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What are bantams? Called the flower garden of the poultry world, Bantams are miniature chickens, usually one-fourth to one-fifth the size of standard varieties. Because of their many different types and assortments of color patterns, raising bantams is rapidly becoming one of today’s most popular hobbies. Little is known of the origin of bantams although they are believed to have come from the Orient

Baldwin’s Book Of Modern Game Bantams
ABA’s publication in soft cover, 53 pages, 24 illustrations. Contents include selecting for type, mating, dubbing, training for exhibition, colors, and housing.

Book Of Bantams
This is a special emphasis on breeding information and it covers nearly all the different Bantam classes.

Bantams In Colour
A beautiful little book published in England. It contains 40 varieties of bantams and over 120 pictures in brilliant colors.

Crested Bantams
How to control crest lice, crest picking to pick color for exhibition in all the Polish, Houdans, Crevecoeurs, and Sultans.

Bantam Standard
This book is a must for the serious bantam fancier and will be an excellent reference work for anyone interested in bantams.