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Black Star
2014 Delivery Dates
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BLSP Females $3.22 $2.97 $2.90 $2.73 $2.67 $2.57
BLSS Straight Run $2.82 $2.57 $2.50 $2.35 $2.32 $2.28
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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Class: All Other Production
Egg Color: brown
Egg Size: extra large
Egg Production: best
Meat Production: better
more here
Heat Tolerance: good
Cold Tolerance: excellent
Disposition: excellent
Weeks to Maturity: 18
Freerange: good
Skin Color: yellow
Feather Color: black
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: not at all likely
Bird Size: large
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Male Mature Weight: 8 lbs
Female Mature Weight: 6 lbs

We have found the sex link brown egg layer that meets our strict specifications: the BLACK STAR. Black Star hens are wonderful layers of large brown eggs. Black Stars are easy to raise and have a good feed conversion ratio.


At maturity, Black Stars weigh a little over 5 lbs. The females are black with gold hackle and breast feathers, and they are egg laying machines. The males are black with white barring. (They will not retain the same characteristics in future generations.)


Put a few Black Stars on your order; we’re sure you’ll be pleased.  


Note:  a "sex-link" chicken is one, which at the time of hatch, can be sexed by its color. 

As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
Additional images - click to enlarge.
Black Star Hen click to enlarge
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Red Star
Customer Product Reviews
We rec'd our Black Stars & Red Stars last August. By the end of December they started laying. It is now the first part of March and I have to say that my girls are wonderfully producing. Everyday is like Christmas with them. We are really pleased with how they lay even in the cold weather. Our other hens, the Columbian Rocks don't do well during the cold months and we are slowly taking them out of our program. We just rec'd another order from Murray Hatchery and are very pleased with our Broilers, our 3 Black Star roos & our fancy lil guy-or gal. Not sure what he/or she is yet, but am looking forward to finding out. Our free fancy that we got with the Red & Black stars turns out to be a Maran. He is a beaut! I call him Fancy Pants! I love my chickens!
I just got a black star rooster after something killed my only rooster. I was worried about putting him with my hens and him being mean. He's been so good to my girls and just follows them around. I'm glad I got him. He's big and beautiful and great temperament. The rooster I had before was pretty mean and I had him since he was a week old.
We purchased 25 Black Star chicks in January 2013 and sold all but 7 at our local chicken swap. They began to lay eggs in June. Huge double yolk eggs and even through the winter we are still getting at least 6 eggs a day. Thanks McMurray!
0rderd 15 chicks to arrive July 8, all came through alive and peeping. Thank you, will definitely order again.
My 10 Black Star and 10 Red Star Chicks with 1 exotic just arrived yesterday all in great health ready to eat and drink! Couldn't ask for more.
I bought 3 of these Black Star chicks and 7 months later they are still going strong. Very healthy, excellent layers at 1 egg a day (perhaps rarely missing a day). Nice big brown eggs. Very good mannered chickens just like the Red Stars that we also purchased.
For my first round of hens back in 2007 I added 3 Black Stars. They are the healthiest hens (I still have 2), and they are such characters - very curious and very vocal. They follow me around chattering for food. Good egg layers, too, (though my Araucanas are much better).
Received the chicks this morning and all were healthy and very vocal. We will definitely be dealing with McMurray Hatchery in the future!
I got one of these Black Stars as a mystery chick along with 35 New Hampshire Red females and I love the Black Star. She has very beautiful fluff. I plan on ordering more!
We just received our shipment of chicks and I am very pleased with the Black Stars so far. They are very lively and fun to watch. I can't wait until they start laying! :)
I happen to own a black star named "Hellah." She is sweet and shy. Her best friend is a Pearl White Leghorn named "Sunny". Black Stars are an awesome breed and great for starters. I plan to show her! They did take an egg laying break in the winter for about 4 weeks, but they lay all the rest of the time! Black Stars are awesome to take for a ride in your bike basket, like I do with Hellah! -Maggie, 4-H'er
I got a couple of these girls in my last order and they have really been laying machines of HUGE double yolked eggs. We couldn't be happy with our purchase from McMurray.
I just wanted to brag about my 25 Black Star Chicks. They arrived well and very active, happy and unharmed. Now at just over one month, they are huge girls and all are still alive, even the exotic! From the first week, they learned to come running to greet me each morning to get their food. They are very athletic and social chicks. Fun to watch! They even seem to watch me sometimes!!! HILARIOUS!
I have both Black Star and Red. At the beginning, I thought the Reds are more beautiful. But now my favorites are the Blacks since they are a little more intelligent and atheletic.
I just have to say that I have about 20 of the Black Stars. I bought 25 of them Apr 08. Still laying, these hens are the mostest. LOL. I really mean it. I have approximately 175 chickens at the present time, but for egg production, lots of them and huge, these girls can't be beat. The blacks could be used for dual purpose but the reds are a little on the small size. Both are super duper layers, but I prefer the black. If you are wanting egg production, these girls are the ones to choose. Jim
I got my hen last year in March, and I took them to the county fair and got a grand champion on them. I have gotten all my chickens from Murray McMurray every year I have shown. I always get a grand champion or reserve champion. Thanks So Much Murray McMurray!! Calley Klindt
We have had our Black Star girls for over a year now and highly recommend this breed to anyone. They produce great brown eggs and provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. I have to admit they love me (mama) most of all. When they see me at the back door they gather in a pack and await their afternoon snack. They play with our labrador's dog tag and keep bugs out of the garden. They are just beautiful hanging out in the yard in the afternoons after a hard morning of working. We look forward to many years of eggs and entertainment from our Black Stars.
Received my 25 Black Stars hens today along with not one but two exotic breeds. They were healthy and started eating and drinking right away. McMurray gained another customer for life with the services they offer. Thanks McMurray! Dustin
Just received my Black Stars. All 25 made it safe and sound! They are all healthy and beautiful. I can't wait to find out what my free exotic is. Thank you so much my granddaughter can't wait to start raising them.
I have both the black star and red star. They are truly the best egg layers I have ever seen, and we have raised chickens for more than 35 years.
A beautiful, sweet bird, and the best and most consistent egg-layer. I only have one of this breed, but next spring plan on adding several more.
I ordered 25 Black star chicks last May and was very very pleased when they arrived. None were ill, dead or even damaged. They grew very well and were good natured all the way. They started laying at about 6 months and I had more eggs than my son could carry. They are very friendly and most of them like human touch. Production is off right now not sure why but I am not worried they will be back just as strong as before. Anyway kudos to all the staff at McMurrays for a job well done and I will be ordering more.
I have to say that I am very pleased with my shipment of 25 chicks. They arived right on time and are in great condition, I will be ordering more soon.
Mcmurray hatchery has done a great job with all our birds! The black stars are great birds, our 2 though are the curious, always getting into trouble, yet they come when called and they are the bossiest. My red stars on the other hand love to stand on my shoulder and are the sweetest things. My black stars were curious, yet never aggressive to humans. I suggest this breed 100 percent.
We ordered 25 Black Stars this year and they have been laying since they were 5 months old. We are now getting aound 18-24 eggs a day and at 7 months old that is great.We really enjoy them as they are very friendly and love to get extra treats!! Any one that likes big brown eggs and good layers need Black Stars! Thanks!!
We ordered our Black Stars at the end of March and were waiting to see how they would make the trip from the hatchery to the Smoky Mountains. When they came, we promptly opened the box to check for casualties. There were none, and to our delight, you sent extras along with our bonus Polish Crested who became Billy Ray. The Black Stars are a delight. They have grown so quickly and absolutely no problems. They are extremely friendly and do not frighten easily. We have taken delight in watching them grown and can't wait until the eggs start coming. McMurray's is wonderful to do business with.
We ordered a few Black Stars to top off our order of chicks. Boy were we surprised when they started to mature into really pretty hens. My son decided to take a trio to fair for the production class and won 3rd place with this 12 week old chicks! They are the nicest layers we have, big clean brown eggs. We love them and have ordered more this year. Thanks! Cheryl in MI.
I have two Black Stars, and they are the best. They started laying eggs on August 4,2003 and now we get one egg from each every day. I am sure you will like these brids, not only are they good egg layers but they are very friendly!
Bought 50 Red and Black Stars from your special last year. These are without a doubt the best layers I have ever had. They are also the best chickens I have ever raised. They are easy-going and gentle.
As I write this my birds have been growing fast. They are about 11 weeks old, the Black Stars (as well as the Red Stars)are hardy birds, good natured, and calm, they are good foragers and friendly. An attractive, excellant pick for utility as a backyard chicken.
Your Red and Black Stars are the best choices I could have made. They have proven to be every bit the "egg machines" you say. Folks who buy the eggs are more than satisfied with size and taste. One neighbor purchased some "store" eggs when I was away on vacation and said "they tasted lousy." "I could use a couple dozen of those good eggs." Nuff said!!Ms. Sandy ClarkChester, NH
Hello! I just wanted to take the time to comment on the Black Star. I have one who is now two years old named Beamer. I grew up with chickens as pets, but she is truly unique! She follows me everywhere, comes when I call her and even sits on my lap. I would recommend this breed to anyone interested in raising a great pet. She's also a terrific egg-layer, which is a plus!Katie GlassmoyerGreenville, SC