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Rabbit Equipment
Rabbit Equipment and Supplements

Rabbit Water Bottles
2 sizes all weather water bottles/ 16 oz. and 32 oz. Weather Tuff water bottles are weather resistant, made from strong ultraviolet-resistant polyethylene.
Rabbit Standard of Perfection
A.R.B.A Rabbit Standard Of Perfection
The A.R.B.A Rabbit Standard of Perfection is published as a guide for the established breeder and the beginner. Descriptions for ideals in rabbits and cavies. The Standard of Perfection represents over 90 years of cumulative experience of judges and top breeders. 2001-2005 edition.

Soda Bottle Converter
This Earth Friendly Fountain converts most any plastic soda pop bottle into a handy watering device for small animals. Simply screw in bottle and attach to cage with hanger.

Rabbit Feeder
Metal feeder with lid. Comes with independent wire hooks to secure feeder to hutch.

Salt Spool & Hanger
A tasty treat for rabbits and small animals. Provides trace minerals essential for good animal health.

Rabbit Nest
This small animal nest measures 10 1/2"L X 18" W X 10" H. Provides comfort and security for small animals.

Rabbit Hutch Complete Kit
This easy to assemble kit includes everthing needed for rabbit housing.
Heated Rabbit or Small Animal Waterer
Heated Rabbit Water Bottle
This plastic waterer has a built-in 20 watt heater and holds 32 oz. of water. Make sure your rabbits (or other small animals) have access to water all year with this heated bottle.