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Petting Farm Poster Book
Welcome to the cutest farm on earth! A barnyard of adorable baby animals fills the pages of this irresistible poster book. Browse through the collection of critters, learning about each animal's history and care, then pull out your favorite posters and hang them on the wall.

A Guide To Raising Sheep
This revised book will answer your questions on raising sheep. This book is written for the beginner or the experienced raiser.

Backyard Livestock
This is a practical guide to good natural food for your family. This handbook contains almost everything you need to know to raise chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, rabbits, sheep, goats, pigs, and beef.

A Guide To Raising Rabbits
This book is sure to have the answers to the questions you have on raising rabbits. Geared towards the hobbyist, the book covers management, feeding, housing, breeding, health and disease, and more.

Your Calf/Kids Guide
Our friendly and encouraging children's animal reference series features information on selection, housing, behavior, feeding, health, and showing in mature yet easy-to-understand language, for ages 9 and up.

Your Rabbit - A Kids Guide To Raising And Showing
This informative book is ideal for 4-H youth programs. Includes tips on selecting the right kind of rabbit, shelter, feeding, and how to keep your pet healthy.

A Guide To Raising Dairy Goats
The Book covers the different breeds, care, dairying, housing, record-keeping on the herd, health and a whole lot more. It is very well written and easy to read.

Small-Scale Livestock Farming
Far more than the usual animal-care guide, this book presents a natural, organic approach to livestock management which produces healthier animals, reduces feed and healthcare cost, and maximizes profitability.

Your Sheep
Choosing, handling, showing, and the basic caring for sheep are featured, along with ideas for creative projects with sheep and their by-products.