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Geese have a long and distinguished history. Domesticated in Ancient Rome, China, and Bible Lands, geese are even pictured on the Pyramids. In Central Europe a newly married couple could expect young geese as a highly prized wedding present. Geese can be expected to breed past 30 years of age and a 40 year old is not uncommon. 101 years of age is the record. Geese are raised primarily for meat today but we have many customers who also use the eggs for baking and the shells for decorative arts. Goose down goes into everything from an old-fashioned feather bed to a modern lightweight jacket. Geese are easy and inexpensive to raise, quick to grow, and a delight to behold. Your goslings ordered from McMurray Hatchery, as they mature, will return their cost many times over in pleasure and profit. Before ordering goslings, please check with the Regulatory Agency in your state that controls wildlife management.  You may need a permit.

SMALL ORDERS:  We are able to send you as few as 2-9 ducks or geese, after April 1.  They will be specially boxed with a heat pack to assure they arrive in great shape. For orders of less than 10 ducks or geese, there will be a small order charge of $45. to cover the shipping, special handling, heat pack and boxing fees. You may order all one breed or combine different breeds to complete your order.

All Geese are sold as Straight Run Only


0-2 WEEKS  21%

3-9 WEEKS  17%



This breed is not as heavy as the Toulouse or White Embden, but they mature early. They are different from other geese in having a large black knob on their head and a dark stripe down the back of the neck. (Straight Run Only)

Tufted Roman
The Tufted Roman is a wonderful goose. It is pure white in color with a small tuft on the top of its head. They possess a gentle temperament, lay well, and are identical in weight (9 to 12 pounds) to their cousins, the Roman goose.

Buff geese, unlike other geese, are very calm and have a wonderful disposition. They are very light buff color sometimes described as being fawn.

Taking their name from the famous city in France, Toulouse Geese (along with White Embdens) are the most popular commercial geese sold in America. (Straight Run Only)

Brown Chinese
The Brown Chinese goose is smaller than the White with identical coloring to the African goose. Chinese geese are a more "talkative" breed of goose. (Straight Run Only)

Fancy Goose Package
Our Fancy Goose package consists of rare and unusual varieties of geese, some of which are so limited in number that we cannot sell them as individual breeds, so we are offering them to you only in this package

White Chinese
White Chinese are pure white in color and are several pounds smaller than the Toulouse. They are hardy, the best laying of all the geese and their eggs hatch well. White Chinese have a knob on top of their heads.  (Straight Run Only)

The Great Goose Group
Would you like to have a mixture of the different kinds of goslings we sell? Would you be willing to let us send you 10 goslings and guarantee to put in at least 3 different kinds but charge you less?

White Embden geese originated by the Em River in Germany and were first brought to the U.S. in 1821. They have the same massive appearance as the Toulouse, combined with a pure white color. (Straight Run Only)

Weeder Geese
You can turn these geese loose in your strawberries, corn, or cotton and let them do the weeding. They leave your crop and eat the weeds! Our choice as to what geese are used to fill these orders.
Pilgrim Goose
The Pilgrim breed of goose was developed in the early 1900's in Iowa - one of the few American bred geese. They are very calm and good mothers. A unique characteristic of the Pilgrim goose is that its sex can be determined from its feather color.

Barnyard Combinations
Here is a chance to get a variety of DUCKS, GEESE, and TURKEYS and save some money at the same time.

A very unusual breed of geese. The frizzled or spiraled white feathers on this unusual looking bird, make it appear as though they have been through a wind storm backwards.