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Rating of 4.0 (12 reviews)
Red Star Started Pullets
2016 Delivery Dates
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RSPP Females $20.59 Sold Out
2017 Delivery Dates
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RSPP Females $20.59 Sold Out
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Availability Display below is for the next several hatches. This breed is available for future dates. You can pick the date during the check out process. Green: available. Blue: limited availability. Red: not available.
red star pullet

Red Stars 15-24 Weeks Old

  • 1 Red Stars in the Brooder
    The baby chicks are fed Gro Gel, and water with Quick Chick upon arrival.
  • 2 Red Stars with our Free Rare Chick
    We sometimes get a Free Rare Chick. Here is one growing up with the Red Stars.
  • 5 Red Stars On Grass 1
    Once we move them to the grass, they eat all the greens they want.
  • 5 See How Much Grass They Eat
    Once we move them to the grass, they eat all the greens they want.
  • 7 Red Stars On Grass 2
    Once we move them to grass, they quickly learn to scratch around.
  • 8 Red Stars eating Organic Bran
    We supplement their feed with bran and cracklings from a local gristmill.
  • 11 Green House Provides a Variety
    To provide a variety of greens, we supplement with greens from our greenhouse.
  • 10 Green House Plants
    To provide a variety of greens, we supplement with greens from our greenhouse.
  • 12 Field Grown Greens
    In the fall and winter months we supplement their feed with winter greens from our outside garden beds.
  • 13 Close up of Organic Bran
    Supplemental feed of Organic Corn, Wheat and Oats
  • 14 Horses Guarding the Chicken Tractors
    Various livestock co-exist with our chicken tractors.
Production Brown egg layers, shipped at 15-24 weeks old. Each month we start a new batch of Red Stars. Red Stars are the gold standard in brown egg production. Red Stars will start laying at around 22-23 weeks. They lay a large brown egg and are an easy to raise bird.

Our chicks are vaccinated for Mareks and Coccidiosis and are kept in the brooder for 3-4 weeks depending on the outside temperature. When they arrive, they are given Gro Gel, warm water with Quick Chick and a little sugar dissolved. They are fed with an all-natural, GMO free feed. Around the time that they start jumping on the side boards of the brooders, we move them onto pasture. In the pasture they have free access to fresh grass, weeds, seeds and bugs. As you can see in the picture, they really eat the grass down.

Nearby we have a local gristmill ( that mills locally grown organic wheat, corn and oats – as well as purchased organic blue corn. We supplement their pasture diet with a daily supplement of bran left over from the milling. The combination of various organic grains and corn makes a healthy addition to their foraging.

As the grass slows it's growing in the fall, we supplement their feed with greens from our 3 greenhouses and 1 field garden.

Additional images - click to enlarge.

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Questions & Answers
I have about 9 red stars left in my flock and they are about 2 years old and laying well. I want to add 10 new pullets to this flock. Can I simply put new pullets in with them?
Whenever introducing a new flock to an existing flock, it is always suggested to keep the two groups separated in a way they can see each other. This separation allows them to get used to each other (seeing and hearing) without physically getting at each other. This slower introduction reduces stress on the birds and makes for an easier transition.
I need a red star rooster ,do you sell them ?
No, we only sell the males as newly hatched chicks. Minimum order would be 15 chicks.
Do you deliver right to my house
No, the birds are shipped to the post office. They would call you upon arrival to pick up the order.
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