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Red Star
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Quick Stats
Type: standard
Class: All Other Production
Egg Color: dark brown
Egg Size: extra large
Egg Production: best
Meat Production: better
more here
Heat Tolerance: better
Cold Tolerance: excellent
Disposition: excellent
Weeks to Maturity: 18
Freerange: good
Skin Color: yellow
Comb Type: single
Likely to sit on eggs: not at all likely
Bird Size: large
Exotic: no
Leg Style: clean
Head Style: regular
Male Mature Weight: 8 lbs
Female Mature Weight: 6 lbs
We have finally found the sex link BROWN EGG LAYER that meets our strict specifications; easy to raise, lays large brown eggs, and has a good feed conversion ratio. A "sex-link" chicken is one, which at time of hatch, can be sexed by its color. RED STAR: These hens will mature with feathers that are reddish brown with flecks of white throughout. The males are all white with nice yellow skin. (They will not retain the same characteristics in future.) At approximately 22 weeks these hens will start to lay and lay they will. We're sure this hardy bird will become a favorite of yours as it lays eggs right through hot or cold weather. No wonder it's called the Red Star.
As a reminder, to help ensure a safe arrival to you, the minimum number of chicks for each order prior to April 1st is 25. On and after April 1st, the minimum number of chicks required is 15. You can mix and match any type of baby chick in your order to reach the applicable chick minimum order. If ordering any bantams, we require a minimum of 15 bantams per order.
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Customer Product Reviews
Received my order of 15 chicks today. 7 Red Star and 8 Rhode Islands. Received 15 healthy chicks. Had great customer service!
Now that I've found Red Stars I need no other. Of the 8 breeds I have experimented with these are by far my favorite, friendly egg layers.
We got these last year, and they are GREAT layers and they have amazing plumage. I highly recommend these chickens. They are skiddish if you don't spend time with them when they are chicks, that's the only thing that's bad about them.
I received my Red Star babies on 04/28/14. They are all in good, healthy condition! Once again, I am very pleased with the service I have received. Murray McMurray hatchery is the only place to go! Excellent service and healthy chicks! Thanks again!!
February 10, 2014. I Live in Puerto Rico which is an island outside of the Continental USA. Typically priority mail packages will arrive in 5 days or more. Incredible my order was shipped Saturday February 8 and it arrive on the 10. The chicks were in great shape and very active. I have worked 21 years in procurement dealing with many companies worldwide. I feel very comfortable on saying this is one on the best companies I have dealt with. Their production and shipping schedule is very accurate. Order processing very easy, the communication either by customer service or by email is excellent. Certificates quality and availability is a plus. Their packaging is excellent and the overall quality is impeccable. McMurray team you should really feel proud. You guys really impress me! Javier Caballer Assoc. Dir Procurement Puerto Rico
I wish I would have tried this breed sooner. I was concerned that they would be a production bird and not friendly. Not so. I love them. They are super friendly and probably the smartest of my breeds. Now I will always have some in my flocks.
I was very impressed with these chickens. I received 17 of them in May for my FFA project and they are some of the best chickens I've ever had. They began laying at 18 weeks old and are the friendliest breed of chickens I have ever had. They run up to me every time I go through the gate. I would definitely get these chickens if you were interested in good layers or just friendly chickens.
I love my Red Stars I only have two right now but i want more not only are they friendly, they meet me at the run door every morning, but she started laying at 17 wks, she started out with a few small eggs and then here came the large eggs, very nice shells, she lays almost daily. This has become my favorite over all my chickens! Great investment!
We bought 100 brown egg layers from McMurray. We have perfectly healthy birds. I recommend anyone to buy with confidence. We are truly satisfied.
I received 26 day-old red star chicks on Feb. 11, 2013. They arrived healthy and happy in 24 hours in Southwest Georgia, all the way from Iowa. I ordered all females. The chicks grew into very attractive, friendly chickens and I got my first egg on June 11 when the birds were 16 weeks and two days old. They are almost 20 weeks old now and I'm getting more than 20 eggs per day. One day I picked up 23 so nearly all are laying now. The beautiful brown eggs are getting larger with just a few small pullet eggs. These are the friendliest birds and I let them range on a 1/4 acre patch of grass. They scratch and peck eating grass and bugs all day, but return to their house at night. They also lay in nests in the house. I couldn't be more pleased with these chickens and will certainly be ordering more chicks from McMurray.
thank you i ordered 15 red star 5 black star they are so quiet and very playful already this is my 2nd time ordering from Mcmurray i highly recommend this hatchery. Very sweet operator. Thank you again, Wendy
I ordered and received 60 Red star hens 9-26-12. Thinking to myself starting them through the winter months, they probably wouldn't lay until April. Surprise Surprise, they started laying 2-7-13. That's just 19 weeks. Amazing. Thank you McMurray hatchery for the great service. Been a customer since 1979.
My Red Stars are the stars of my coop. After a dog attack I had two chickens left from my original flock (2 RIR's) I then got Red Stars. They are laying machines and mine lay eggs nearly as dark as the Copper Marans. We get good 5 oz eggs or larger on a regular basis and have three eggs that have weighed in at 8 oz!!! My hens are all organic, free range on our farm and no meds, just good clean healthy living. Thanks!
We got 33 of these April 2012 and they started laying little pullet eggs at around 16 1/2 weeks and within a month they were laying an egg every day. These are the most reliably productive hens I have ever seen. They continued to lay every day right through our record breaking Oklahoma August weather and now it is the middle of January and they are still laying an egg almost every day. Everybody loves the dark brown shells and the eggs are high quality. They eat a bit more feed than the Dark Cornish and Barred Rock Hens we ordered at the same time, but they produce twice the number of eggs. Very calm and easy keeping birds that will provide you with all the eggs you want (if you order enough hens) I will definitely be ordering more of these when my current flock shows signs of slowing down.
My Red Stars started laying at exactly 16 weeks old and never slowed down. Their eggs are always large, dark brown, and roundish. They are the best layers I have among Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and Rhode Island Reds. The Red star hens are smaller than the others, but always lay early in the morning consistently. But one word of caution, they like to explore. I have a very large fenced in yard I let the chickens range in during the day. The Red Stars are the only ones who regularly fly over the fence to roam through the woods. We lost my favorite hen to a predator one afternoon. Even with a clipped wing, they manage to "go over the wall." We are ordering more Red Stars this spring.
We ordered Red Stars for the kids to show for 4-H egg layers, and my daughters won Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion, and Grand Champion overall egg layer at our county fair! They are beautiful, gentle birds and are awesome egg layers!!!
My Red Stars turned 18 weeks old today and I had the surprise of an egg. I love these birds, they are the most friendly out of all of the birds we ordered from McMurray back in April. In addition to our Red Stars we ordered Black Stars, Giant Blacks, Rhode Island Reds, Spangled Hamburgs as our layer group. The Red Stars are the most friendly out of all of our birds. All of the birds are very healthy and beautiful. The birds are very smart and love their daily treats of assorted things. The favorite around here is our own bananas we grow. The birds go crazy for them. I am extremely happy with our Bantams we ordered as well, very healthy. Out of the four grey silkies one is a rooster, he is extremely mind mannered and polite. Our mystery chick ended up being a Mille Fleur d’Uccle rooster. He is the smallest bird we have over all in our flock. The Jumbo Cornish X Rocks we ordered all dressed out at 5.5 pounds and are extremely juicy, tender and simply delicious birds.
We purchased some Red Stars this spring for our children to show for 4-h. My daughters were in competition with each other and received Grand Champion and Reserve Grand champion as well as overall Grand Champion for egg layers! They are beautiful chickens and are so easy to work with! Thank you for great customer service!
We purchased 5 Red Stars in our first order from McMurray Hatchery. They are now 8 weeks old and have a beautiful red color on them! They all are healthy and lively!! Other friends who order from you always have been pleased!!! Thank you for healthy chicks!!
I just recieved 80 baby chicks this morning, a combination of Red Stars and Black Stars!! Very happy with the way the chicks arrived, all alive and doing well. Took to eating and drinking immediately. The Red and Black Stars I have are laying daily, large eggs, sometimes double yolkers!!! Overall, very satisfied with my Murray McMurray order. Thanks alot, Amanda
I love my Red Stars. I can't think of anything to say about my girls that hasn't already been said in the other reviews. I have 21 girls and they started laying at 17 weeks and are all laying now at 22 weeks. The eggs seem to be getting bigger by the day. Double yolks are very common. I do agree also that my girls and two boys, Bert & Ernie are very friendly. They come running to me in the mornings when I feed them a little scratch and then they follow me around when I am doing my other chores. They also visit my husband when he is in his shop. He says they come in 'talk' to him. I just love that I can actually pickup a some of the girls without any fuss.
Our Red Stars from McMurray are the ultimate layers. They started laying early and haven't slowed down even through winter. They are our most friendly birds as well. We started with only 15 last year but got 25 more this spring! They lay beautiful big brown eggs, sometimes even double yolks! Not a single complaint with these beauties!
Love these chickens! So friendly and lay they do! I even got a 4.8 oz egg from one of them on 12/29/11. Don't know which one as no one is "fessing" up to the whopper of an egg!! I got 25 of these little beauties last year and now I'm ordering 75. You guys always deliver great chicks (little mortality) and are always healthy. Thanks for having such a great operation!
I bought 25 pullets and 10 roosters, Red Stars, from your Hatchery. The hens began laying at 21 weeks. I butchered the overabundance of roosters and was pleasantly surprised at how plump their breasts and legs were. I'm very happy with my choice of the Red Stars. These birds are gorgeous to look at and are gentle and easy to catch whenever need be. I'm glad I got these and suggest to any future customer that they are an excellent choice.
Thank you so much McMurray for your Red Star chickens. I had never raised chickens before so it was with much trepidation that I researched and then ordered the Red Stars last April. By August they had started laying. I kept six chicks and shared the others with friends. My six have really outdone themselves. Most days I get 6 large to extra large eggs. Occasionally I will only get 5, but I also occasionally get seven eggs in one day. I didn't think that was possible. I have one who consistently lays double yoke eggs that are huge! (They won't even fit in an egg carton!!) These sweet hens have not missed a beat through cold weather. (although we do have heat lamps with them) They are so much fun and our grandchildren love them. The ladies love to talk to us and are so proud when they lay. Thanks for your help when ordering and for answering all of my questions.
We love our Red Stars! We ordered 8 with an order of Cornish X Rocks in August and the Red Stars started laying in December at 18 weeks. They are producing daily and rarely take a day off. Every day we get at least one double yolk egg. They are so soft and keep themselves clean. They do not consume a lot of feed and like to peck around in their yard. They are extremely friendly and are under your feet and come running when they see me. :) I would definately recommend them!
Last spring, I got 10 Red Stars from you and all of them arrived happy and healthy;I was very impressed. I think this breed would be good for anybody looking for a good laying flock. This spring, I am ordering 25 Rainbow Layers and 10 Araucanas for my laying flock. Whenever you need any kind of poultry, you can always count on Murray McMurray for all your poultry needs. Thank You Bowdon, GA
We bought 25 hens and 2 roosters this spring as chicks. VERY hardy lost only one chick 3 days out. Have started laying about a month ago- wasn't sure how they would do with the coming winter but have been producing 20-24 eggs a day. Very pleasant birds and nice sized. Eggs started out small but are jumbo size now and just able to close egg carton. VERY pleased with this breed and purchase!!
I ordered 32 chicks of five different breeds. They arrived in great condition in the peak of a brutal Texas summer. All have thrived. The 12 Red Stars I have are stand outs. They are the fastest growing, most friendly and easily my favorites. Today at exactly 17 weeks old I got my first egg, and it was from a Red Star.
My Red Stars were hatched Friday, June 3rd, and were in my "chick nursery" Monday morning. All 45 birds arrived safe and sound. I got my first egg at 19 weeks, 3 days—on my son's birthday! these girls are so sweet, often flying up to get on my shoulders. They follow me around their yard, and are so curious. My husband calls their coop "Fort Chicken" because I built it so strong due to the many predators in my area. But, I have not lost a single bird.
We ordered some chicks early last spring and had excellent luck. Out of 50 we might have had two die when they were chicks. They started laying early and have only gotten better. They lay a very large brown egg and I mean large. Every once in a while they will lay a double yoker. I diffinately would recommend Murray McMurray Hatchery!
Oh my Red Stars!!! I read some of these reviews before choosing breeds...This is our first time sharing our lives with chickens...Something I now know everyone MUST do! Everyday is filled with comic relief from these awesome creatures...When I go outside in the afternoon...they flock over to ME!!! Mother Hen, my husband calls me...One of our red stars has fallen in love with my youngest son, and actually greets him in the morning...she will hang out with Ben vs. the flock...funny! And as promised by these reviews my red stars have begun laying eggs at 18 weeks old...we also have black stars, Rhode Island Reds, Pearl White Leghorns, Wyandottes and 1 charming fellow named Chicken Alfredo...he was our free bird...a Silver Spangled Hamburg...we just love him...we have been handling them since their arrival...they are all fun and friendly...but especially the Red Stars!!! Thanks Murray McMurray!
Our Red Stars started laying at 15 weeks 4 days and have rarely missed a day since. Dark brown eggs daily. Nothing is better. Murray McMurray, your Stars are truly bright and shining Stars!
McMurray you are the best. I received my Egg Layers Best back in early May, not easy to get them to this part of Alaska. All are happy, healthy and growing strong. Thank you!
I love my Red Stars. I also have Easter Eggers and let me tell you, even though the EE'ers are gorgeous and never went through ugly baby stage, I'd get the Red Stars again anyday. They lay large to xlarge medium brown eggs almost daily. I think there is one day a week I have one hen not lay so these really are 6-7 day a week layers. Sometimes double yolks in these gigantic eggs. My stars love to eat out of my hand and are friendly but don't like to be picked up much. We didn't handle them constantly as babies, so that may be why. Next time I buy chicks, it will be all Red Stars. They are super quiet and don't cackle when they lay their eggs. The EE'ers are quiet except when they are trying to lay, and then they are noisy for a couple hours until the egg is out then back to quiet. I live in the city limits here so quiet birds are a must, and my stars are the best! They have 20 square feet of room to run around in, but they prefer to just cluster up in the shade and play in the dirt most of the day. They live under 2 huge mulberry trees, so it stays relatively cool in their area most of the day even in triple digit temps in the San Joaquin valley. They aren't lazy, but they aren't super active and don't get bored too much either so they take confinement well. Very happy with this breed.
We bought our Red Star pullets from Murray McMurray just over three years ago. These chickens are very friendly and very healthy. Although we did lose a few to old Mr. Hawk, we really love our girls. Too many eggs to eat, so most of our friends and family get free eggs ... sorry egg industry. If you want a breed that is pet friendly and lays lots of giant eggs, this is the one.
These are the strongest most healthy chicks I have ever had, thanks for the great service. William Aho Ferndale, WA
I just received my baby chicks today. They arrived in great shape. I'm so happy with them. All were happy and healthy looking. Thank you so much.
I ordered 50 pullets from McMurray, to be shipped February 12th. What a Valentine's Day present for me when they were delivered on February 14th. I received 52 beautiful chicks. From those, I gave a friend 5 Black Star and 5 Red Star, and kept a total of 42 chicks. The ones I kept were 11 Red Star, 11 Black Star, 5 Barred Rock, 5 Black Australorps, 5 Buff Orpington's. They are all so very happy, singing and talking all the time. I'll have to admit the Red Star are a little more friendly than the other, as of date. I pick them up, carry them around and they are happy. But.........much to my amazement today....June 8, 2011....I got the first 'golden nugget egg' from my prized Red Star pullet. She is 16 weeks, 4 days. I find that remarkable. The other girls are singing, looking and jumping in their nests. I'm sure tomorrow will bring forth more eggs. It's amazing how these pullets have started laying this young. The pullet was so happy, although she didn't 'cackle', she came off the nest and started throwing feathers (from off the ground) over her shoulder, and acting really 'proud'. Thank you McMurray for providing us with such wonderful chicks. I wouldn't dream of ordering from anyone...other than you.
McMurray has the best customer service I have ever experienced while doing business!!!
I love my Red Star chicks! Each seems to have its own little personality. Some are not afraid to come right up to you and get right up under your feet. Others are a little more timid, but warm up to you pretty quickly when you bring them a little caterpillar treat. The last few days have been spent getting these 2 week old chicks up and down the little ladder that runs up to the door of the coop. I must say... they are getting the hang of it pretty quickly. By the end of the week, I think they'll have it down. Thank you so much, Murray McMurray, for these beautiful, healthy chicks. I'll be ordering from you again in the future.
I bought over 25 Red Stars last year, and they are the best, I get double yolks I have even had triple yolks, and boy do they lay, all year round too. They are so sweet and just love to chat. Thank you for such wonderful Girls
I bought 12 Red Star sex link pullets from McMurray Hatchery, and they are the only hens on our place that lay all year long. Plus they sing every day for me, and they can be very friendly.
I ordered some Red Stars along with a couple of Australorps, Minorcas, and Rhode Island Reds three years ago. The Stars are still laying, and the eggs are large and deep brown. Some even have double yolks. I really like this breed, and there is no where better to order them than McMurray's.
We recieved 8 healthy, hardy, Red Stars last Feb. You could've knocked me over with a Red Star feather when at 4 months we had our first egg of course from a Red Star! THANKS!
I received 25 Red Star chicks last summer. They all arrived healthy and lively. They started laying about 5 months old and lay they did. I am currently getting 13-15 very big eggs per day from the 13 hens I kept. They are quiet and very friendly also. I would HIGHLY recommend these to anybody that wants a lot of eggs soon!
We tried almost every breed McMurray carries, and this Red Star has all the others beat. Our last order was a little over 300. Some were laying at week 16, and all were laying by week 17. We track exactly how much feed each breed of hen got (down to the ounce per day). And we tracked egg production by breed, which isn't easy in a pasture operation. But this breed beat them all when you look at all the data. Their feed conversion ratio was almost half that of RI Reds and Barred Rocks. Which means they ate half as much food for the same amount of eggs. And they never dropped off in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. They hit their second molt at about 28 months and then we would sell them and get more.
I ordered 25 Red Star Hens in June 2010, and they are laying well, pretty close to 100%! They are the friendliest, nicest chickens I have seen. I also ordered 5 Buff Silkie bantams at the same time, so they were raised together, and when I put them with my 1-2 year old Rhode Island and While Leghorn the Red Stars protect the bantams from the other chickens and me sometimes! They form a circle around the little ones, and nothing can get to them. Definitely a good chicken to get. I have not found anything about them I do not like. I will be gradually changing my flock to all Red Stars with the exception of the 2 Bantam Silkies I have left.
I bought several breeds of heavy layers this year, and the Red Stars are by far the best producers. They started laying at 18 weeks, and their eggs are the largest and most uniform in size of all my layers. They have a nice temperament and are good foragers. I'll definitely be ordering more for my replacement flock!
Thank you McMurry Hatchery! These Red Star hens are the best egg layers we've ever had. The roosters are as docile as the hens. I like them so much after raising Rhode Island Reds and New Hampshire Reds that I bought 25 more. The staff is always helpful and cheerful. Karen, Tennessee
The Red Stars that I split and order with a friend exceeded my expectations. They started laying eggs at 18 weeks - 2 medium eggs per chicken and the occasional large double yolk egg. They placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd at the Santa Clara County Fair in the Utility category as pullets. The APA judge was impressed and expects they will do very well as hens.
I have had Red Star hens for two years. They are the best in terms of personality and laying quantity and quality. What I like best is how quickly their eggs go from medium to large - within three weeks.
I bought two of your red star hens and raised them together on the westside of Los Angeles, CA within a mile of the beach. These hens began laying 11 months ago, and have both layed an egg every day during that 11 month period, never missing even a single day. These two hens free range in my backyard foraging in tandem. They keep my garden free of insects while creating a continuous supply of fertilizer. Their disposition is very sweet and gentle. They like to be held and receive attention. If anything is amiss in my backyard, such as the presence of a cat, they'll let me know right away. When I first got these hens, as 2 day old chicks, I had no idea they would enrich my life so. Thanks McMurray, for these wonderful birds.
Wow! Our Red Star hens are simply the friendliest, most personable girls on the farm! Without a second of hesitation, I would highly recommend this breed for anyone wanting to start a new flock of very productive layers, or anyone interested in a single bird or additions to their existing flock. -Speckle Valley Farms
I have ordered all my chickens from your hatchery and most recently tried the Red Star breed. They are the nicest chickens YET! Friendly and easy going...they are great layers and would make great pets! The breeding mix on these chickens really does them justice...someone had a great idea!
I normally order Barred Rocks, this year a neighbor talked me into trying the sexed link chickens, I order a mix of Black and Red Star chickens. I was surprised when the chickens started laying at right around 5 months. I have been very happy with the gentleness of the chickens and the fact that they are great layers.
I ordered 25 chickens from Mcmurray in July of 2009, and I have to say that Snuggles, my Red Star, is the favorite chicken of the family. She is SO very friendly, gentle, and submissive, but by far the most curious of all our chickens. She follows us around the yard, and when we were painting the chicken coop kept trying to jump up onto the rim of the paint can, or onto the boards we were painting. She is, true to her name, very gentle and likes to snuggle down on your arm and rest. I defintely recommend Red Stars for a fun pet, and a good layer, too!
This has to be the best laying breed around. I got these as day-old chicks, and in 19 weeks I saw the first egg. It was about the size of a medium size egg from the store. Their demeanor is excellent. I had a friend describe them as being more like pets that you can pick up and hold. They do have a tendency to fly like their leghorn ancestors. They are extremely curious. They love to explore and discover new things. 5 stars
Received my order of Red Star and Black Stars this morning. All chicks appear to be in excellent health. They started eating and drinking right off. I am anxious to find out what the bonus rare breed chick turns out to be. I look forward to ordering from McMurray again in the future.
I bought 10 Red Star hens and they were all so special. Each had its own different personality. One stood out above the rest, in color and attitude. She followed the kids around, let them pick her up, kiss her, hand feed her, etc.. Her color was golden, not red like the others. She stood out so much. I did cry when the eagles took her away at 9 months. The same has happened with the others except one, but she is guarded by an attack rooster that chases anything that moves... I can't wait until I buy another flock that will be PROTECTED this time. Thank-you McMurray for the wonderful experience and very healthy chicks.
McMurray Hatchery has given us a very positive experience as first time chicken raisers. The Red Star chicks we ordered arrived healthy and hungry. They are very sturdy birds. The hens are now grown up and are so gentle, friendly and terrific layers. They all started laying at about 20-21 weeks old and we almost always get one egg per hen each day. (And the temperatures this winter have been below freezing!) We love the fresh eggs and we love our little flock of hens, they are wonderful!
I just recieved my order of Red Stars today. There was 7 in total and 21 other different breeds. They all came lively and healthy drinking within minutes of arrivel.Thanks Mcmurray Hatchery for the best chicks, I cant wait to order again.
These are the best hens ever! They lay delicious eggs, they are super friendly & have the best personalities & are so beautiful! We ordered two & they are so sweet, love being held and I couldn't imagine life without them!!! You can't go wrong!
Red Stars are one of the best tempermented hens I've ever had. They lay very well. Also, the most gentle ones will "talk" to you. They are also very vigorous and cold hardy. We live in a very cold area (gets down to -50F) here, they have done beautifully. I would recommend this sex-link breed to anyone. S. Reiley Theresa, NY
I received my assortment of 25 chicks, I got a free rare chick and I just love it. It's the cutest one in the bunch. I also received an additional free leghorn - Thanks. All chicks are healthy and arrived in excellent condition. I will definately be ordering from you again and will recommended Murray McMurray!
Last year was our first time having chickens, when we got six red and 6 black stars and few male reds thrown in. We loved their sweet and sometimes curious personality. They are very good layers and you'll be amazed when you find that some of the eggs won't fit in the jumbo cartons. They also don't mind be held, or making a few friends like my favorite one did. But they do like to scratch and play in mulch and could eat a cow-:). All in all we made sure to get some this year, rather than more blacks. The only other downer is that the males are aggressive. I'd also like to thank the Murray Mcmurray staff for their patience when we called to get ducks, and add more to orders and push back dates. The staff are full of wonderful people I wouldn't dare get anything from anouther company. Thank you for you wonderfull "fowl" and and kindness. -Krista, Lovettsville, Virginia
You really can't beat these Red Stars. Wonderful temperaments These hens lay all winter and follow us everywhere. Soooo friendly,
My wife and I ordered Red Star chicks last Spring and they are everything - and more- than you said. Some began laying at 16 wks and all were by 20 wks old. We have other types of chickens and the Red Stars are the gentlest and best layers we have -even in winter! Our children are grown and gone now. Thank you for adding so much enjoyment to our lives.
EXTRAORDINARY LAYERS; I wish I had ordered more red stars, they are my favorite dual purpose bird.
Last year I ordered 25 Red Star pullets. They are excellent show birds, and great for egg production. They are the best chickens I've ever had.
Hello, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the Red Star roosters you included in my order this spring as "warmer chicks"! They grew very quickly on little feed, and are among the most independent and fearless chickens we own. They are also the last ones to get caught by predators, yet are docile to work with. In short, they were a very pleasant free surprise! Thank you
I ordered 25 baby chicks- half red star and half black star. You guys were so friendly and helpful when my order was delayed due to Memorial day and when I called like 3 times, the ladies I spoke to were so sweet! The Red star chicks are so sweet and more calm than the black. The exotic chick turned out to be a Partridge Cochin and is SO adorable-- what a treat to find an exotic in the group-- and fun to figure out which breed he is :) Thank you McMurray for your wonderful staff and your beautiful chicks!!
I wish I had ordered more than one Red Star!! She is by far the best layer in my flock, and even out does my Pearl Whites. "Rachel" has been so successful that I am planning to order more Red Stars and to try some Black Stars too. Thanks, Murray McMurray for my great brown egg layer.
I received Red Star Roosters as a extra to keep my Dominiques warm in shipping . I love them they are so friendly ,they come when they see me and will perch on my hand. Thanks for such a special surprise.
I received my order of laying chicks right after Memorial Day this year and already at 17 weeks, my 3 Red Stars are laying eggs, everyday! I ordered 3 other breeds of egg layers, too, but I wish I would have ordered more Red Stars. They are wonderful layers and are very quiet with nice dispositions. A wonderful chicken, my next order will have many more Red Stars.
We purchased Red Stars on my mom's recommendation 2 years ago. We live at 8900 ft. elevation in the Colorado Mountains. Even in the winter, we still averaged 9-10 eggs a day with 13 chickens. Now if they could only be hardy enough to survive a bear attack!! After rebuilding the pen and coop--We are ordering Red Stars again.
I have a flock of Red Star and they are the best chickens. My Red Stars started to lay at 18 weeks and lay they are. You were not kidding when you said they were "Great" egg layers.I look foward to doing buisness with McMurray hatchery you guy's are simply the best.
I love my Red Stars from the first day I got them. They are so friendly and lay very good brown eggs.
This is my first season with my Red Stars and I am so impressed that by next year my whole flock will be Red Stars. Its very hot here in Texas and those girls of mine keep laying. I am looking into maybe ordering the Black Stars now. I know I wont be disappointed. Thank you for introducing me to the Stars.
I have several different breeds of chickens, but after ordering my Red Stars last year I am thinning my flock to just Red Stars. They are the gentliest chickens I have ever seen. Everyone that buys my eggs request eggs from them, they are by far the biggest and the best. Thank you so much for these wonderful birds.
I have several types of egg layers, but the Red Star are the best I have ever seen.We had a cold and snowy winter,but these birds laid great all winter. When someone ask me what I recommend for brown eggs,it's Red Star. Thanks McMurray for the great chickens!
First - I'm not un-biased - I wrote the McMurray website because our family loves to raise chickens. Red Stars are about our favorites. We bought some last year and raised them up to be 6 month old and then sold every one. This year we bought some to keep. They have become our grasshopper control in the orchard. Everytime I walk out there - they come up to me and then walk with me through the orchard. They are very sweet in disposition - I've never seen an aggressive one - unless you happen to be a grasshopper.<p>Joe Claborn<p>Ross, TX
A very hardy chick! excellent bird