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Meat Birds
(Broilers, Roasters, Fryers, and Game Hens)
McMurray Hatchery Jumbo Cornish X Rock (Cornish Cross)
Jumbo Cornish X Rocks
Our Jumbo Cornish X Rock (Cornish Cross) is the most remarkable meat-producing chicken we offer. Special matings produce baby chicks with broad breasts, big thighs, white plumage, and yellow skin. These broilers are known for their remarkable, rapid growth and feed efficiency.
McMurray Hatchery Barbecue Special Day-Old Chick Assortment
Barbecue Special
Here's a chance to get some fast growing chicks that will make delicious, broad breasted, chicken to be prepared by your favorite method of cooking.
Red Ranger Broilers
Murray's Big Red Broiler

Murray's Big Red Broiler is an updated version of our old favorite, the Red Ranger. A new cross produces a table bird in just 56 days.

Frying Pan Special
Some people prefer a smaller, lighter bird for fryers and these will fill that bill. They are white feathered, yellow skinned, light breed cockerel chicks from either our White Leghorns.
McMurray Hatchery Cornish Roaster
Cornish Roaster
The Cornish Roaster takes about 2 weeks longer to mature than the Jumbo Cornish X Rock, but still has all of the same qualities: large breast and thighs, yellow skin, and easy-to-dress.

Meat-N-Egg Combo

This special is created especially for those of you who have specific needs regarding the number of eggs and meat you wish to have.

McMurray Hatchery Cornish Game Hens
Cornish Game Hens
Raise your own Cornish Game Hens for the most delicious chicken in your life — and you grew it yourself!
McMurray Hatchery All Heavies Male Baby Chick Assortment
All Heavies
If you are looking for cockerels that are great free rangers to eat - our All Heavy Assortment is what you need!