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Misc. Equipment
McMurray Hatchery Hen Couture Hen Saddles
Hen Saddles

Hen saddles — also known as chicken aprons or hen jackets —  keep your hens looking their best all season long, allowing feather growth while protecting your hens from roosters' nails and spurs during mating or breeding.

Toe Punch
Many times you need to mark a bird for identification purposes. This toe punch is made of metal and can be used to punch a hole through the webbing of the feet to mark the bird.
Nite Guard Solar Available at McMurray Hatchery
Nite Guard
Protect your birds at night. NITE GUARD is a solar powered (no batteries needed ever) flashing, red light that, when positioned correctly, will repel night animals that could harm your livestock or your gardens.
Repellent Tape

Nite Guard Repellent Tape is noisier, brighter, and lasts longer than ordinary flash tapes and repellent ribbons. It comes in 100’ rolls for ample protection from overhead predators.

Gamebird feeder
bandettes, leg bands, breeder id, chick identify
Numbered Bandettes

A must have for keeping track of breeders. Used here at the hatchery for identifying and maintaining our flocks.

Trap-Em Live Animal Traps
These traps are designed to trap and keep alive all kinds of animals no matter how quick and cunning they seem to be.
legbands, spiral bands, leg bands, bird id, chick id, breeding

Fowl Catchers
How many times have you chased that old rooster around the barnyard until you were exhausted? Well, here’s your solution to that problem!
shipping box, chick shipping box
Chick Shipping Boxes
These are the same boxes that we use to ship chicks to you. They come flat and must be folded before use; no staples or tape is required.

Dura Fork

Pullorum Testing Unit
This is an ideal testing unit for pullorum. Many of you are now being required to have this test done for your show birds, or when selling your chicks to other states.