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Jumbo Cornish X Rocks
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 1-5 6-15 16-24 25-49 50-99 100 or more How Many
CXRC Males $2.69 $2.44 $2.40 $2.34 $2.16 $2.01
CXRP Females $2.55 $2.31 $2.26 $2.14 $2.08 $1.91
CXRS Straight Run $2.63 $2.38 $2.35 $2.25 $2.18 $1.93
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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Egg Color: n/a
Egg Size: extra large
Egg Production: poor
Meat Production: best
Heat Tolerance: poor
more here
Cold Tolerance: best
Disposition: best
Weeks to Maturity: 8
Freerange: poor
Skin Color: yellow
Feather Color: white
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: not at all likely
Bird Size: jumbo
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
This is the most remarkable meat producing bird we have ever seen. Special matings produce chicks with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin. The rapid growth of these chicks is fantastic and the feed efficiency remarkable. Whether you get these Cornish X Rock chicks for your own pleasure or to raise and sell, you can’t do better. If you want to raise capons, buy males and have them caponized at 2 or 3 weeks of age. Females have a fine smooth finish when dressed and reach beautiful roasting size. Buying straight run chicks gives you some of each sex so that you can take advantage of the strong points both ways. We think our Cornish X Rock chicks are among the finest meat birds in America. We should know. We fill our family freezers with them every year! Males will dress from 3 to 4 pounds in six to eight weeks and females will take about one and one-half weeks longer to reach the same size. Please Note: These birds are not recommended for raising at altitudes above 5000 feet.

Please Note: Jumbo Cornish X Rocks are hybrids. Therefore we do not recommend breeding, they will not produce the same high quality in the next generation and due to the extreme rate of growth they will be too large at time of sexual maturity to breed successfully.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
I love this breed! I ordered 30 butchered 28 and the smallest weighed 6 lbs. the biggest 8.5 lbs!!!! They are also have very sweet temperaments!!!
I harvested my Cornish X at 7 weeks and the hens and roosters averaged just under 5.5# dressed. Several roosters were in the 6-6.25# range. The smallest hen was 3.8# dressed. They were on full feed the entire time. Very healthy, very good feed conversion as well. This was my first batch of meat birds, but it won't be my last. I sold out within a week and a half of harvesting them. Second batch is on it's way and the third will be following about 3 weeks later! Can't say enough about the quality and efficiency of these birds. No "Franken-chicks" in my bunch. Great Job MM!!
These birds are the best meat birds I'm amazed at how fast they grow when cleaning the feathers come out easy these birds are quiet and not mean but feeding time eat like hogs you want a great meatbird these I recommend to get and taste great than store ones A+++++++++
Got my Jumbo X chicks, all the way to PA! They arrived safely, clean and all 25 were healthy and alert. They immediately began eating and drinking on their own. I was so relieved at how easy it was for us being first time chicken buyers. We even got a White Rock chick as our extra! I was so happy I decided to buy some egg layer chicks. Thank you!
I purchased 25 of the Cornish X chicks. They grew amazingly fast. I just finished processing them and dressed out the majority were 7+ pounds. Very pleased.
Ordered the JUMBO CORNISH ROCK CROSS last year. At 10 weeks, the BIGGEST bird was 9 POUNDS !!!! .Some of our family members called them mini Turkeys - Well worth the money. Rick S.
I am getting ready to place our order for the 6th year from Murray McMurray for Cornish X. My children have been in 4-H for 6 years (the oldest) and 4 years (youngest). The first two years, we won Grand Champion commercial class. The last four years, we have won Grand Champion and Reserve GrCh commercial class. All wins were with Murray Cornish X. The kids look forward to that class every year now - they like the bragging rights!
These are the biggest freakin chickens I have ever seen! I ordered ten of these little darlings in mid May and have to say that the size of the breast relative to the bird is phenomenal. I just received 15 more and will order more in a couple of months. They are ready to harvest in 10 weeks! Wow! Thanks for the great bird!
i purchased 25 of these birds and all of them were 8-15 lb in 90 days, very few leg problems
Picked up my 16 Jumbo Cornish X Rock chicks, four female & two male Buff Orpingtons & a free rare exotic chick from the post office this morning and all were alive and well. They all took to water and food right away and are running around and having fun in their new home. The Jumbo Cornish X Rock chicks are being raised for their meat and the Buff Orpingtons are being raised to hatch their eggs for more baby chicks. I currently have eight Rhode Island Reds for their eggs. When I'm ready for more chicks I will not hesitate to order from you. Thank you Murray McMurray.
I have been raising these monsters for years now.. will never buy any other bird...I typically raise them for 10-12 weeks and they butcher out at a average of 10 lbs...I let them eat whatever they want during the day and nothing at night...and eat they do...bread,corn on the cob..leftovers..bugs you name it...oh and watch your toes..if you go into the coop barefoot!!!!!
We raised a dozen of these birds last year at 6300 ft and had no problems. When we butchered them we have chickens from 4.5 pounds all the way up to 9 pounds dressed out. These are some great meat birds and we will keep getting them.
Received our chicks on time and very healthy. 16 of them are meaties received on Feb. 25th. They are now almost 6 weeks and weigh 5lbs. They are super friendly, sumo wrestling eating machines. Didn't think I would like them so much but they are fun to be around. Looking forward to processing day. Already put in a second order for the fall. Love the customer service here.
I raised 25 (+2 freebies) of these great broilers by following a "pastured poultry" model with free-choice grains. I harvested 140 lbs of meat in 9-10 weeks for about $2.00/lb. I had zero health issues or mortality, which speaks volumes regarding McMurray's breeding stock and shipping procedures. I have yet to receive a dead chick (out of 100+) from Murray McMurray.
We received our order of 25 Cornish X chicks last Friday. Actually, we received 27 plus the "mystery exotic rooster." All arrived in great shape and are doing great. Can't say enough good things about the quality of the chicks and the EXCELLENT customer service. Thanks so much. Getting ready to place another order in the next day or two.
Just purchased my second batch of these wonderful birds. The first batch grew so fast I couldn't believe it. They dressed out at 6lbs each. The breasts were 4 inches thick and the legs looked like short turkey legs "massive". I ordered 50 this time and got 54 plus a black little mystery bird. They are very healthy and perky.
I ordered 25 of these Feathered Pigs 8 weeks ago (received 28) with my Rare bird "Wendall" and LOVED Raising them, They are the neatest chickens, and so funny to watch when they're running across the yard. I kept track of feed and cost to raise them, and it ends up being cheaper "and much healthier" than store bought chicken, plus you get the Joy of raising them yourself. I ordered all males..since they grow quicker..I ended up feeding 12.5 lbs of feed (per chicken) and in 8 weeks, they had an average weight of 7 lbs each really, each 50lb sack of feed I bought got converted over to more than 25lbs of meat growth in the flock once the chickens ate it. I've just ordered my 3rd batch of chickens from Mcmurray Hatchery and it wont be my last!!
I have ordered these birds twice and i have been happy with them. My average dressed chicken was 3.75lbs. A few I dressed out later were over 5lbs, and tasted better then the smaller ones. I will be ordering more for the fall.
We ordered 50 of these along with 25 of the Red Stars. We understand why they are referred to frankenbirds... they grew so fast and produced some very tasty meat. They ate right away and were healthy. We will be ordering them again.
Just finished harvesting my 20 X Rocks after a 10 week run. All went great and we had weights from 5 1/2 to 8 1/2 pounds with the majority of them being right around 6 plus pounds... quite the little dinosaurs. Terrific birds with no problems, Thanks McMurray!
We ordered 25 of these chickens. Out of the 25 we ordered we received 26 of the Cornish X and one mystery rare breed. I just processed these birds today and am EXTREMELY happy with the outcome. I only lost 1 bird to the heat. Averaged weight dressed of about 3.75 pounds. And best of all, I let my kids pick one that we wouldn't eat and the mystery chicken is doing great!!
we ordered 36 hen's of these guys and they just came in yesterday morning all alive, happy, healthy and ready for food and water. I'll keep updates on weights when the time come. We ordered other chicks with them and the Jumbos are just that. Even as chicks they are alot bigger then my Cochins.
McMurray is utterly dependable. Chicks arrive on schedule and in great shape.
Well what can I say, another Murray McMurray Hatchery Home Run. I ordered 33 of these X Rocks & 7 Rocks in variety. Not one was lost in shipping, and it was snowing here the day before they arrived. Packaging was perfect!! (Thanx) They are busy,& alert. The chic's began eating and drinking unassisted right off. Quik Chic'ed and off they went. I heard all the worries about this bird through reading. I was reluctant to buy but, took the chance as I trust in Murray McMurray's Hatchery. The quality of the past birds I have purchased was proof for me, and I was not disappointed with these chics. Thanx again Murray McMurray Hatchery.
We have bought Cornish Rocks the last 2 years from here and my daughter has won Grand Champion last year and Reserve Grand Champion 2 years ago at the fair. These are wonderful birds and we have had no problems with them. Thank you McMurray Hatchery!! :)
We absolutely loved these birds! They were all very healthy and grew to be HUGE! Some of chickens were around 12 weeks before we were able to butcher and we had a few around 10 pounds completely dressed out! Amazing! And the 10 pounders tasted just as good as the 6 pounders! Thank you for these amazing birds!
Aug. 2011 We purchased 30 of the Jumbo Cornish X Rocks,I raise chickens and was totally impressed with the health and vigor of these chicks, from day one they were raised outside in a lean to shed with a small run. We feed a broiler mixture the whole time, and plenty of fresh water. I threw in a flake of hay every now and again as they didn't have access to our pasture and within a short time they weren't able to walk very far so I would dress the run with plenty of shavings. By the end of Oct. 2011 Just 12 weeks later all of our birds dressed out weighing a whooping 7 lbs.! Not only are they delicious when roasted the gizzards deep fried are phenomenal! I have vacuum sealed the birds and giving them out to family and friends for Christmas presents this year,I know they will be a big hit. I will purchase from this hatchery again soon!- Maurine
I was very impressed with how easy the chicks were to raise. They grew to processing weight in just eight weeks and dressed out from 4-6 pounds with no leg problems. Pasture raising made them very lean but they cooked up tender and juicy. Great birds!!!!
I recommend these birds highly if you want a quick yield of great meat birds. I've ordered these twice and have been quite pleased with them. We have had very few leg or other problems and we do limit their feed intake to slow the growth rate and use broiler booster. We typically butcher around 8-10 weeks. We've had butchered weights ranging from 3.5 to 8 pounds, depending on age and sex. Everyone who has eaten them has raved about how good they are.
I received my first order of Cornish X chicks, and they are in great shape. I will sure be getting more. Thank you for great service.
I have been ordering these excellent meat birds from your hatchery for many years. Just over a year ago I got very attached to one of the male Cornish X Rock chicks, his name is 'King' and is very heavy weighing 18 pounds and resembles a turkey (just proves how big these guys get)!
Received my order of chicks on July 6. They are the best order of chicks I have ever received. All are healthy and growing FAST.
We just received our 4th order of Jumbo Cornish X Rocks. Along with these, we have purchased White Leghorns, and we couldn't be happier with the quality of birds. Thank you!
I received my chickens about two weeks ago. They're all fine and healthy. They are just beautiful. Thanks
We ordered your Jumbo Cornish X Rocks for delivery on March 28 for my daughters 4H Fair project. These birds grew so much bigger than expected! And we didn't lose a single one! She showed well, and the remaining birds just went into my freezer! Average dressed weight at 7 weeks - over 6 lbs! We will definitely be ordering your birds again next year!
Our CXR arrived 5 days ago searching for food and water, and they haven't stopped since. All 25 of them have almost doubled in size thanks to broiler booster.
These are the most remarkable birds. The growth rate is phenomenal, and the meat is the best. We kept them for only 10 weeks, and they still dressed out at an average of over 5 pounds.
We raised our 31 CXR's on 22% protein feed to 9 1/2 weeks. Free-choice feed all day, took the feed away from them at night. Steady diet of Broiler Booster in the water from delivery to butchering. Butchered them at 9 1/2 weeks - dressed weights from 6 to 8 pounds (a few bigger). Absolutely zero leg problems. Wonderfully tasting birds! Next batch arriving next week. Good stuff!
I just received my first order of CX chicks. Every chick arrived very healthy and perky. All eagerly drank broiler booster and hungrily ate the chick grow gel. We are off to a great start. Thank you McMurray for wonderful service and very healthy birds.
These birds are awesome. The growth rate is incredible and they have been very healthy. We ordered 42 birds and they arrived on 21 July 2010. We raised the birds for eight weeks and they all (40 birds) dressed out between 5 to 7.8 lbs today (20 Sep 2010). For a total of 239 lbs with an average of 5.975 lbs. We highly recommend these birds and ordering from McMurray! Joe, Ortonville, MI
Great birds that were really friendly! They filled out early and are really good! Thank you! Matthew
I got the special assorted bargain last year, and got 3 jumbo cornish X rocks. They were the biggest, plumpest birds I've ever seen, and the meat was beyond delicious. They were the envy of the neighborhood barbecue throwers, and I definitely want to get more of these birds this year.
Update on the 7 week old birds. At 10 weeks we butchered (yesterday) the hens, and they put store-bought to shame. They have the best meat, complete with huge breasts and thighs.
Our Jumbo Cornish X Rocks are about 7 weeks old now. Their growth rate is astonishing! We've used Broiler Booster with them and all are very healthy and friendly birds.
My first order from you was for 25 Jumbo Cornish X Rocks. They are all huge after four weeks and extremely healthy. I will definitely be ordering again! Thanks
I ordered 25 X rocks on 02/07/10 and all 25 arrived alive and well. They immediately started eating and drinking, and at 4 weeks old are all thriving. Thank you so much for selling such a high quality product!
My family and I raised 25 hens this winter Nov to Jan. The chicks grew overnight and before we knew it they were ready. I let them go an extra 2 weeks due to the cold weather. When I processed them, the smallest dressed at 6lbs the largest at a whopping 9.75. They are the best tasting and most tender chickens I have ever had. We will be doing this again and again, Thanks
I ordered about 10 of these birds and they are huge. They are only 3 weeks old and they are almost triple the size of my other chicks
We raised these birds last year for the first time. They were easy to deal with and were a moist bird. We ordered more this year for our freezer and for several of our friends.
I want to tell you how great your Cornish X Rocks are. I ordered them for several years and was very happy with them. Then I felt the need to order chicks from within my own state and save on shipping and stress on the chicks. What a mistake! They didn't grow nearly as well, I lost many to leg problems and they were never as "thifty" as your chicks. From now on, I will order my meat birds from Murray McMurray only and continue to ship them across the country to me! Thanks for having such efficient, tasty meat birds! Laura Bruland NE Oregon
These birds were a hit on Labor day weekend. They dressed out to 11 lbs average after 16 weeks. They were a crowd pleaser. Time to put in another order. Thanks!!!
I bought 100 straight run Jumbo Cornish chicks, and I cannot believe the growth of these chicks. I am amazed at how healthy these chicks are.I am a believer in these Jumbo Cornish chicks. Keep up the good work!
We ordered 50 of the jumbos for 4-H projects for my 3 kids. They started drinking and eating as soon as we put it in front of them (no beak dipping required!). In 5 days they have more than tripled in size! I am extremely pleased with these birds and will be ordering again next year for fair!
I would like to say these birds are very wonderful. They dress out excellent. I am very pleased with how fast they grew. I would recommend these birds to anyone by far! Keep up the great work. Melissa
My 50 chicks are now 24 days old. I am really enjoying the process of raising them. They are growing very fast. I am anxious to start again with a new batch. I am hooked. These birds will be delicious I know. THANKS. I will probably be ordering laying hens of varied color also.
We have ordered egg layers and the X Rocks..both have been perfect for us! Your the one stop shop and we'll always get our order for more birds from McMurray. The female X's grew quickly to six lbs. dressed weight and were easy to raise. Those chickens are too tastey to have just one! By the way nice place you have there... very interesting. I saw you guys on the TV show "dirties jobs"..funny how you sex chickens.. Thanks
I purchased 15 of these beautiful birds from you, and wanted to tell you thank you. We put two of them on the table last night and they were GREAT. They dress easy and they taste better than any chicken I have ever bought in a store. So thanks again.
I have had great experience with these birds. I cannot believe how fast they grow. They are also very cost effective and economic.
I recieved fifteen JumboCornish X Rocks in the fall to raise for the holidays. They are a wonder! The growth rate is incredible and they are so healthy. I will be proud to serve these meaty birds.Thanks McMurray folks. Expect more orders from our farm!
These birds were awesome. This was our first try at this and my daughter made it to the Minnesota State Fair with her birds for 4-H and received a Blue Ribbon. They are very good eating. We will certianly be repeat customers. Thanks, Cindy
Our success with McMurray's laying hens convinced us to try our hand at meat birds. We ordered the Jumbo Cornish X Rocks and were amazed at how quickly they grew! They seemed to grow overnight. We raised the birds for eight weeks and they all dressed out between 4 to 6 lbs, and the texture and flavor were fantastic!! We highly recommend these birds and ordering from McMurray!
This is my first order of these incredible chicks. They are the fastest growing chicks I've ever seen. They don't waste one speck of feed! Thanks for the chicks that grow before your eyes.
McMurry Hatchery. All I can say is THANK YOU. The Jumbo Cornish Rocks I ordered all arrived in perfect health. The growth rate of these birds is astonishing! I have begun a photo record of these birds to show the incredible rate at which they grow. Truly AMAZING !! I cant wait till early summer when these birds are full grown and ready to eat... Already planning another shippment in the early Spring. Thanks you Harry Longabaugh
We've been buying these Cornish X Rocks every year for the last 5-8 years and we couldn't be more happy with the quality of chicks we've recieved and the quality of your customer service. Thanks for 10+ years of Great service!!!
My Jumbo Cornish X Rocks are 3 days old. On arrival, they were lively, healthy, and ready to eat! In just 3 days, they are already showing remarkable growth. I plan to order more from McMurray Hatchery. Thanks for standing by your promise to deliver the best!
This will be the 8th year that I have raised the Jumbo Cornish Rock Cross birds. They are excellent. I am very involved in showing these chickens at our local fair and I have consistently been one of the top contenders for champion. THANKS
5 weeks into it and I can tell these chickens are incredible weight and mass gainers. The food to growth ratio is awesome and it really is the broad breasted, big leg chickens you promised. Thank you Murray McMurray Hatchery.
We had these chickens last spring and had the best chicken dinners all winter long. They were great! We intend on getting twice as many this year so we can have them all year long.
I have had these chicks for 1 week and they have already shown how fast they grow. Next spring I plan on getting more becuase they have a good feed conservation ratio.
These birds are true performers. They immediately started eating as soon as they came out of the shipping boxes. All were in perfect condition even after a chilly trip. They are currently seven weeks old and we haven't had any problems with "flip-overs" or problems with legs as we have in the past with birds from other hatcheries.