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All guineas originally came from Africa and have always been prized for their all-dark, gamey tasting meat. In many of the world’s top restaurants guinea is still found on the menu and demands a very high price. Guineas are very easy to raise. Once you get them started, they live and grow on bugs, insects and weed seeds. They newly hatched young are called keats and are very active from the start. Once guineas are grown they will range throughout your farmstead foraging for good and serving as you personal watchdogs by calling: Buckwheat! Buckwheat! to all strangers that pull into your yard. Many of our customers report the addition of guineas to their homestead has greatly reduced the number of ticks, particularly the dreaded deer tick. Until 12 weeks of age, different colors of guineas will look similar and be difficult to distinguish.  Available May through September.


Guineas are sold in increments of 30. 


Guineas are no longer available for our Canadian customers.


Jumbo Pearl

Slate Guineas

Coral Blue Guineas

Pearl Guineas

Lavender Guineas

Purple Guineas

Buff Dundotte

Guineas -Limited Varieties

White Guineas

Assorted Guinea Package

Buff Guineas