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Rainbow Layers
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 15 25 50 100 How Many
RALP Females 15 for $38.25 25 for $60.50 50 for $117.00 100 for $225.00
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.
If you aren't set on a particular breed, here is your chance to get a variety of layers that all lay well. Chickens which lay white, tinted, and brown eggs will be supplied in this beautiful assortment. At least 5 different varieties of our choice are included in Rainbow Layers from these groups of chicks: White Egg Layers, Heavy Breeds, Araucanas, and Rare and Unusual Varieties. We cannot guarantee that breeds from all groups will be included. If you're looking for good layers and want a discount price, our Rainbow Layers will fit the bill.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
Received our shipment of Rainbow Layers yesterday evening. All chicks looked great coming out of the box! Quick beak dip and they all started zooming around the brooder. All were eating and drinking last night. Checked them this morning all looked great. It will be fun to see what they grow into. Super pleased with our order. Will definitely order again.
I am very pleased to see that all of my chicks have survived the shipment to Alaska and I belive they may have given us an extra because we have a runt that wasn't doing to well at first but now is very active but sleeps a little more then the rest. They are only about a week old but are doing great and are a wonderful member to the family.
Just received my Rainbow chicks. I ordered 25 and McMurray Hatchery sent me one extra and a surprise one to figure out what it is. They all arrived healthy and alive. They were very active. I could not be happier. Will be ordering more next year. Thanks MM
I loved the colored egg birds. Received a call Sunday at 7:30 am saying they had been shipped. Post office called Monday at 7:30 and I rushed right down to get them home. I had all of them vaccinated for both things and got them the water supplement and food supplement as I didn't want to have any casualties. They are all so cheery and hopping around. Most took a lot of water in and then they all just kinda "crashed out". I am hoping it means they are tired and need to rest and not that I am losing them. I am soooo excited, I received 2 exotics and I can tell that 1 is a top hat of some kind, I think the white crested black polish. I so hope it is, I wanted to do all feather footed and top hats this year but budget wise the Rainbow Layers was a better choice. I took lots of pictures and watched every video on chicks to try to identify what I ended up with and I can say for sure that I have identified 14 of my 17 birds. I am so excited as I have many of each of these breeds and I love having them. My 2014 flock is going to be beautiful. Thanks again Murray McMurray Hatchery for yet another year of great birds. I'm already picking out what I'm getting next year. Can't wait.
product review Got a text on Sunday that the chicks were shipped. The post office called me Monday morning to tell me that my 'peeps' have arrived. When i got to the post office, the minute they opened, i could hear them chirping away. The clerk didn't bat an eye and handed them over. The other people in line just smiled at me as i left the lobby. I got them home, mixed up the gel and did the dippy dip of their beaks into the gel and the water. All of them were very alert and too to their new home quickly. Thanks guys!
product review Again we ordered your rainbow layer assortment and are again delighted. Hatched Valentine's day our peeps are now on pasture and thriving. The guessing game is fun and the introduction to new breeds is educational.
I received my Rainbow Layers on Monday morning and they were all healthy and happy. Shared half with a friend and we are both looking forward to finding out what we have.
This is my third order from MMH, the first two orders 53 out of 54 chicks survived shipment. For the third shipment I ordered the rainbow layer assortment and the week it shipped a snow storm blanketed the midwest and northeast along with very cold temps. The shipment was delayed a day. Needless to say a few chicks arrived dead and a couple more died soon after they arrived. However, the other chicks were very lively and went on feed quickly. I called MMH and they sent another shipment of rainbow layers and some male sex link all for free the next week. They arrived and are doing great. I appreciate MMH's customer relations and will continue to buy from them.
We got our rainbow layers in yesterday, a day early, but the post office sort facility called to say we could pick them up an hour away on a Sunday or wait till the next morning to have them delivered locally. Since it was good weather we drove to get them. All but 1 arrived happy and healthy. But even losing one we ended up with 26 total so we had the free rare one and an extra one. The lady at the post office said that in her 30 year career she's seen lots of chicks come through and McMurray in her opinion has the best rate of chicks arriving safely. Half the babies went to my sister's house as a birthday gift for my nephew and half came home with us. My 3 boys and my sister's family look forward to finding out what our chicks are. We are repeat customers and I don't see that changing.
My baby chicks are all grown up now, I could not be more pleased with the different groups! It was fun to see all the different kinds come of age. I will be ordering more soon!
I received my Rainbow Layers one week ago and they are full of energy and doing very well. Excellent customer service at McMurray and I will definitely order again! Now, if I can only figure out exactly what I have...!
I received my 15 Rainbow Layers, 2 Turkens and my mystery chick this morning. The post office was more than happy to call me at the crack of dawn to let me know they were ready to come home. All 18 were active and chirpy, they picked up eating and drinking from a chicken nipple instantly. I am completely satisfied with my order and plan to order some Silkies in the spring. Thanks MMH for the fast/excellent customer service!!
product review I received my 26 rainbow layer chicks this morning and they all arrived happy and healthy. They are adjusting wonderfully to their new brooder. This is my 2nd order of rainbow layers and I can't wait to watch them grow!
Well, my little darlings are 3 weeks old, losing their fuzz and getting in some big girl feathers! All 15 arrived bright-eyed, healthy, eager to get into the brooder to eat and drink! I have had countless hours of enjoyment watching them grow and learning their different personalities. Thank you for doing a fantastic job in delivering me your high quality chicks! Looking forward to being able to figure out what breed they all are!
My 16 rainbow layers came yesterday and I could not be happier. Such a variety! I can't even tell which the free exotic is (4 possibilities)since there are so many different breeds (9 or 10). I am looking forward to watching them grow. Thank you McMurray for sending me such a variety of chickens!! I love them already.
Ordered 15 Rainbow Layers and NH male, 17 chicks arrived, one DOA and one passed shortly after. They arrived quickly! Our free chick is a Polish and very cute! Very satisfied with chicks and service, can't wait to order more in the future.
I received 15 rainbow layers, 2 cochins, a Cuckoo Maran, and my "free chick" on a Sunday in April. The Shrewsbury PO was kind enough to call me and let me know they were there and could be picked up. A month later, all are doing well and thriving. Still not sure what all 15 "rainbows" are though. I wish they kept records of what was included! This is my 4th baby chick order from McMurray; they never disappoint!
I received my Rainbow layer chicks April 1st. My Postmaster called at 5:30 a.m. and was just as excited as I was. They are very healthy, very bright eyed and chirpy! I'm in love! I cant wait to find out what my breeds in this brood are!! Thank you McMurry!!!
Received my chicks today. Post office called at 8 am on a Sunday to tell me they were in and they would like me to pick them up so they did not go all day without food and water. All 27 as happy and chirpy as I had hoped. Now to figure out what we have, I do like surprises.
I ordered the 25 Rainbow Layers and 1 free. I received all 26. All but one survived the trip. The rest are happy and healthy. I am a returning customer and have been satisfied with both orders. Thank You Murray McMurray.
I got my Brown Layers along with my Rainbow Layers . This morning seemed healthy and very alert. The post office was filled with their chirping when I picked them up, so excited about watching them grow up. Thanks Murray McMurray for them so much!
I have been a devoted fan of your chicks and am on my fourth order. Our Rainbow Layers are doing really well even through this hot summer. My only suggestion is that you include the list of breeds or varieties you placed in the order. I am still stumped about some of them after much searching and I have kept lots of breeds. I have 6 really tiny colorful mysteries.
Post office called me at 6 am to pick up my chicks. I ordered 25 and received 27. However, one didn't look so well and didn't make it. The rest however are doing wonderful.
My cousin and I split an order for this Rainbow Assortment. They all arrived chirpy and healthy. It is so exciting watching all the varieties. In the whole group we only got a few of the same breed. This group has taught me so many different breeds there are. We are totally satisfied.
We ordered the rainbow mix and got them 6/25/11. We still have 20 healthy happy girls. We shared 15 of them with friends. I am so happy with the variety which includes a Egyptian Fayoumis ,a Lakenvelder and what we think are one each of Cuckoo Marans, Dominiques, as well as 2 White Crested Black Polish. My favorite is a sweet Crevecoeur named "Runt". The majority of the girls are Araucana and Americana. I plan on ordering more in the near future. Murray McMurray is a fantastic place to order these one day old chicks from. They arrived in a timely fashion and were healthy and lively.
Received our eggs from the Post Office this morning. Felt like I was on my way to the hospital to have my own babies. They were all breathing, moving and peeping. They immediately ate and drank when we put them in their new home. I don't know all the breeds yet but it will be fun watching them mature.
I ordered your rainbow layers, and I love them. I cannot wait for them to start laying. I can't wait to see the colors of eggs.
I got a call this Sunday morning at 6:20 a.m. from the post office in Kinston telling me I could pick my birds up or wait for delivery on Monday to Winterville. It was only a 30 minute drive and my first time ordering chicks. So they came home Sunday! They are amazing! I've been through your catalog many times trying to guess the breeds, but since many chicks look similar guessing is all I can do. Even my dogs are fascinated by them! I'm really curious about the breed and sex of the free chick. I'm sure they will bring tons of satisfaction and EGGS! Thanks McMurray!
We received our new baby chicks yesterday two whole days early. Since we live in a small town we always have to drive into Madison to pick them up from the post office if they come in on a weekend. They were less than 24 hours old when we got them! They are healthy, happy, and very hungry. My son is totally enthralled with his new little girls. I grew up raising Cornish X only, so the multitude of color in the 26 little fuzz balls we received is amazing! We are enjoying ourselves and looking forward to seeing what they grow up to be.
We received our first order of Rainbow Layers about 9 weeks ago. They arrived healthy and very active. It's amazing how fast they have developed in such a short period of time. We ordered 25 chicks and received 28 of which there are at least 10 different breeds. It's fun to go outside and watch them. We are still trying to figure out which breeds we have. Thank-you so much.
My first order was the rainbow layers; they are now 16 months old. These girls are amazing layers and I didn't even have to feed them all summer, they are awesome foragers! I lost quite a few to a fox early this past spring, but by that time they were all laying beautifully. I love my remaining girls and can't believe how many eggs they are still giving me, even as the weather has started to change. This is a great assortment if you are looking for dual purpose birds or layers. I have since ordered other assortments and when I have had issues McMurray's have promptly dealt with them. I would highly recommend McMurray's as a hatchery and the RALP collection as a GREAT BUY!
Just got the chicks this morning in great shape. This is our third second time ordering from McMurray, and they never fail! There are for certain at least 6 different breeds in our order (that includes the exotic). Thank you for the adorable babies.
I received my chicks today! They are all perfect! Thank You!
Just wanted to write a quick thank you for our Rainbow Layers Assortment. This was our first purchase from McMurray's, and we could be more pleased. Got the phone call from the post office at 5:20AM on Monday. Picked up a box of happy, chirping chicks. They are all healthy and active. It's really great to see. Now we're having fun trying to identify all of the breeds in the assortment! It's a fun challenge. once again, thanks so much.
Our chicks arrived this afternoon, and they looked healthy and beautiful. We were excited to have our first order of chicks. Thank you very much. We are looking forward to ordering from you again.
The Rainbow and layers chicks arrived promptly, strong and healthy. I am not new to poultry and declare this the most flawless batch of hatchery chicks that I have ever purchased.
Just recieved my pick of an assortment of chics (9 different types). They are wonderful! All are chirping and are very active. They took to their food and water right away. Took you advice on how to start the chics and it worked beautifully. You guys are great! I will definitely be ordering more in the near future. Thank You!!
Our Rainbow Layers arrived yesterday and are so enjoyable! They love to be cuddled and some even want to fly. We tried to figure out their breeds but I think we will have to wait until they are older. We still have our Ornamental Layer hens from last year. They are a bundle of joy. There is no such thing as boredom when you own chickens!
We are just placing our order to renew our backyard flock this season with the rainbow layers and I could not pass up telling everyone how very much we were pleased at last years' McMurray chicks. What wonderful healthy stock you have--last time we ordered from you we purchased 7 different breeds and all of them have grown so beautiful and healthy not a single one in the bunch was sickly or had any problems. I might add that this was our first time ordering,raising and keeping chikens and we found all the information on your website very helpful, the whole family is so excited about this years babies, we can hardly wait! Thank you Mc Murray for making our first experience so terrific it has us coming back for more. We LOVE our McMurray Hatchery chickens
The rainbow layers are all happy and thriving. I love the selection! When I had questions I called, and the people were kind and more then helpful. I will order from them again!!
I recieved my rainbow assortment two months ago this weekend. I could not have been more pleased with the quality of the babies when they arrived, and am thrilled more and more every day. My ladies are all pets with names and personalitites to match. Thank you for the wonderful experiences that ordering from you has offered my family of four kids, myself, and my reluctant husband who is now a true fan! We will definitely order again!
Having ordered chicks from you many times in the past I was not surprised by the quality of the "Rainbow Layer" assortment I recieved. They have all grown and thrived and are exactly as the catalog described them. You don't know what good times my grand daughters and I have had trying to identify the different varieties that you included.
Dear McMurray Hatchery: I ordered the Rainbow Layer collection from you and my ladies are six weeks old this weekend. I was amazed when I received them at how healthy, strong and bright-eyed these babies were, and they have proven to be everything I hoped for as they grow and change from chicks to young hens. I have three that have become my special pets, completely tame and unafraid, coming to me every time they see me and cheeping their welcome. My favorite, Geneva, likes to stand on my feet and does so every chance she gets! Thank you for your solid product, excellent customer service, and continuing help and moral support!
Our chicks arrived this morning right on schedule! The rainbow assortment is an assortment I have had in the past and I'm hooked! Your hens are top quality and always so much fun to raise. I have found by raising the Rainbow assortment the birds become quick pets as they are all unique and carry their own personalities. Great order for children. My daughter (5), and son (3) were both sitting in the wooden chick box this morning for about 2 hours petting each and every chick. These chicks are sure to be part of the family in no time. We are so pleased with the quality of McMurray birds. You are a sure bet everytime. Thank you for all you do. -Tracey and the chickies!
I want to thankyou for the greatest first time experence when my daughter and I got our babies in the mail. We got them in Feb. 2005 and we are still being surprised at guessing what breed they are. What a great comb! All are doing very well. We will order again!! :) Bethann and Caitlin
I ordered 25 rainbow layers about 7 months ago and they are the best. Some lay dark brown eggs and some lay white eggs, my egg customers just love their eggs.I recommend this assortment to anyone.
What a great assortment! The birds arrived on time and eager to start out in the world. I am very anxious to see what my "freebie" exotic bird will be when she 'grows up'! Thanks for the great service.
When I was young and in the 4-H we ordered our chickens from you guys. Because of your great chickens, my brother and I won grand champion in every catagory every year we entered. Thank you for the great memories.
I was thrilled when my rainbow layers arrived at the post office. They are now almost seven weeks old and beautiful. I've even got them all named already. Thanks again
My chicks are three weeks old today, and the Rainbow Layers I ordered have been a delight. They are friendly, curious, and healthy. When I opened the lid to view my chicks for the first time I was thrilled at the colors you sent me. I'm having a wonderful time watching them grow, and trying to guess what they all are! I can't wait to order again next year.
Dear McMurray Hatchery, This was our first experience ordering chickens online and we couldnt be more pleased with our whole ordering experience! I placed our order very late Friday night and at 6:00 am this morning(Sunday) we recieved a call from the post office saying they had our chicks. All arrived safe and sound, now if they can just make it through 5 kids handling them ! Thanks again, until next time. Sincerely, The McHale family
I love my little chicks! They arrived healthy and are growing like crazy. There are so many different kinds, and some even have feathers on their feet. I have no idea what breeds they are but my kids and I are having a wonderful time trying to guess what they might be as their feathers are coming in. Thanks so much! I can't wait to see what they all end up looking like.
DEAR, McMurray Hatchery I would like to take the time to thank you for the great chicks that I ordered from you.I ordered your Rainbow Layers in January and when I recieved them I was suprised of the great selection. Out of this selection I recieved:Lakenvelders,White Giants,Silver Laced Wyandottes and some Black Australorps. All of my chicks are very friendly and I am looking froward to ordering from you guys again.I Really appreicate all the wonderful birds you sent me. Sincerely, Jordan Logan Milford, MI
Our baby chicks arrived this morning in wonderful shape. They arrived just when they were expected. Even though the mountain weather was horrible for their arrival, I couln't have asked for them to be in better condition. Thanks, Charlotte.