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Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Murray McMurray Hatchery, Inc., appreciates the trust that you place in us when using and shoppping on our website, For any privacy related concerns, please contact us at:

Murray McMurray Hatchery
P.O. BOX 458
191 Closz Drive
Webster City, IA 50595 
(515) 832-3280

Personal Data Capturing and Usage

When you use and shop on our website, we collect information such as the time of your visit or interaction, your IP address, referral information, and information stored in cookies. We also may collect information resulting from phone calls, e-mail, or other forms of direct communications.

When using or shopping on our website, or communicating with us regarding orders, information is captured during those interactions to allow us to track orders, fulfill orders for goods and services, contact you with regard to the status of an order, ship catalogs or other promotional information, and improve the range of goods and services that we offer, our customer service, and our communications.

Third-Party Data Access and Marketing

During the course of doing business, we contract with other outside companies and organizations to assist us in providing certain services including but not limited to shipping, verifying contact information, sending e-mail or other communications, market research, managing promotions, and payment processing. These companies are securely provided with only the information that they need in order to provide those services.

We do not share or sell email addresses or telephone numbers to other companies for marketing purposes.

We do, however, share offline contact information such as your name and mailing address with third-party organizations who may send you promotional offers or information about their products or services. If you do not want your offline contact information shared, please click here contact us and request to opt-out.

National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) Data

As part of our the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP), we are required to file a VS 9-3 form in the destination state for every order of baby chicks that we ship within the U.S.A. These forms include the full ship-to address — name, address, city, state, zip code and phone number — for each order. These forms are first sent to an approved reviewer such as a state veterinarian or health official who reviews the forms, signs them, and forwards them to the appropriate state agency. The VS 9-3 form is an integral part of the NPIP program which allows us to ship across state lines and to all 50 states. A pre-shipment notification report is also sent to each state, approximately one week before the actual shipment. This report contains the same information as the VS 9-3 and allows the state agencies to more effectively monitor the birds being shipped to their state.

Website Cookies

Our website(s) use cookies. Cookies are a small amount of information that your web browser will place on your computer which allows us to identify your web browser and personalize your experience on our site, and allow you to add items to your shopping cart and make purchase on our website. You can disable cookies if you desire. Information about how to do that is available in the toolbar of most web browsers under Help. If you prefer to disable cookies, you will need to phone in your order as it will disable your ability to purchasing via our website.

Data Security

The safety and security of your personal information is our highest priority — on both our systems and each of the third-party applications we use. From SSL to firewalls to employee training, we utilize top industry security measures to ensure your personal information is secure.

Opt-Out Policies

While we take the privacy of your data very seriously, we understand if you prefer to opt out of communications from us.

  • To request your name and mailing address not be shared with third partie organizations for marketing purposes, simply click here contact us.
  • To manage your newsletter preferences, or to unsubscribe, click here to manage your settings.

Notices and Revisions

By visiting, or any of our web properties, your visit and any privacy-related issues, concerns, or disputes are subject to this privacy notice. If you have questions or concerns, click here contact us. Note that due to changes in business over time this Privacy Notice will be updated as needed. Please check this web page site periodically for the current Privacy Notice. In the event of a corporate change — such as a merger, consolidation, or the sale of assets your information may be sold or transferred and may include, but is not limited, to your name and mailing address.

Subscriptions and The Marketplace

Our tiered subscriptions are charged on a month-to-month basis with no long-term obligations. Simply indicate the option that is most appropriate for you when purchasing a subscription product on our website, or completing the Vendor Request Form on the Marketplace.

Once a subscription order has been placed, or a vendor on the Marketplace has been approved, the credit card on account will be charged each month. For Marketplace vendors, the amount charged will reflect the top tier level requested and approved based on the submitted Vendor Request Form. Email reminders will be sent each month 7 days before the card is charged. Once a charge has been processed, the vendor listing will be live for the following month.

CANCELLING A SUBSCRIPTION — If you need to cancel your recurring product subscription or Marketplace subscription for any reason, please reach out by calling 800.456.3280 by the 15th of the month. Any cancellation requests received after the 15th of the month will be honored the following month.

MARKETPLACE LIABILITY — When creating Marketplace listings, we are careful to list only the city and state of your business operation. If you would like the entirety of your physical address listed, please make a note of that in your Vendor Request Form. McMurray Hatchery is not responsible for any trespassing, property damage, theft, or any other type of liability associated with customers or the general public coming to your property. As a Marketplace vendor, you assume all liability when interacting with your customers on your property, with your product, payments for products, refunds, guarantees, or other.

MARKETPLACE CERTIFICATIONS AND CLAIMS — We uphold the highest standards at Murray McMurray Hatchery, and we expect our vendors to do the same. This means that all sales of live birds (juvenile chicks, pullets, ready-to-lay hens, and all other categories) that are shipped across state lines require NPIP Certification. If you would like to ship live birds as a Marketplace vendor, please ensure that you are NPIP Certified prior to participating.

It is also solely the vendor’s responsibility to both research and uphold their local laws, codes, and ordinances when participating in the sales of fresh eggs, pastured poultry, honey, and other bee related products. Murray McMurray hatchery is not liable for any repercussions related to sales from Marketplace vendors, including those completed outside of concordance with your local laws, codes, and ordinances. If vendors are found to be operating outside of our NPIP requirements and/or conducting sales without proper permitting based on their local laws, codes, and ordinances, they will be terminated from the Marketplace without notice, and will not be able to renew their vendor status at any time.

MARKEPLACE VENDOR AGREEMENTS — By signing up as a Marketplace vendor:

  • You agree to assume all liability when interacting with the general public and your customers on your property.
  • You agree to obtain NPIP certification if you are shipping live birds of any age.
  • You agree to research and uphold your local laws, codes, and ordinances for operating a business of any size.
  • You agree to research and uphold your local laws, codes, and ordinances for the sales of fresh eggs, pastured poultry, honey, and other bee related products.
  • You agree and understand that Murray McMurray Hatchery is neither liable nor responsible for any repercussions you may incur for not following any of these vendor agreements.
  • You agree and understand that businesses operating under the Marketplace are independent and are in no way employees, representatives, or affiliates of Murray McMurray Hatchery.
  • You agree and understand that McMurray Hatchery in no way guarantees the quality of vendor products.
  • You agree and understand that Murray McMurray Hatchery reserves the right to cancel a vendor’s listing at any time without warning.
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