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Tinted Egg Layers

A tinted egg layer may lay a blue, green, cream, pink or lavender eggs. Cream being the most common.

McMurray Hatchery Ameraucana Hen
The Ameraucana — also known as the "Easter Egger" chicken — is a beautiful breed known for its ability to lay colored eggs of shades varying from turquoise to blue. 
blue eggs
Whiting True Blue
A new breed for those looking for blue eggs,  Dr. Whiting developed a breed to lay a consistently blue egg.
McMurray Hatchery Cream Legbars
Cream Legbars

One of Europe's best kept secrets. These birds are smart, beautiful and friendly and lay blue eggs!

Whiting True Green

Dr. Tom Whiting, a poultry geneticist specializing in developing feathers for the fly-fishing industry, developed the Whiting True Green. The Whiting True Green is a hybrid breed that lays a large light green egg. Anyone looking for a bird with that can produce huge numbers of eggs and in an incredible color will be adding these to their wishlist. Hens are reddish to chesnut colored and on the light side. Averaging around 3.5 lbs these birds have an astounding feed to egg conversion. These would be an Olive Egger.