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Juvenile Quail

Juvenile Blue Scale Quail

Blue Scale Quail is named for its scale-looking feather pattern. These small blue-gray birds are also identified by the white tips on their crests. Blue Scale are considered non-aggressive and can be run with other species during non-breeding season.  

McMurray Hatchery Juvenile California Valley Quail Juvenile California Valley Quail

The California Valley Quail is the state bird of California, and prized for it's hardiness and adaptability. California Valley Quail are small, plump birds with a curved black plume and are known for their thickly spotted eggs.

Juvenile Gambel Quail

Gambel quail are native to the desert Southwest valley. Gambel quail have a teardrop shaped crest, are good layers, and make good parents to their young.

McMurray Hatchery White Bobwhite Quail Juvenile White Bobwhite Quail

McMurray Hatchery Snowflake Bobwhite Quail Juvenile Snowflake Bobwhite Quail

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