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Colored Guinea Fowl

Brown Guineas

McMurray Hatchery Buff Guinea Buff Guineas

McMurray Hatchery Coral Blue Guineas Coral Blue Guineas

Jumbo Pearl

McMurray Hatchery Lavender guineas Lavender Guineas

McMurray Hatchery Opaline Guineas Opaline Guineas
Opaline Guineas are a pale blue-white color and are quite rare. As keets, the Opaline Guineaa will appear to be almost white with a tint of blue on their head and back. 
McMurray Hatchery Porcelain Guineas Porcelain Guineas
Porcelain Guineas are pale, pastel, creamy-blue fowl with white dots. Porcelain Guinea hens tend to be a little darker. This very rare variety is a lighter version of the Lavender Guinea. 
Powder Blue Guineas

McMurray Hatchery Royal Purple Guinea Fowl Purple Guineas

Royal Purple Guineas have dark black feathers with a purple sheen. This breed does not have polka dots, but they do contain all of the outstanding traits of other guinea fowl. 

Slate Guineas

McMurray Hatchery White Guinea White Guineas

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