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Photo Contest Rules

2016 McMurray Hatchery Photo Contest Rules

For links to all of our currently active photo contests, please visit the link below:

Photo Contests

2016 Spring Photo Contest

For this contest, we are looking for photos of people working with their chickens -- feeding and watering them, gathering eggs, moving portable coops on pasture, or similar things. Please include a good caption or description with your photo. For this particular contest, we don't want "cute" photos of chickens sitting on the back of the living room couch or playing with the cat or dog. The theme of this photo contest is normal, traditional interaction with your chickens and chores related to tending your chickens. To qualify, each photo should have one or more person(s) in it and one or more chickens or chicken eggs. You are welcome to submit multiple photos.

Prizes: the first place winner will receive a $100 gift certificate, second place will receive a $50 gift certificate, third place will receive a $25 gift certificate and the fourth through sixth places will each receive a $15 gift certificate.

Contest Dates

  1. Feburary 27th to March 12th, 2016: Enter the contest by uploading your photos.
  2. March 13th to March 19th, 2016: Rate the photos to choose the 10 finalists.
  3. March 20th to March 26th, 2016: Rate the finalist photos to choose the winners.
  4. March 31, 2016: Winners Announced

Register and Login

  1. Before you can upload a photo or rate contest photos, you will need to login to the Murray McMurray Hatchery website.
  2. If you have already registered, skip to the section below labeled "How to Enter the Contest". Otherwise, follow the steps below to register:
    1. Click "Account" (near the top right of your screen, underneath the Murray McMurray Hatchery logo).
    2. Click "Create Account".
    3. Complete the details asked and click the “Create Account” button.
    4. Within a few minutes, you will receive an email message confirming your account request. Click the link that is in that email message in order to confirm that your email address is correct.
    5. Enter the same password that you chose in step 3.
    6. Now you will see your name displayed in the upper right corner of the screen, beneath the Murray McMurray Hatchery logo. This indicates that you are successfully logged into the contest. Read the appropriate section below to find out how to enter the contest by uploading a photo or how to rate photos in the contest.

How To Enter the Contest

  1. Before you can enter the contest, you must register and login to the contest. See instructions above on how to do this.
  2. To upload a photo to the contest, click "Upload a Photo". Read the upload rules on that page.
  3. Click "Choose File," then select a photo file from your computer to upload.
  4. Click "I accept the rules stated above."
  5. Enter a description of your photo, according to the contest rules.
  6. Click "Upload Photo"
  7. Photos are moderated, or reviewed, before they appear in the photo gallery, so your photo will not appear immediately.
  8. You may upload as many photos as you would like to the contest.

How to Rate Contest Photos

  1. Rating of photos to determine the 10 finalists will be open during the dates listed above. Rating of photos to determine the winners from the finalists will be available during the dates listed above.
  2. Before you can rate contest photos, you must register and login to the contest. See instructions above on how to do this.
  3. To see the first page of contest photos, click "First".
  4. If you only want to see photos that you have not yet rated, click the "Unrated only" checkbox.
  5. To rate a photo, click that photo. You will see a popup window having a larger view of the photo. Click the appropriate rating. If "Automatically advance" is selected, then you will be automatically shown the next photo in the gallery. If "Show unrated photos only" is selected, then you will only be shown those photos that you have not yet rated.
  6. Rate the photos based on your overall impression. Please take into account both the quality of the photo and its subject matter.
  7. When you return to the main screen, each photo that you have rated will have a small green square in the upper right corner near that photo. Unrated photos will not have a green square.
  8. If you see the message "There are no more unrated photos right now," you have rated all the photos.
  9. You can only rate each photo once, but you can continue to view the photos after you have rated them. To view all photos, rated or not, uncheck "Unrated only".
  10. "First," "Previous," and "Next" will let you go to different pages of the photo gallery.

Requirements for all Contests We reserve the right to choose which (if any) photographs to publish in our catalog, website, blog, or other online or offline media. Photo credits will be given by including the photographer's name under the photo. Photographs submitted to the contest become the property of Murray McMurray Hatchery, Inc.

By submitting your name and photograph, you agree to these terms. By submitting your photo, you agree that you are qualified to enter our 2016 Photo Contests, and you agree to abide by the 2016 Photo Contest Rules presented here.

Official Rules for the Murray McMurray Hatchery 2016 Photo Contests


Contests are open to residents of the fifty United States, the District of Columbia, and Canadian residents ages 18 and older.

We will have several contests this year. The rules for the contests are described below:


  1. Murray McMurray Hatchery ("Sponsor") is the Sponsor of this contest.
  2. In these contest rules, "bird" refers to a chicken, duck, goose, turkey, peafowl, guinea, pheasant, or other type of poultry of one of the breeds listed for sale on the Sponsor's website ( or the Sponsor's annual catalog.
  3. Once you have taken photographs, visit the photo contest page. Click “Upload a Photo”. Follow the instructions the upload form.
  4. Photos must be in gif, jpg, or png format.
  5. Photos will not be returned. By entering the Contest, contestants agree to abide by these rules, and represent and warrant that the entries are their own and original photographs and that the entries do not violate or infringe the rights, including, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights or rights of privacy, of any third party.
  6. Entries are void if they are in whole or in part illegible or incomplete. Sponsor assumes no responsibility for late, lost, incomplete, illegible, or misdirected entries.
  7. Uploading a photo to the Sponsor's website constitutes participation in the Contest and grants the Sponsor all rights to edit, publish, copy, display, and/or use the photo for any promotional purpose. While attempts will be made to give you photo credit if it is used, such photo credit is not guaranteed.
  8. Sponsor and its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates or other parties and its affiliated companies are not responsible for technical, hardware, or software malfunctions of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or failed, incorrect, incomplete, inaccurate, garbled or delayed electronic communications caused by the sender, or by any of the equipment or programming associated with or utilized in the Contest which may limit the ability to participate, or by any human error which may occur in the processing of the entries. If for any reason the Contest is not capable of being conducted as described in these rules, Sponsor shall have the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the Contest. In the event of a dispute over the identity of an online entrant, entry will be deemed submitted by the authorized holder of the email account whose address was specified on the photo upload form.
  9. This contest has a photo upload start date and end date. All entries to the contest must be uploaded on or between those dates.
  10. Each contestant may upload one or more photos.


  1. To ensure that the contest entries stay within the topic areas and to ensure that they are of acceptable quality and appropriate for display, a representative of the Sponsor will moderate the photos. In other words, he will review each photo and make a determination of whether to accept the photo in the contest for which it is entered.
  2. Photos that are accepted by the moderator will be shown in the contest gallery, so they can be judged as described below.
  3. If a photo is rejected by the moderator, it will not be shown in the contest gallery. If your photo is rejected, you will not have an opportunity to win for that photo entry.
  4. The Sponsor may reject any photos which do not meet our requirements or may reject photos for any other reason deemed valid to the Sponsor. The Sponsor may accept to the contest any photo that the Sponsor deems acceptable. The Sponsor may reject a photo that was previously accepted. The Sponsor's decision to accept or reject a photo will be final.


  1. The rating process will consist of two stages. The first stage will determine the finalists. The second stage will determine the winners. Each stage will use a photo rating poll to allow participants to rate the contest photos.
  2. Each contest rating poll will have a photo rating start date and end date. The contest photos will be made available for rating by the public during the time period beginning on the start date and ending on midnight of the end date. To rate photos, all participants must be registered. Registration is open to anyone who wants to participate.
  3. Selection of finalists and winners will be done strictly on the basis of popular vote in the rating system of the online photo galleries.
  4. The photos with the highest ratings in the finalist rating phase will be chosen as finalists.
  5. The photos with the highest ratings in the winner rating phase will be chosen as winners.
  6. Invitations to participate in the photo contest rating polls will be published in the Sponsor's e-mail newsletter, Sponsor's Facebook page, Sponsor's Twitter page, and on the Sponsor's blog. The Sponsor reserves the right to publish and announce the rating poll in other media in addition to those listed above.
  7. The rating poll is designed to allow each participant to rate each Contest photo once.
  8. Any attempt to rate Contest photos more than once will disqualify your ratings.
  9. The Sponsor will review rating poll responses and reserves the right to reject rating responses for any reason.
  10. Contest winners will be notified by e-mail and/or by telephone, using the contact information provided on the entry form.
  11. Any winners that are unable to be contacted within what the Sponsor deems to be a reasonable amount of time will forfeit their prize, and the Sponsor reserves the right to select the next most highly rated contest entry as a replacement for that winner.

For this contest, prizes will be awarded as follows:

  1. The first place contest winner will receive a $100 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift certificate.
  2. The second place contest winner will receive a $50 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift certificate.
  3. The third place contest winner will receive a $25 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift certificate.
  4. The 4th, 5th and 6th place winnners will receive a $15.00 Murray McMurray Hatchery gift certificate.
  5. In the event that there is an insufficient number of qualified entries or if the Sponsor determines in its absolute discretion that no or too few entries meet the quality standards established to award the prizes, Sponsor reserves the right not to award the prizes.


  1. The contest is open to residents of the fifty United States the District of Columbia, and Canadian residents ages 18 and older. Void where prohibited by law. All state and local restrictions apply.
  2. Employees of Sponsor and its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates or other parties in any way involved in the development, production or distribution of this Sweepstakes, as well as the immediate family (spouse, parents, siblings, children) and household members of each such employee are not eligible to participate in the Contest.


  1. No cash substitution, transfer or assignment of prizes is allowed. In the event of the unavailability of a prize or prizes, Sponsor may substitute a prize or prizes of equal or greater value.
  2. All expenses, including taxes (if any), related to receipt and use of prizes are the sole responsibility of the winner.
  3. Winners may be required to execute an Affidavit of Eligibility and Release. The affidavit must be returned within fourteen (14) days of notification or winner will forfeit their prize and another winner will be selected. Should the ARV (approximate retail value) equal or exceed $600.00, winners shall be required to provide a Social Security Number or an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number to Sponsor for issuance of a 1099 Form.
  4. By accepting a prize the winners grant to Sponsor the right to edit, publish, copy, display and otherwise use their entries in connection with this Contest, and to further use their names, likenesses, and biographical information in advertising and promotional materials, without further compensation or permission, except where prohibited by law.
  5. By participating in the Contest and/or accepting the prize, contestants release Sponsor, its parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies or the agencies of any of them from any liability, injury, damages, cost or expense, including reasonable attorney's fees, arising out of or connected to participation in this contest or the acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prizes.
  6. Any dispute arising from this Contest will be determined according to the laws of the State of Iowa, without reference to its conflict of law principles, and the entrants consent to the personal jurisdiction of the state and federal courts located in Hamilton County, Iowa and agree that such courts have exclusive jurisdiction over all such disputes.
  7. No ill-tempered, ill-willed or otherwise grumpy people allowed. If this contest upsets you, then you are disqualified from entering the contest or viewing the photos. The contest is for the FUN of the participants.


For a copy of the winners list, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope by December 31, 2016 to P.O. Box 458, 191 Closz Drive, Webster City, Iowa 50595. Attention: 2016 SPRING Photo Contest.


Murray McMurray Hatchery
191 Closz Drive
Webster City, Iowa 50595