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Small Incubators
Pro Series Digital Incubator
A pro series incubator made to be used mutlitude of times a season. Full view and LCD displays make this easy to operate.

Three Egg Full Auto Incubator
Three egg mini incubator is ideal for learners, hobbyists, or teachers. features 37.5 deg C automatic temperature control, Automatic egg-turning with auto stop 2 days prior to hatching and warning buzzer with much more.
hova bator
Picture Window Incubator
Now you can watch Mother Nature's Magic as eggs hatch before your eyes. This scientifically designed styrofoam incubator weighs 4 pounds, is 18" x 18" x 7-1/2", draws 25 watts, 110 volt A.C.
Mini-Advance Incubator
Mini Advance Incubator
This incubator holds 7 hens eggs (or equivalent) and provides the fine temperature control to ensure consistent and reliable hatches. Temperature is set at the factory and can be fine tuned if required.

Simple to operate, the Roll-X tabletop incubator has a plastic see-through dome for easy observation of your eggs. With this easy-to-clean base, bacteria and disease can be controlled.

Incubator Accessories

Find the right automatic egg turner for your hova-bator incubator.

Mini Dome Incubator
Here is a handy little incubator that is ideal for school, scouting, 4-H, and other small projects.
GQF Digital Thermometer Hygometer
Small Digital Thermometer/Hygometer
Accurately measures humidity and displays it as a percentage. Easy read LCD display. Includes tranparent plastic base to allow placement directly on top of the eggs for more accurate readings.

TX-6 Incubator
This unique incubator comes with a see-through dome and an automatic turner. It has a precise solid state temperature control.

Large Digital Thermometer/Hygrometer
Operating range 32 F to 122 F and humidity range of 25% to 98%. Battery included.

Full View Picture Window Incubator
New this year, the Full View Electronic model comes with an electronic thermostat. This thermostat comes with a built in fan and is so accurate you will not have to set the temperature. New design allows for setting of larger eggs such as goose without the use of an expansion ring.