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Full View Picture Window Incubator

Now you can watch Mother Nature’s Magic as eggs hatch before your eyes. This scientifically designed styrofoam incubator weighs about 8 pounds, is 18” x 18” x 7-1/2”, draws 25 watts, 110 volt A.C. The Circulated Air Flow Model (with fan) makes incubating eggs more reliable. The air flow permits the incubator to be operated at one temperature for all sizes of eggs and climate conditions. It holds a more uniform temperature.

The Full View Electronic model comes with an electronic thermostat. This thermostat comes with a built in fan and is so accurate you will not have to set the temperature.  The newer allows for setting of larger eggs such as goose without the use of an expansion ring.


Incubators should be in a room where the temperature doesn't change much, and located in an area where there aren't fans, air conditioners, or heat vents blowing directly on the incubator. This helps the incubator stay at a more uniform temperature inside.


Without an automatic turner in place, the incubator will hold 50 duck or chicken eggs or 130 quail eggs.


With the turner the incubator will hold 120 quail, 42 chicken, and up to 12 goose.



The Full View Incubator has many options; choose from the list above for the model that is right for you. Full View Incubators include clear plastic liner and thermometer.



Catalog Number Description each Order (QTY)
250B Full View Incubator W/Fan $138.95 (each) Order (QTY)
251B Full View Incubator W/ Turner (Chicken Racks Only) and Fan $187.80 (each) Order (QTY)
252B Full View Incubator W/ Turner (Chick & Quail Racks)and Fan $194.90 (each) Order (QTY)
253B Full View Incubator With Goose Turner and Fan $197.55 (each) Order (QTY)
2GTR Replacement Transformer for 250B Series Incubators $16.50 (each) Order (QTY)
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Full View Picture Window Incubator
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