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Egg Equipment

Wicker Egg Baskets
These uniquely hand woven baskets are made by an Amish family here in the Midwest state of Missouri and are personally signed and dated by each family member making the basket.

Wooden Nest Eggs
These natural colored wood eggs are the same weight and consistency of a real egg. Made to lure the hen into the nest and help stop “egg breaking” habits.
miller egg baskets
Egg Basket
This basket is made of heavy wire and is welded at every joint. Each wire is coated with plastic to reduce breakage.
Fresh Eggs for Sale Yard Sign
Fresh Eggs Yard Sign
"Fresh Eggs For Sale" sign is 24" wide by 18" tall. It is printed on both sides for viewing from both directions in your yard.
Egg Scale
The INCREDIBLE EGG SCALE is an egg scale/grader for small farm or home use. The vintage design is very attractive. This scale is all metal heavy duty construction and built to last a lifetime.

Ceramic Nest Eggs
These ceramic eggs have the look, feel and approximately the same weight of real eggs. They come three ways; all brown, all white, and all pastel multi.

Egg Brush
This easy to use egg brush is made of a rubber-like soft plastic. Makes egg clean-up “fast”.