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This & That About Poultry

Day Range Poultry
Discover how easy and profitable it is to sell chickens, eggs, and turkeys raised in gardens or on pastures.

Sexing All Birds
Covers the methods for sexing all types of birds including chicks, game birds, and cage birds. An easy to follow book that we have had many requests for.

Anyone Can Build A Tub-Style Mechanical Chicken Plucker
A complete instructions building your own plucker at a fraction of the cost of a factory built unit. This book includes part list, detailed diagrams, and a resource listing of supplier for all the parts needed.
American Standard of Perfection
Standard Of Perfection
The 2010 edition, features revisions and over 30 pairs of new color illustrations. The new Standard will be dressed with poultry-related images and highlights.

A Guide To Better Hatching
This book is a “must” if you have an incubator and are hatching your own eggs. Covers the stages of incubation involved with all kinds of fowl.

A detailed book about using small incubators and most of the problems encountered using them.

Exhibiting Poultry For Pleasure And Profit
Care of breeding stock, grooming, plans for housing, lists of poultry clubs, judges, sources of trophies, many, many illustrations that can help a beginner and interest a veteran.

The Backyard Flock
is "how to" book serves as a valuable reference guide for a wide range of questions about raising chickens. How to build coops, proper feeding, identifying and treating diseases.

Modern Free Range
A beautiful 43 page book printed in England. A practical guide for the small farmer on free range egg production and sales.

Your Chickens - A Kids’ Guide To Raising And Showing
This easy-to-read book offers children with no experience in raising their own chickens virtually all they need to know to get started.

Poultry Of The World
Loyl Stromberg has been involved in the poultry business all his life, and this book is the fruit of his experiences and years of research.

Free Range Poultry
A practical but comprehensive guide to free-range management of chickens on any scale. The book is suitable for those setting up or managing a commercial free-range unit.
Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry
A Guide To Raising Poultry
Covers Housing, feeding, breeding, chicks to adults, caponizing, killing and dressing, disease control, and incubation. Includes chapters on turkeys and waterfowl.