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Coops, Pens and Controllers
Murray McMurray Hatchery | Murray's Best Automatic Coop Door | Automatic Coop Door
Murray's Best Automatic Coop Door and Controller

No need to worry about closing your chicken coop at night, or opening it in the morning with Murray's Best Automatic Coop Door and Controller. Used and loved by our staff, this is a top pick for your coop. 

mobile coops
Mobile Chicken Coop

Complete mobile chicken run with nesting boxes.

Coop Controller Replacement Parts
roosting bar
Roosting Bar
Roost are a must for chickens. Marine grade plastic means this weather-proof roosting bar will last a lifetime.
McMurray Hatchery ChickSafe Advance Coop Door Opener
Chicksafe Advanced Coop Door Controller

Brinsea's ChickSafe Advance automatic coop door opener and controller lets your flock out in the morning and shuts the door keeping them safe at night. This new poultry door opener is easy to install, programmable, battery-operated, and more. 

McMurray Hatchery Poultry Transport Cages
Poultry Transportation Coop
Keep a few Poultry Transport Coops on hand to safely and easily move your chickens. These durable plastic transport coops for poultry are perfect when moving birds from brooder to coop, chicken tractor to processing, or just safely housing your birds while you clean your chicken coop.

Poultry Layer Cage

This is a good option for training birds for fair.

McMurray Hatchery - Oversized Poultry Transport Coop
Oversized Poultry Transport Coop

Oversized Poultry Transport Coops offer extra height to safely and easily move your larger poultry, ducks, or turkeys. 

rugged ranch
Welded Wire Pen

Great Safe Chicken Runs       

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