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McMurray Hatchery Peafowl Assortment
McMurray Hatchery Peafowl Assortment McMurray Logo

Peafowl Assortment

Peafowl have been prized by many poultry owners for ages — from the pharoahs of Egypt to today's hobbyists. These magnificent birds are known for their long, beautifully fanned tails. Peafowl come in a variety of colors, the most popular being the India Blue.  

A Peafowl Assortment is a perfect way to get started raising these exotic birds. Includes our choice of at least of two varieties from our India Blue, White, Pied, Black Shoulder, Spalding, other these other varities of peafowl:
  • INDIA BLUE peafowl are the most popular variety. Blue peacocks (males) have a blue neck and breast, tan shoulders barred with black, and a mostly green tail, with a blue spot in the eye surrounded with green and bronze. Blue peahens (females) are a gray-brown dove color with pale grayish-buff colored belly.
  • PIED peafowl (both male and female) have the same color pattern as the Blues with irregular white patches that vary in size and location throughout the entire body and tail. These are really an outstanding and striking variety.
  • WHITE peafowl (both male and female) are all white all over with very lacy looking tails. This variety is very popular and in great demand by peafowl fanciers.
  • CAMEO peafowl are very rare and in high demand. Cameo peacocks are a cameo brown all over with a darker, chocolate brown neck and breast. Their tail is varying shades of brown, with a dark brown eye in the tail. Cameo peahens are a soft medium brown all over.
  • OATEN peacocks are dark chocolate brown — darker than the Cameo. Their tail is dark brown with darker brown eyes. Oaten peahens are a pale tan color, much lighter than the Cameo.
  • SPALDING peafowl are somewhat rare and also hard to find. Spalding peacocks have an emerald green neck and breast, and their shoulders and wings are somewhat darker than the Blue peafowl. Spaldings have a more slender body and taller stature, with a more erect crest. Spalding peahens are dark brown with a green neck and breast.
  • PURPLE peacocks have a purplish blue neck, barred brown and off-white shoulder area like the Cameo, a brown belly area, and a tail the same pattern as the India Blue. Purple peahens are a soft brown like the Cameo hens, except their neck is and irridescent purple.
  • BLACK SHOULDER peacocks have a blue neck and breast, black shoulders and wings, and a tail the same as the India Blue. Black Shoulder peahens are  creamy-white lightly mottled with dark brown-black and a little buff, and a dark brown tail.

  • Peafowl are shipped by Priority Mail and insured. The box should be opened at the Post Office upon arrival. 
  • Before ordering peafowl, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management. You may need a permit.
  • Limited supply. 
  • Sold as an assortments only. 
  • Minimum order 8 peachicks. 
  • Straight run (unsexed) only.

Item # Description 8 Quantity
PFAS Peafowl Assortment 8 8 for $537.12 Quantity
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