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SMALL ORDERS: Orders of 2-9 ducks and geese ship after April 1st. A small order charge of $45 will be added to all orders of less than ten ducks or geese. This fee includes boxing fees, handling, and heat packs. 

CANCELLATIONS ON WATERFOWL: Cancellations and changes to orders for waterfowl must be made by 12:00 PM (Central) on the Friday before scheduled delivery. Any cancellations or changes to waterfowl orders after that time will be charged a $10.00 late fee.
McMurray Hatchery Buff Duck
Buff Duck

Buff Ducks, also called Buff Orpington Ducks, are golden buff colored. Buff hens are good layers, not broody, and will weigh approximately 5 pounds. Drakes are about one pound heavier than the hens.

McMurray Hatchery Indian Runner Ducks
Runner Duck
Runner Ducks — sometimes referred to as “Penguin Ducks” or “Bottle Necks” — have long, slender bodies and a vertical posture. Runners are smaller ducks that move upright with a quick step, make good foragers, and lay white eggs.
McMurray Hatchery Cayuga Ducks
Cayuga Duck

The Cayuga Duck is one of the few duck breeds that originated in the United States. These quiet ducks are very hardy and are known primarily for their brilliant beetle-green coloring. Cayuga hens lay a light blue or gray egg. 

McMurray Hatchery Black Swedish Ducks
Black Swedish Duck

Black Swedish ducks look like they are wearing tuxedos, with their dark black feathering  and white 'bib' that runs from under the bill to half way down their breast. Swedish ducks also have some white on their wings. Swedish are very hardy ducks and good foragers. Hens will lay mostly white eggs, with the occasional blue or gray tinted egg.

McMurray Hatchery White Crested Duck
White Crested Duck
The White Crested Duck is known for having a large crest on its head. The White Crested Duck is a good dual-purpose breed. They are good egg layers, and also grow rapidly for those wanting to raise them for meat production.
McMurray Hatchery Blue Swedish Ducks
Blue Swedish Duck

Blue Swedish ducks are known for their blue color and white 'bib' that runs from under the bill to half way down their breast, and some contrasting white on their wings. Swedish are very hardy ducks and good foragers. Drakes will weigh around six pounds. Hens will weigh up to five pounds and will lay mostly white eggs, with the occasional blue or gray tinted egg.

McMurray Hatchery Gold Star Hybrid Ducks
Gold Star Hybrid Duck

Gold Star Hybrid Ducks were developed for commercial flocks to many large eggs and have a calm temperament with high fertility. Males are shades of black and females are shades of brown. Ducklings can be sexed by color, but they do not retain these characteristics in future generations. 

McMurray Hatchery Welsh Harlequin Duck
Welsh Harlequin Duck

Welsh Harlequin ducks are excellent egg producers, due to their Khaki Campbell background, and have the instinct to sit and hatch a nest full of ducklings. These ducks are calm, inquisitive, and excellent foragers. 

McMurray Hatchery Khaki Campbell Ducks
Khaki Campbell Duck

Khaki Campbell Ducks are one of the best general-purpose duck breeds, and probably the best layers of all of the domestic ducks. Khaki Campbells are excellent foragers and withstand colder climates very well.

McMurray Hatchery White Pekin Duck
Pekin Duck
The White Pekin duck is a creamy white fowl with yellow skin and large breasts. Their fine meat quality and egg-laying ability has made them the first choice of American duck growers. They are the easiest domestic ducks to process and prepare for meat production.
McMurray Hatchery Jumbo Pekin Duck
Jumbo Pekin Duck

The Jumbo Pekin Duck, a meat type duck, is bred for size primarily and not for show. The Jumbo Pekin is approximately 15-18 percent larger than standard white Pekins, and weigh about 9-13 pounds.

McMurray Hatchery White Star Hybrid Duck
White Star Hybrid Duck

The White Layer was developed several years after the Gold Star Hybrid to fulfill requests for a white egg-laying duck. White Star Hybrid ducks are foragers and very good layers — averaging 230-290 eggs per year. These ducks have equal egg production to the Gold Star Hybrid

Mcmurray Hatchery Flying Mallard Ducks
Flying Mallard Duck

The Mallard small, flying duck. They are very similar in coloring to the Rouen duck, but are much smaller (weighing just 2-2.5 pounds). When raised for meat production, Mallards have a more gamey taste than other domestic duck breeds. Mallard hens are excellent mothers and will raise one or two broods of ducklings a year.

McMurray Hatchery Rouen Duck
Rouen Duck
Rouen Ducks are an attractive breed of waterfowl name of the French city where they originated. Rouens are similar in color to the wild Flying Mallard.