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Juveniles Currently Available

Here is a list of juvenile birds that are currently available.
McMurray Hatchery Brown Eared Juvenile Pheasants

The Brown Eared Pheasant is a large, rare variety with glossy brown hair-like feathering, a black crown, a red featherless face and legs, and long creamy white ear tufts. Their tail feathers have a black edging and are very wide — usually held high in an arch shape.

McMurray Hatchery East African Crowned Crane

The East African Crowned Crane (balearica regulorum) is easy recognized by its striking crown of bristle feathers on the top of its head. These unique and rare birds are known for their energetic mating dance and keen eye sight. They are one of the only types of cranes that have the ability to perch and roost in trees.

McMurray Hatchery Impeyan Pheasants

Impeyan Pheasants are beautiful birds with irridescent and colorful wings and neck. Sometimes referred to as the "nine-colored bird," these birds are a mix of green, purple, red and blue. They are known for making a shrill whistle sound. 

McMurray Hatchery Lady Amherst Pheasant

Lady Amherst Pheasants (Chrysolophus amherstiae) are named for Lady Sarah Amherst who first introduced these ornamental pheasants in England. Males are spectacular, with their black and white nuchal cape, red crest, and long grey tail with red, blue, dark green, white and yellow plumage underneath. 

McMurray Hatchery Temminck Tragopan Pheasants

The Temminck Tragopan Pheasants are horned birds with short bills, and tail feathers that are shorter than the wings. These are extremely hardy birds and are easy to keep in a medium or large aviary. They like high perches and elevated nest boxes. 

McMurray Hatchery Wood Ducks

Wood Ducks are stunning waterfowl with iridescent coloring and a boxy, crested head. Available as male/female pairs, Wood Ducks nest in holes in trees or in nest boxes and are one of the few duck species equipped with strong claws that can grip bark and perch on branches in trees.