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Juvenile Birds


Before ordering juvenile fowl, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management.  You may need a permit.


We cannot ship to Puerto Rico or Hawaii.


We cannot ship outside of the United States.

Started Pullets
Started Pullets are hens that range from 15-22 weeks old. You can purchase any number of started pullets - even just one. Most hens start laying eggs at 24 weeks. So once they arrive and become accustomed to their new surroundings, they will shortly begin to lay eggs.
4 Week Old Chicks

Juvenile Guineas

Juvenile Water Fowl
Due to extreme summer heat all Swans will be shipped via Delta or Continental Cargo. You will need to pick up your Swans at the airports serviced by these two carriers. PLEASE NOTE! All Swans are pinioned. Some of our other types of juvenile fowl are pinioned, or you can request that a wing be clipped. This is necessary if you do not plan to have them in an enclosed aviary. You will need to call 1-800-456-3280 to request pinioned birds, or that a wing be clipped.
Juvenile Pheasants
Juvenile Pheasants
Juvenile Quail and Partridge
Juvenile Quail and Partridge
Juvenile Peafowl and Cranes
Juvenile Peafowl and Cranes
Miscellaneous Juvenile Bird Facts
Other Juvenile Birds
North American Pintail Duck

Ringed Teal Duck
Ringed Teal ducks are native to South America, from southern Bolivia, Paraguay, and southwestern Brazil to northeastern Argentina and Uruguay. Their habitats include tropical, forests and marshy clearings in well-wooded areas, as well as pools and streams. Typical of the wood duck family, Ringed Teal have iridescent greenish plumage patterns, especially on their wings, and the white wing patches. The males have a finely speckled, salmon colored breast, a rich chestnut back, and light gray flanks. A black band runs from the top of its head to the nape of the neck. The female has an olive brownish back with white patches on the head. She has barring on her chest and belly, with a dark tail. Ringed teal are small ducks, about 14-15 inches long, and the average weight is 11-12 ounces. The wood duck family is unusual in that they are perching ducks. They have long toes and strong, pointed claws, making it easy for them to perch in trees. Ringed teal are surface feeders. Though they are surface ducks, ringed teal can still dive underwater for protection from predators. They are available as male/female pairs, and have not been pinioned.
Assorted Call Ducks