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Game Birds

Ornamental Pheasants for Beginners

Raising Bobwhite Quail For Commercial Use
This excellent reference book is put out by Clemson University and covers everything needed to know in raising Bobwhites for commercial purposes. Well-written and easy-to-read.

Raising Game Birds
A common-sense soft cover book that supplies all the basic information you need to raise game birds in captivity or in the open. Selecting breeding stock, breeding, feeding, and rearing are all covered.

Training Dogs With Coturnix Quail
Informative booklet provides you with basic facts about training dogs with the Coturnix quail. Aimed towards the "amateur trainer", who wants to enjoy the sport of hunting with a gun dog.

Wild Game Cookery
Delicious new ideas for hunters, anglers, foragers, and adventurous cooks. More than a collection of recipes, this wild foods compendium provides comprehensive instructions on: cleaning and dressing wild game and fowl, making homemade venison sausage, and much more.

Modern Partridge Farming
A comprehensive book about rearing and releasing partridges in the UK. It is written by one of England's foremost rearers of both Grey and Red-legged partridges, and describes breeding pens, egg collection, incubation and hatching.

Guinea Fowl Past and Present
This book includes new historical references, methods of keeping Crested and Vulturine guinea fowl, experiences of wild guinea fowl in Africa and keeping and rearing guinea fowl on a small scale. The book contains chapters on housing, breeding, sexing and large scale commercial rearing together with preparation and marketing.

Facts On Raising Game Birds
This book is aimed toward the "backyard hobby breeder", but anyone wishing to expand into business would find it very helpful. Book includes cage plans, incubation and hatching, common diseases, and basic facts about raising gamebirds. This 65 page book is packed with information.