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Ornamental Layer Collection
2014 Delivery Dates
Catalog Number Description 15 25 50 100 How Many
OLCP Females 15 for $49.20 25 for $77.50 50 for $149.00 100 for $287.00 Sold Out
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.
We are now offering a special combination of chicks from our Rarest of Rare Assortment and Top Hat Special which will be FEMALE BABY CHICKS! Nothing like this is available anywhere else in the world! Imagine buying such things as Cochins, Campines, Red Caps, the exotic Polish varieties, and many many more in pullets only. Best of all: you can buy this ORNAMENTAL LAYER COLLECTION and save money! We are putting a special price on these female baby chicks much lower than what you'd have to pay to get them individually. We guarantee you at least 8 different kinds in each order of 25. (Our choice) If you are short of space, or don't like to hear roosters crowing but still want the most unusual of the world's exotic poultry breeds, try our ORNAMENTAL LAYER COLLECTION.The supply of these is limited so please order them as early as possible.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
We ordered our chicks for the first possible delivery date of the year (after Apr 15th) and they all arrived healthy, alive and beautiful! We're really happy about the assortment and they have all been healthy and vigorous. It's fun to have so many unusual chickens running about. Will definitely order from Murray McMurray again next spring.
This was the first time I ever ordered chicks through the mail and I'm pleased that all made it alive. Got a call from the post office on Sunday morning saying your chicks are in come and get them now or we will deliver to you Monday. Another surprise was opening the box. We paid for 15 chicks and received 18 chicks! Thank You Murray McMurray!
We got off to a rough start (through no fault of McMurray's, our postal service is less than stellar) However, McMurray's was absolutely wonderful and the customer service was amazing. I now have 32 beautiful healthy chickens of several varieties that I cannot yet place. They are so much fun to watch and my daughter loves them! I will definitely be using McMurray's from now on for all of my chicken needs.
product review OMG, I am so pleased with my little chicks and they came in happy and safe. They are calm and really healthy. I didn't know what to expect from my first shipment with another company. But Murray McMurray is the way to go for me. My chicks have been such fun, and like I said calm!
Just received our baby chicks this morning! All well, eating and drinking right away! We chose the ORNAMENTAL LAYER COLL. Females, and can't wait to try and guess what varieties they are. Many top hats in the bunch and all beautiful markings! Thank you for a great experience! The guys at the post office were excited about them too!
We've been ordering from your site for years. When we saw your ornamental layer collection, we knew we had to get it. All arrived healthy and we were hoping to get at least one polish. Imagine how happy we were when we received 7 of three different varieties! I can't wait to see the girls showing off their fancy feathers this summer! Thank you!
I have ordered twice from McMurray. The first was rainbow colored and the second was a custom order. Some of the birds are over two years old now and are doing great. They follow me and my daughter around like puppies. I am very pleased with the service and birds. Thank you. I will be ordering again.
Our chicks are 3 weeks old now and we have been enjoying every moment as we watch them mature. Each chick has a different personality and they are growing into the most exotic looking birds. Thank you for making this project so possible!
We purchased this Ornamental Layer Collection almost 4 years ago - and have received many compliments from our friends about the beautiful variety of our birds!! Very happy!! Will purchase this same collection again in the future. Thank You!!
I recieved my day old chicks on May 1st 2010, and they have provided endless hours of enjoyment for us and everyone that visits our house. Even in the dead of winter, I am getting 14 - 20 eggs a day at nine months old.
My family has had our ornamental layers for about 10 weeks, and we have not lost one! They forage for bugs and weeds all over our farm. We love them so much and are going to get another batch this Spring. It is so fun to see the different breeds. I encourage every one who loves chickens to get this collection!!!
I just wanted to let you know that I loved the birds. They are laying great and very colorful eggs, and the broilers tasted awsome. My family and I have found a great company in you and look forward to our future with your company.
THANKS! Can't remember how many times we've ordered over the years, and they've all been great. I worried terribly this year as our 52 babes were to arrive during an awful heat wave. They were so well packed and so healthy we never even lost 1 chick in transit. BRAVO McMurray's! They're doing GREAT and growing like weeds. SOOOO cute!
My Mother ordered the Ornamental Layer Collection and they all arrived happy and healthy. We have had them for 3 weeks Monday and all are scratching right along. My mother has had the best time watching them and I myself find them rather humorous. Each has their own personality. We have some championship scratchers and one break dancer. We are having a wonderful time watching them and trying to figure out what breed they are going to be. Curiousity killed the cat. Thanks for the quality chicks.
We ordered the Ornamentals and loved them. Bright and colorful. My 3 y. old thought the chicks were fabulous. Thank you and we will be ordering from your company again.
Just received my order of ornamental Layers. They are adorable. Thank you for such superb quality chicks. I can't wait to see what kinds they grow up to be. Thank you again for my wonderful collection of chicks.
Two years ago I bought 25 chicks (Rainbow Layers) from McMurray Hatchery and they are all still doing fine. Lots of eggs and lots of fun! This year I am going to buy the (Ornamental Layer Collection) and can hardly wait for their arrival. Thanks Murray!
I had never ordered baby chicks thru the mail and was a little nervous about how they would fare. Everyone made the trip and are thriving! I will definitely do this again. Thanks, Rebecca. Montpelier, Va
I recieved my shipment right on time and was delighted when I saw the chicks. This was my first order through the hatchery and I am very pleased. My family and I having such a great time watching them change and grow. Thank you for such a wonderful experience. Lisa, Port Orchard Wa
I have been dealing iwth your company for over 25 years, and this years order of the Ornamental Layer Collection is as others one of the best. I have never lost a chick in all the years I have been dealing with you and the birds are outstanding, beautiful and healthy. Thanks for a great job and some wonderful birds.
My Ornamental Layer Assortment is doing fine! This is my 5th order from Murray McMurray and each order has been perfect! The chicks are lively and so much fun, my wife and I argue about how long I can keep them in the house. I also received my Turkey and Duck combination, my 6th order, and absolutely love my turkeys, ducks and geese! I wish I knew how to promote poultry and foul keeping as the Great American Hobby!
My baby chicks have grown into beautiful pullets with wonderful personalities. They love to roost in my little trees and they love eating bananas out of my hand. All the diferent types make naming easy. All are healthy,happy and get along with my older birds too.
My babies arrived yesterday morning and they are sooo active and unique. I needed to replace some of my chickens that were attacked by raccoons, and happened across this website. I never ordered chickens by internet before and was leary, but NO MORE !!! I am so happy I took the chance and ordered these chicks. I can't wait for them to grow. Sincerely, Donna Henson from Wellston OK
I received my Ornamental Layer chicks this week and WOW! What an assortment and are they cute. Can't wait to watch them grow into a beautiful flock. The fun for now is trying to identify each chick's breed. Thanks for supplying me such a healthy and interesting group of birds. Corey Avon, Indiana
I just wanted to drop a note to let you know how pleased I am with your Company, and its service. I received my second shipment this past week, and the chicks are so healthy, and happy. I ordered the Ornamental Layers, and Feather Footed bantams. What an assortment of breeds and colors. Thank you, and keep up the good work. Debbie Hughes, Vacaville, Calif.