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Khaki Campbell
2014 Delivery Dates
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KCDC Males $6.63 $6.27 $6.07 $6.02
KCDP Females $7.13 $6.77 $6.57 $6.52
KCDS Straight Run $5.25 $4.90 $4.70 $4.65
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Khaki’s are known for being one of the best general-purpose ducks. They are probably the best layers of all of the domestic ducks. They will have a mature weight of around 4-1/2 lbs. and their light plumage makes them easy to pick and nice for table use. The females are seal brown and the males the same with touches of darker brown and a resemblance to the drake mallard. Khaki Campbells are excellent foragers and withstand cool climates very well.

LEG TAPE:  If your birds were sexed and identified with colored tape, the tape can be removed upon receipt, or it will fall off within 14 days.

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Customer Product Reviews
A great duck. I have 2 Khaki Campbells and they are efficient egg producers. They are small & so don't consume a lot of food; get along fine on layer pellets. Among my dozen chickens, these 2 little ducks in the past 365 days: 2 ducks, a chance for 730 eggs ... they laid 672 ... 0.92 per duck per day. Great personalities too; they constantly chuckle and talk to each other. They do love dried mealworms and a small wading pool. (Want egg layers you can count on? Get Khakis.)
Got my ducks today , I ordered 10 they sent 11 .. So pleased, all but one is doing great . The runt as I like to call her is eating and running around like crazy ... I would order again in a heart beat.. The runt is lethargic but I am doing my best to get her going ... Thank you now I just wonder if they are male or female ...
I bought a Khaki Campell from you and she is so sweet and timid when I go down to feed them she comes running over and nibbles on my leg. THANK YOU SOME MUCH!!!!
We got our Khaki Campbell ducklings this past spring. They came in excellent condition and have grown to be beautiful and friendly ducks! They are very cold hearty and lay well and consistently. We are very happy with them, they are happy with us, and we are ALL happy with McMurray!
Love my Khaki Campbell ladies!! Mid winter when chickens are not really laying the girls give at least 1 egg a day each. I often find 5 in a day from the 4! Friendly and sweet too:)
I got a cute Khaki Campbell named Forest along with the other ducks, she grew very fast!!!! She's only 2 monthes and is almost full grown already!!! Thank's so much, all my birds are always so healthy.
The Khaki's I ordered arrived in great condition and started laying in just a few months. They are very beautiful, good foragers and they stay close to home.
I highly recommend McMurray for the Khaki Campbell. We ordered 10 ducks, but they actually sent us 12. We only had 1 die after arrival. I think that is pretty good considering that we still ended up with more than we ordered. They are now about 13 months old and we get 8 to 10 eggs every morning. These are fantastic layers!
My Khaki Campbells are laying better than my chickens I got at the same time! And they are quieter than the Cayugas (go figure)! They are terrific at hunting slugs and snails and come when I call.
This is my first experience with ordering ducklings through the mail. I was pleasantly surprised at how simple the process was and how healthy the ducklings are. I already have Khaki Campbell ducks that I got from the local farm supply in the Spring and wanted 10 more strong layers to add to the farm. I have just ordered Cayugas from McMurray Hatchery as well because of the wonderful service and quality of poultry that they offer.
We received our Khaki Campbell ducklings bright and early this morning. All 3 look very healthy and ate and drank straight out of the shipping box. They are so cute and exactly what we wanted. This was the first time we've ever ordered live birds through the mail. I may just have to do it again sometime! Thanks Murray McMurray Hatchery for helping us expand our family!
I just got my Khaki Campbell ducks, I love them! They are friendly and adorable! They get along very well with other ducks. I have heard they are very good egg layers.
I have received 2 groups of Khaki Campbell hens and could not be more pleased. They are beautiful ducks, have distinct personalities, are great foragers, and are very hardy, even in this past winter cold. We have sixteen "Ladies" and average 12-14 eggs per day. An average chicken egg, 50 grams in weight, is dwarfed by our average 75 gram Cambell eggs. They are easy to care for, and a joyous addition to our yard, wandering through the lawn, tree line and creek. I highly recommend both the breed and the breeders, who were most helpful as we began. Thank you, McMurray's, for such a positive experience.
Thank you... My Khaki girls are two years old now, and such a pleasure. They are very social, even with our cats and dogs. And, they lay more than we, or anyone can use!!! For anyone looking, they make wonderful pets.
I grew up ordering baby chicks from McMurray Hatchery when I was younger and was impressed with the health and quality of the chicks. These little Khaki Ducks are my first experience with owning ducks. They arrived healthy and full of energy. Once again, 20 years later McMurray Hatchery is still delivering the high quality product and customer service as promised. Thanks for being consistent!!! Matt (Verona, Illinois)
Khaki Campbell's are spectacular ducks. I can count on them to lay eggs daily and they have a pleasant disposition. They are a joy to see out in the field!