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Red Ranger Broiler
2014 Delivery Dates
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RXRP Females $2.55 $2.31 $2.26 $2.14 $2.08 $1.91
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Red Ranger Broilers
Quick Stats
Type: standard
Egg Color: brown
Egg Size: extra large
Egg Production: good
Meat Production: excellent
Heat Tolerance: good
more here
Cold Tolerance: good
Disposition: good
Weeks to Maturity: 12
Freerange: excellent
Skin Color: yellow
Feather Color: red
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: not at all likely
Bird Size: large
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Red Ranger (Red Broiler)  
The Red Ranger has an outstanding growth rate reaching approximately 6.7 pounds in just over 80 days. These birds have great livability and a 70% live to dress weight yield. The breast meat is in natural proportion to the leg meat. It has yellow skin, shanks and beak with dark red feathers showcasing black highlights. An excellent forager, the Red Ranger is able to withstand the free range or natural living environment very well.


As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
We received our 53 (order three extra expecting some not to make it) Red Rangers on June 2. As of end of August here we only lost a couple right after delivery. We butchered first couple this last weekend and ate them for dinner last night. I was concerned because a lot of posts I read said that red rangers have a high game taste. Not true. It was the best chicken I have tasted. Very flavorful. We let our forage all day and supplement with organic scratch and peck feed. We can't wait to order again next spring only this time thinking about 100 instead of 50.
We are very happy with our order of Red Rangers. We took delivery of our 15 (along with 10 other layer hens) and all 15 were very active for all 11.5 weeks of their life. They went from the brooder to the pasture at 4 weeks and adapted within a day. We slightly limited their feed which kept them moving, eating greens and insects. All and all, great experience. The next 20 Red Rangers have been in the brooder for one week as I type this...looking forward to getting them out in the pasture soon.
We have been ordering chick from Murray McMurray for quite awhile. Very low to zero mortality rate and the chicks arrive healthy! Very happy with our birds and will order more in the future for sure! I would recommend them to ANY one!
Completely satisfied with how the red rangers turned out. Hearty birds even in the cold winter. Will be ordering more.
These are great birds! They were healthy with no lameness issues at all and were fun to raise. At 11 weeks we processed them. They were an impressive size ( sorry, didn't weigh them! ) and tasted great! I will definitely order these birds again!
Ordered 50 red rangers, received 52 + a rare breed chick all healthy and alive. After 3 days, they are all eating and drinking well. Cant wait to see how these birds stack up in the next few months. Thanks Murray McMurray
product review Love the Red Rangers. I got 25, straight run, at the end of May. I did have to euthanize one that was not doing well; but the remaining 10 cockerels and 14 pullets are very active and have grown nicely, in addition to being handsome birds that are fun to watch. I processed the first 5 cockerels at 88 days old. All 5 were over 8 pounds live weight. Ate the first this weekend, and he was delicious. One of the remaining cockerels recently weighed in at 10 pounds at 99 days old, and the others are not far behind. My pullets average about 7 pounds at 99 days. (As my birds have a large run and get lots of exercise, they may not be as heavy as some at the same age.) I'll process the rest of the cockerels soon and some of the pullets, and will keep a few of the pullets to see how they lay.
We purchased 100 of these broilers and raised them in a free range, pastured setting. The birds did amazing! It was obvious they were healthy and able to grow quickly without compromising health. They did weigh a little less than expected but we assume that was due to diet and lifestyle. Definitely will be buying this breed again!
We have been raising meat birds for years on our farm. We started with Cornish X and we have switched over to the Red/Rainbow Rangers. We are very happy with this breed they are active and healthy birds. We have always had excellet results from Murray Mc Murray and are very happy with the all the birds we have gotten from you.
We just harvested the first of these birds for us. The birds are incredibly hardy and easy to maintain. Zero mortality. Tasted fantastic. Remember: if it can walk to the feeder and run your yard, it is good!! As long as McMurray keep selling them we will keep raising them. Real free range.
We ordered 35 and received our birds on Aug. 11. I was impressed at how healthy they all are. As of today, (9/6/12) they're about 4 weeks old and we still have all 39 that arrived - no lameness or mortality issues. I'm also very impressed with the customer service we received when the birds were en route. Great Job!