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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Class: All Other Standard
Egg Color: green
Egg Size: large
Egg Production: excellent
Meat Production: better
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Heat Tolerance: better
Cold Tolerance: excellent
Disposition: good
Weeks to Maturity: 20
Freerange: good
Skin Color: dark
Feather Color: gray
Comb Type: pea
Likely to sit on eggs: not very likely
Bird Size: large
Exotic: yes
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Male Mature Weight: 5 lbs
Female Mature Weight: 4 lbs
ALBC Priority: study

This unusual breed gets in name from the Indian tribe of Chilie where they were first discovered.  Our chicks have some Araucana and some Ameraucana blood mixed and consequently are not for show but are beautiful chickens known for their ability to lay colored eggs of shades varying from turquoise to deep olive to shades of brown.  Each bird will typically lay a different shade of colored egg that will amaze your friends and make a wonderful "show and tell" type project for school.  Adults are of medium size with pea combs and our breeding stock are selected for their ability to produce colored eggs.  They exhibit a wonderful combination of colors and color patterns and 10 or 20 of these birds will make an absolutely beautiful laying flock that is extremely hardy and will be the talk of the town.  Baby chicks come in all colors, plain and fancy, just like the adults.  This is a unique breed and great fun to have when the colored eggs start coming.  Our chicks are recommended for egg laying color and ability, not for exhibition.  

As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
I have gotten pretty medium size light blue eggs and 2 pretty olive eggs (double yolkers if only one a day) from my two EE girls at 5 months old. I'm very happy with my birds personalities as well; calm, alert, interested little ladies who lay the best!
Got my chicks in this Wednesday 7-30-14. They were all alive and wore out from their trip. I ordered 6 Ameraucanas 6 Barred Rocks, Red and Black Star and one White Rock. I'm pretty sure my rare exotic is a Turken. But I'm excited to see how they all turn out. Thank you all for the easy stress free order.
Got the call from the post office this morning to come pick up my chicks! I was a little worried since they actually got there Saturday evening and sat in the post office all day on Sunday. Needless to say the little things were ready to get out and eat! I ordered 3 each of the Araucanas, Black Giants, Barred Rocks, Light Brahmas and Red Ranger Broilers plus my free chick and all were peeping happily when we put them in their new "home". Can't wait to see what my free one is since I have tried to figure it out but am stumped! This is my first time ordering through McMurray and it was a great experience! I wanted to get a variety and was glad I found so many with you!
I have ordered chicks from Murray McMurray Hatchery for many years and have always received the best birds from them. Some of those chickens are long gone from this earth but they were so special that they live forever in my memories and in my heart. Is this normal to have such attachments to chickens? Many of those "special" birds were of the Ameraucana breed from McMurrays. The roosters are gentle and kind, yet very watchful over the flock, and I have had 2 that died protecting their hens from predators, and one that lost his ability to crow after taking on a pack of dogs, protecting his hens until help of the human form arrived. That beautiful rooster lived another 4 years and finally passed on his roost surrounded by his 2 favorite "girls"- a 9yr. old phoenix and a 6 yr. old partridge rock, also from McMurray-and a whole bunch of Ameraucana pullets. I have noticed the roosters of this breed often try to set on the eggs when the hen leaves her clutch to grab a quick meal and drink once a day. Has anyone else had this happen? I've never observed this with roosters of the other breeds. As for the hens, they are early to begin laying, about a week after the leghorns start, and also the Ameraucana hens tend to lay all winter, too, for the first 3 years. I have 6 year old hens still laying turquoise and olive green large to jumbo eggs, at about 4 eggs per week. These birds have super good survival instincts while outdoors, and excellent sense to stay out of danger from other animals and bad weather. They also tend to flock amongst themselves, not mixing among the other breeds. Interesting, gentle, and of the most unique colors and patterns, everyone I know loves this breed. Also, in my experience in the many years of ordering from McMurray Hatchery, I am always surprised and very pleased with the set of colors of the Ameraucana females-which have each order been similar in color to each other. I can usually tell at a glance which hens are from which year I ordered! The free chick (sometimes 2 or 3, yippee!) have always been special, too. Though I have to admit, some I have not been able to identify the breed even at maturity. But of course, they have been of excellent health and absolutely beautiful. People always ask where I got my chickens. I have sent a lot of business to Murray McMurray! Just helped a friend order some Ameraucanas yesterday...I will be brooding them in a couple of weeks for my friend. Can't wait!!!
product review I LOVE my Easter Egger cockerel. I got him as the "rare/exotic" and he is the reason I bought more. I love his temperament, and he is absolutely gorgeous! I am the envy of several friends, and he isn't aggressive like some roosters can be.
product review I just want to say that I ordered a small batch of Ameraucanas from McMurray in 2005, and I still have a lovely white hen and she is still laying, about 2 dozen eggs each spring, at the age of 9. In 2012 my son took first place with one of the agouti colored Amerucana hens in 4H showmanship and she was 7 (RIP) and laying a dark green egg at the time. These are nice birds in many ways and never have found better in nearly 10 years.
My daughter was really excited to receive her Ameraucana chicks. They are wonderful chicks and very healthy. She brought one in the house, (she named it "Picky"), and they both fell asleep on the couch together. Thanks Mcmurray Hatchery!
Thank you McMurray Hatchery! I received my chicks in the mail yesterday, and all of them were healthy and vibrant. I ordered 15 chicks + the mystery chick and 4 of those are the Americanas. They are the most active and curious of all the chicks and each of them looks completely different. I am extremely pleased with the health of all my chicks. Thanks again!
I received 3 Araucana chicks on March 4, 2013. They have been healthy since day one. They were a little stand-offish compared to the chicks that I hatched, but have more than made up for it with their development. As they have matured, they have become more friendly. They tend to stay together in their own little mini flock, are not at all aggressive. They were the first to lay, starting before reaching 17 weeks. I would definitely recommend this breed to the back yard flockster, however, I'd also recommend getting at least 2 as I've observed, and friends have reported that they tend to be at the bottom of the pecking order.
USPS delivered our babies Sunday morning. The mailman said he had to bring them because he couldn't let them sit there at the post office all weekend. All 16 are healthy and very alert. They are eating and drinking. So fluffy and beautiful. They look much better than the ones we bought at the feed store. We will only buy from McMurray from this day forward.
Love my new chicks,all our doing great, what fun. I was worried about ordering on line. I will order again next year. Thank you Murray McMurray for healthy chicks!!!!
We ordered 15 Araucanas/Americanas and all 15 arrived healthy. They are now three months old and have wonderful personalities. Each one is different in appearance and they are fun to watch.
We ordered 15 Araucanas/Americanas and all 15 arrived healthy. They are now three months old and have wonderful personalities. Each one is different in appearance and they are fun to watch.
I LOVE my Easter Eggers! They are beautiful birds! The most colorful of my flock, and that goes for their eggs too! I love that they are all different and have different colored eggs. They are the most bossy and vocal of my flock, but are not aggressive. They just speak their mind. They were also the first to begin laying! I am planning to add more!
I got my chicks in the mail they were all alert and healthy. I love my Araucanas/Americanas. They love to be around me and they lay almost year round. They are now three years old and going on four and they still are laying very well.
product review I just received my day old Araucana chicks. ALL 25 were robust and vibrant. I purchased the Chick Starter Vitamins and gave them fresh green grass each day. They are thriving and growing like weeds! Thank you for providing my chicks a healthy beginning!
For my second round of chicks I ordered some Araucanas again. They are constant egg layers, even in the WINTER, beating out my Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rocks and Black Stars. In fact, my old biddies at 4 1/2 years are still laying! Love this breed.
Received my chicks today from the USPS.They all were in great shape and very healthy. The communication with the hatchery was the best that I ever had with anyone on a transaction. I will definately be doing all my business with McMurray.
I am a first time owner of chickens and made the decision to choose this breed of chicken. As the description Murray McMurray Hatchery defined, was true to words. The batch of Araucanas were healthy and very full of life. The male chicks have grown up to be colorful roosters and hens lay fantastic colored eggs. First time customer and this is not my last order of chicks.
My second round of ordering chicks, I got 10 Araucanas. They are now 7 weeks old, and they are absolutely gorgeous. The mosy beautiful birds-a wide variety of colors and all very calm. This is a really lovely bird. Thank you for breeding and maintaining such quality!
I would like to thank Murray McMurray Hatchery for the excellent customer service and the wonderful chicks I received on the 10th of March. By the 15th I had my favorite. She is an Araucana named Molly. She hops on my hand and goes for a ride when I am cleaning her area and getting the water. She is a beauty! I gave some of my chicks to a blessed neighbor and kept 17 from my order of assorted chicks. I have my hands full but am loving every minute of it. Thank you for answering all my silly questions. You guys are the best and when I purchase chickens or other birds again there is no doubt I will come back to Murray McMurray!
We just received our chicks and they were all happy and healthy! Ordering was a breeze. We will definitely use McMurray Hatchery again! Thanks!
Last spring I ordered a variety of chicks from McMurray, and I made sure to order some Araucanas. They were my favorite out of all of the breeds, and each one of them turned into a friendly and prolific layer. The McMurray strain is definitely the best. They are adaptive to any kind of weather, healthy, great layers, and some of the sweetest chickens we have ever had.
Received my chicks right on time! They are gorgeous, healthy and peeping. I am very pleased with my chicks!
I just got my Americanas in today. They look so wonderful. I am always pleased with your birds you send. The beards and tuffs on them are OUTSTANDING!!! I have already fell in love with all of them. Murray McMurray, y'all are amazing and thanks for the wonderful birds you have always sent to us.
We have Americana rooster and hens from your company and they have laid beautiful green and blue eggs. We have but some in the incubator and hatched a lot out, and they are turning out to be very pretty.
Our Americanas are three months old and starting to look like miniature adults. They all arrived happy and healthy eating from the git-go. In spite of our many below zero nights and days, they are thriving! Thank you so much. A very happy customer. Russell
Three years ago I purchased the Rainbow Layer package and a few extra Americanas. My family fell in love with them! The next year we were not able to mail order chicks but my children insisted we buy some. We went to the nearby feed store and picked up 6 Americana chicks which had been supplied by a competiter hatchery. We were very disappointed. The new chickens were much smaller than McMurray's Americuanas and they laid tiny little eggs. All of my McMurray Americuanas lay large to jumbo (and even extra super jumbo) eggs. Never again will I waste money on inferior breeds! McMurray is the only place I will go to get my chickens! Thank you for offering such beautiful, healthy, happy birds!
These birds are GREAT birds to have around! They are gentle around kids .These birds lay blue green and pink eggs and they are large eggers. We have 2 shades of Americana, grey and brown. Recommend these birds to starter people and i recommend you get alot of them! Thank you Murray McMurray Hatchery
I have 6 of these in my small flock and could not believe that they started laying at 4.5 months of age, and have laid steadily since. They continue to lay here even though it is in the teens and even single digits at night. Marvelously hardy birds, glad that I tried them. They are very gentle and friendly too.
These are great birds!They are our first chickens ever, and they were the first to lay. Thanks for these great egg machines!
My 4 Araucanas along with my 25 SC Brown Leghorns and mystery chick arrived this morning and they are the cutest little things, so active and healthy looking. When my 2 year old son saw the little tufts on their cheeks he named the yellow one "Choco" after the bird with the big cheeks in his favorite book. Thanks McMurray!
I couldn't be any happier with the Araucanas. I received them this morning, they were energetic, lively and just cool to look at. I can't wait till they start laying eggs so i can eat them and hatch a few of my own. Thank you very much for sending such great birds. Mason Ackley,IA
This is my first time with chickens, We recieved our 12 Amerericana chicks happy and healthy back in February and have had so much fun watching them grow and start laying eggs. Our eggs are mostly greens and blues but 1 hen lays a light pink. They have free range of the pasture and do a great job at helping to spread out the horse piles and eating all the bugs. They always come running when I go out to see them, they follow me around while I do my chores. All are friendly and fun!
I was a little skeptical at first sending baby chicks through the mail in TX heat. I am proud to say all 26 (1 free rare mystery bird) arrived happy, safe, chirping and full of energy! I am glad we waited until the worst of summer was over, but I believe McMurray's professionalism coupled with a courteous responsive post office made for a very successful journey for my chicks. Thanks McMurray!
My Red Stars, Black Stars, Blue Andalusions, and Americanas JUST turned 17 weeks.... I must admit I was real excited when I saw that first brown pullet egg from a Red Star... well I also found on that "first" day a green egg !!!!!!! I was a bit shocked ! wasn't expecting them to lay this early?! Well, this entire week I've been getting green eggs along with the brown! So that means several of my Americana girls are laying! Oh did i mention laying at 17 WEEKS !?!?!? Go girls go !!
I got my Easter Egger hen from you this past Feb. 2011. She started laying about 10 days ago and lays an egg EVERY day! I have attached a picture of her pretty eggs. She is a beautiful golden color with black lacing and very fine lacing within the lacing. My only regret is I only got one of the Easter Eggers that my neighbor and I bought. Oh well... there is always next year!
I love these chickens! We've ordered them several times over the past 15 years and always been really happy with them. Beautiful eggs indeed - even green with purple spots! We sold mixed cartons of free-range white, brown and green eggs for $3/doz for years. These hens are independent but friendly. They have done well for us in a coop with a closed run and in a total free-range situation. The chicks that came on 6/20/11 are vigorous and growing fast and are as diverse in color as their eggs will be!
"I have got 5 Araucanas, and one of them is all white. I think that is so cool, and mcmurray hatchery is number 1.
These are by far the most colorful chickens in our flock. They are wonderful birds.
Without a doubt the best birds we have ever owned. Great pet, awesome personality, and cool green eggs. My 6 yr old plays with them like they're a puppy, and they dont seem to mind
These are wonderful chickens. Very gentle, pretty, and we think they lay far better than the charts suggest. At this point, I have 2 who are 3 yrs old and 3 who are 2 years old. Everyday, we get between 3-5 Easter eggs. Four of the hens lay large eggs, and one lays a medium sized egg.
Wow! A few years ago we got some of these lovely birds from you. They have just started laying for their sixth year! Sweet, friendly personalities and great egg production...what else can a person ask for.
This calm wonderful breed is a good egg layer and a nice, good starter chicken.
We LOVE our Easter Eggers! They just started laying about a week ago, at 21 weeks old. Our girls have beautiful coloring and very sweet personalities. They are laying nice medium green eggs. Our only regret is that we only have 3 of these chickens. We're already planning to order more in the spring.
My Americanas have layed through thick and thin. They are the ones laying when it is 100 degrees out and when it is 32 degrees. They lay a nice large blue egg. Every chicken that I have gotten is a different color, which adds color to my flock as well as color to my eggs.
Of all the hens we've bought from Murray McMurray, I like the Araucanas the best. They're beautiful, friendly hens that never get sick and keep laying for years. We've also had buff orpingtons, barred rocks, and rhode island reds (and leghorns from the local feed store.) None of them are as friendly, entertaining, healthy, and cheerful as the Araucanas.
We ordered two pullets this spring. They are gorgeous and could not be more different. One is a 'Harry Potter' chicken., She looks just like Buckbeak. She is a rare color, silver duckwing. The other looks just like a pheasant. She's very friendly and comes running up to the gate. They started laying at 5 months old, just days apart. They lay blue eggs or blue with a green tint.
I ABSOLUTELY love this breed! They are very hardy and have the hardest shells. I definitely would recommend this breed for anyone!
Our Araucana pullets are most definitely a wonderful part of our flock. They began laying at about 5 and a half months of age, and their eggs are a wonderful "Tiffany blue". Our next flock will certainly include a dozen or so of these girls!
I love my chickens! I had one when I was a young child and was telling my two boys about the chicken we had that layed green eggs. They did not believe me, so I found you on-line and ordered them. It was exciting picking them up at the Post Office and have been very happy with them. We bought the protein suppliment to add to the water and it worked great! The are now 4 weeks old and very health. Thank you!
I got a rooster with my last order of Aruanas and he is delightful. He is one of the nicest and smartest roosters I've ever had. He was so smart and curious I thought he was a hen chick. His shawl is exquisite, and he is a true gentleman. His name is Georgie Porgie Puddin and Scrapple, courts the hens and makes them cackle.
About 20 years ago, my mother had a few "Easter Egg Chickens". They were great layers and their eggs came in a variety of colors, including differing shades of blue, green, yellow, and pink. The hens were very friendly and helpful in the garden. My wife and I are building a hen house at this time. As soon as we are ready, we plan to order at least 10 hens and a rooster. We also plan to order other breeds as well. My parents and I were very impressed with the rapid delivery of the chicks they ordered which is why I plan to order from you as well. They were all healthy, even the extra one. Thank you and be looking for my order soon.
Forty years ago I ordered a dozen Araucana chicks from Murry McMurray. I kept them on my farm in Southern West Virginia. They were by far the best chickens, not only for their extraordinary beauty but their proficient egg laying abilities. My chickens produced green, blue, pink and even goldish colored eggs and since I raised them organically, I could sell their eggs for a premium and could have easily sold more if I'd had them. We could honestly say that we ate eat green eggs and ham! Murray McMurray is a fantastic company and one I'd recommend to everyone. Their products are the best!
We have raised Black Stars for the last 5 years or so. Last spring week got 6 Aracunas and 6 Marans just for fun. My wife gives away eggs to the little old ladies at church each week. They are delighted with the combination of the dark brown and blue/green eggs she puts together. The Aracunas are very distinctive in our flock and are friendly hens and less flighty than other breeds. We did notice that the Aracunas took about an extra month to begin laying compared to the other two breeds week bought in 2009. Not critical but interesting and since then have been laying right on schedule even through the winter with proper light and heat. By the way, our flock is free range and the Aracunas do a good job of foraging and are smart enough to not get eaten by predators.
I love these gentle birds. They are more gentle than the Australorps we ordered. I am so pleased with the quality of all the chicks ordered from McMurray through our local hardware store.
"Our dad ordered 25 Araucana chicks a week ago. They came in today, and my sister Sophia and I are all over them!" The little fluffballs are healthy and happy, but they are now big and strong hens! They are so tame, they eat from my hand every morning, and from Sophia's each evening. ROCK ON, McMURRAY!!!
We live in a fairly cold climate and our Araucanas have been the most reliable layers, even in the winter. We had one hen who laid for three years. They are also very pretty with all their different colors and lay bluish to olive green eggs.
We ordered a mix of Americaunas and Black Stars in November. They arrived in excellent health and have remained so. Despite the dreadful weather we've been having (a foot of snow in December) they are already in early January nearly as big as our older pullet who started laying last month. We sold/gave away a dozen and everyone has been so pleased with their chicks. Several of our Ameraucanas have started growing "muffs" They are all big beauties.
I ordered Araucanas back in August of 2007, 9 hens and one rooster. I received SIX roosters and four hens. I also ordered 10 rhode island reds, 9 hens 1 rooster, and received 8 hens and 2 roosters. Lastly I ordered 25 brown egg layers asst. and received 2 more roosters. I would be happy to trade these roosters out with you, if you will send me the hens I originally ordered. Other than that they are all doing well and laying lots of eggs.
These birds are one of my favorites. They are excellent range feeders, consistently lay a large green/blue egg - even in the winter and have the most personality of all my chickens. I never have a problem selling as many of their eggs as I can spare. Their wide variety of colors makes for a beautiful flock as well. Thanks! Penny
We ordered a set of 25 assorted chicks last year. Two turned out to be Americanas. One is a beutiful golden hen, with the most gentle and active personality. The other turned out to be a handsome red and black rooster. His full beard, rich color, and contrasting willow green legs make him a pleasure to behold. He attached almost immediately to my wife and has stayed that way. He even tries to feed her and protect her whenever she is in their pen. We thank you all for these great little birds.
I purchased 10 of your chicks from our local feed store. I took my Americana pullet to the fair and won 4-H grand champion. This is my first year with chickens. I am very pleased with "Chipmonk," thank you McMurray. She will remain my pet long after she stops laying. The one surprise was the Americana rooster, he is abosultely beautiful, what colors! What a strut! What a crow! The Cornish Crosses I purchased also won grand champion in meat chickens. At four months all weighed out over 12 pounds. The rooster was 16+ pounds. All of your chicks were healthy and grew into great healthy chickens.
My 25 + 1 surprise Araucanas arrived today. They are all healthy and eating well. I am looking forward to finding out what my surprise exotic chick is.
Thanks to Murray McMurray and their staff for the wonderful colors and strong strain of Araucanas. Sean Carl Wheatland OK,
I have two Araucanas and they are my best chickens. They are sweet-natured and love eating from my hand. They were the first of my chickens to lay eggs and they lay everyday.
I started out with 12 Araucana hens and a rooster a few years ago and now have 25 hens and 3 roosters. They are amazing birds - always friendly and helpful in the garden. All my neighbors love to see the variety of shades that their eggs come. I am extremely happy with the wonderful quality of your chickens - Thanks!
We have 8 araucunas and love them! We live on an island in SE Alaska and our hens weather the winters fine. They are predictable layers, and matured months before the rest of our hens who were hatched at the same time! Would highly reccomend to all chix owners as good producers.
I live on a farm in Somerset County,PA. I ordered 2 araucana hens. In this area the people that I sell eggs to are so amazed with their magnificent green color. Thank you Murray Mcmurray Hatcheries!
Last year I ordered 3 Araucana chicks along with others in my order. I love seeing the green eggs in my fridge. While the other hens have stopped laying for a while, I can always count on 2 green eggs a day in the nest box. Every kid we know wants to take one to school for show and tell. Love this site!
I ordered my Aracana day old chicks on a friday afternoon, and by sunday afternoon I had my 26 Beautiful little chicks. They are all so healthy and strong. All of them have the nicest assortment of colors I've ever seen! I will recommend McMurray Hatchery to all of my friends! I have a new Favorite site! Thank You, Cheri
We ordered 25 Araucana chicks and just love them! My 5 year old and 8 year old were so excited over the first blue egg that you would have thought it was pure GOLD. Everyone thinks we have the most beautiful flock because they are all so different in their colorations. You will love the pure novelty of these handsome birds!
I ordered 10 Araucanas from McMurray and everyone loves them. People think that they are fascinating! I get alot of money for the eggs and my friends thought that they were funky. Buy some! They're really great and tame!
This is a fabulous breed. You'll buy them for the amazing colors of their eggs, which come in all sorts of shades of green and blue. Then you'll discover that the hens are very docile and extremely reliable and regular layers of large eggs.James PrekegesRedmond, WA
I love the diffrent colors of birds that you get. I have 5 Americanas and they will always come up and talk to me and follow me around they are my favorite by far of all my breeds i have. In fact one of my hens hatched out a cluch of baby ducks for me! it was so fun to watch them walk after her. I also love their eggs! I always enjoy going to collect the eggs just to see what color egg i will get that day.Justine Sandy, OR
Love those Easter eggs which come year round!! I didn't have one extra egg to sell for Easter. They are favorites with folks because when hard-boiled, their yolk doesn't crumble when sliced as with other types of egg.Ms. Sandy ClarkChester, NH
My husband And I bought 25 chicks in 2001 and I think They were an extremely geat choice. They are laying everyday and we have hatched quite a few. These are very friendly chickens and the assortment of colors was great. Lisa ArmstrongCaddo, OK
These Ameraucana hens are wonderful as a laying chicken. They are highly intelligent and very affectionate if hand raised. They weather very well in both hot and cold. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good and stable breed.
Your chickens lay blue eggs! That is what everyone says when I sell them eggs. I ordered six Araucanas/Americanas two years ago. I liked them so much I ordered ten more this year! The blue and green eggs are a hit among my egg customers; they actually fight over them! Not that they taste any different, they just look good. The hens are very sweet; they follow me everywhere! I have named them all after famous composers; Bach, Tschykovsky, Beethoven etc.!