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McMurray Hatchery Full-Color Male Red Golden Pheasant
McMurray Hatchery Full-Color Pair Red Golden Pheasants McMurray Hatchery Red Golden Pheasant Close-up McMurray Hatchery Red Golden Pheasant Full Color Male McMurray Hatchery Male Full-Color Red Golden Pheasant McMurray Logo

Red Golden Pheasants

Red Golden Pheasants (Chrysolophus pictus) — also called the Golden Pheasant or Chinese Pheasant — is one of our most popular exotic pheasant breeds and one of the most colorful gamebirds. In addition to their stunning colors, Red Golden Pheasants are hardy and easy to raise. 

The male Red Golden Pheasant is a brilliant display of primary colors — with a scarlet red body; yellow-gold eyes, bill, crest, back and legs; green on its upper back; and shimmering blue on its wings. Adult males can reach 40 inches in length, with his tail measuring nearly two thirds of it's overall length. The Red Golden pheasant's most impressive feature is its layered cape of golden feathers. Each layer of golden heathers is edged in black and appears striped from a distance. During mating, the cape expands to cover the bird's face in an impressive display. 

Female Red Golden Pheasants are much more subdued in appearance and are a dull, mottled brown color similar to other pheasant breeds.  

These caped, or "ruffed", pheasants are similar to the Yellow Golden Pheasant and the Lady Amherst Pheasant

Red Golden Pheasants are originally native to the western mountain of China. Today they are commonly seen in zoos, private collections, and feral flocks can be found across the U.S., United Kingdom and beyond. Their natural habitats are conifer forests with sparse undergrowth. These exotic pheasants are ground feeders — eating grains, leaves and small inverebrates — and roost in trees or aviary perches at night.  

The average lifespan of the Red Golden Pheasant is around five to six years in the wild, and as much as 20 years in captivity. 

These birds are not pinioned and can fly. To request that a wing be clipped, please call our office at (800) 456-3280. See our FAQ for more information on states with restrictions on juvenile birds. We recommend checking with your state wildlife or regulatory agency before placing your order. 

Adult pairs are one male and one female of the specified breed. Adults are one year or older and may be full color or breeders. Juveniles are under one year. Yearlings are sold as juveniles. For information on the age of our currently available juveniles, call (800) 456-3280.

Item # Description 2 Quantity
RGFS Red Golden Pheasant - Adult Pair 2 2 for $225.00 Sold Out
RGPS Red Golden Pheasants - Juvenile Pair 2 2 for $187.50 Quantity
Item # Description 1+ Quantity
RGMP Red Golden Pheasant - Female Female 1+ $127.50 Sold Out
RGMC Red Golden Pheasant - Male Male 1+ $127.50 Quantity
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