Pinless Peepers
The SNAP plier tool

Fowl Catchers
How many times have you chased that old rooster around the barnyard until you were exhausted? Well, here’s your solution to that problem!
Murray's Best Show Kit
Show kit with case
Your ultimate shampoo & prep kit of poultry cleansers and protectors

Gamebird Net
Made of heavy duty nylon, it has a 39” wood handle and a deep 44” pocket. Very durable and designed especially for those hard to catch game birds.
Predator Preventer Alarm system
Predator Preventer

Trap-Em Live Animal Traps
These traps are designed to trap and keep alive all kinds of animals no matter how quick and cunning they seem to be.
temp controlled outlet
Plugs into a standard 15 amp electrical outlet and turns power on automatically according to outside air temperature

Feed Scoop
Our feed scoop is one that will hold five pints and is made of heavy plastic. The handle is securely fastened to the body of the scoop and it is ideal for anyone handling feed or seeds.
Chick Shipping Boxes
These are the same boxes that we use to ship chicks to you. They come flat and must be folded before use; no staples or tape is required.
11/16" Spiral Bands for Heavy Hens

Hand Corn Sheller
This is made of heavy duty cast iron with red enamel finish. It is hand operated and includes a cob ejector.
1/4" Leg Bands for Baby Chicks and Quail

Dust Masks
These lightweight particle masks allow you to breathe and speak normally. These are the same masks we use here at the Hatchery.
5/16" Spiral Bands for Pigeons/Partridges

Pullorum Testing Unit
This is an ideal testing unit for pullorum. Many of you are now being required to have this test done for your show birds, or when selling your chicks to other states.
7/16" Spiral Bands for Bantams/Wild Ducks

Electric Debeaker
Stop cannibalism, picking, egg loss, and fighting by debeaking your flock. It trims and cauterizes in a single operation.
9/16" Spiral Bands for Light Breed Hens/Pheasants
Leg bands and bandettes
Numbered Bandettes

LEG BANDS are each a single piece of round plastic. They come in bags of 50 that are all the same color.  They are not numbered.

5/8" Spiral Bands for Guineas

Toe Punch
Many times you need to mark a bird for identification purposes. This toe punch is made of metal and can be used to punch a hole through the webbing of the feet to mark the bird.
7/8" Geese, Swans & Turkeys Spiral Leg Bands

Poly Peepers
This is the most popular and best selling anti-pick device. This standard type of peeper is very flexible and bends very easily to keep from getting caught in netting.
1" Large Geese & Peafowl Leg Band

Plastic Anti-Pick Bits
These reusable bits are easily applied and removed without a tool. Plastic bits won't cut into beaks as metal bits do. Use only during captivity and do no use on breeding males.