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The McMurray Difference

At McMurray Hatchery, we have hand-packed each order of baby chicks with care for over 100 years. Our team selects every chick in each order by hand, and does everything possible — from the highest quality chicks, to custom-made, reinforced boxes, and our 48-hour live delivery guarantee — to ensure each box of chicks we ship arrives at their new home safely. That’s the McMurray Difference.

Why Order McMurray Hatchery Poultry?

Quality & Satisfaction

The backbone of our business is based on customer satisfaction and quality. Without both, our company would have been gone years ago. We are the oldest, and largest, rare breed hatchery in the United States. Since 1917, we have been supplying top quality poultry and related products nationwide. Your complete satisfaction with our company, and products, is our number one concern.

Hand-Packed With Care

We know you take great care in selecting the breeds for your flock when placing your order with us. We do everything possible to ensure you receive the highest quality poultry. Each box of chicks ordered from us is hand-packed by a team member and shipped to you with care and our patented, custom-made, reinforced boxes are specially designed to protect them on their journey.

Our Guarantee

WE GUARANTEE our birds to be healthy and true to variety, and our website and Customer Service department offers clear and reliable information regarding the proper care of baby poultry. We offer a 48-Hour Live Arrival and Livability Guarantee and will either refund your money, replace your birds, or credit your account for the loss of any properly cared for bird(s) within 48 hours of arrival. Contact us our Customer Service department at 515-832-3280 or 800-456-3280 within 48 hours after arrival to report any losses. Reports must be made by phone. New orders must meet the minimum number of birds required for safe shipping.

WE GUARANTEE 90% accuracy on all sexed poultry, or we will either refund your money, replace your birds, or credit your account for the birds incorrectly sexed. Reports must be made by phone by calling our Customer Service department at 515-832-3280 or 800-456-3280. New orders must meet the minimum number of birds required for safe shipping.

Purchases that do not meet your satisfaction may be returned for a full refund or credit. Prior approval is required before merchandise can be returned — contact our Customer Service department at 515-832-3280 or 800-456-3280 for approval. Returned merchandise must be in its original packaging with all appropriate literature, unused, and in resalable condition. Vaccines, some health care items, and some processing equipment cannot be returned. All returns may be subject to a restocking and/or handling fee. Merchandise that is drop-shipped from the factory may be subject to additional or different terms set by the manufacturer. AT NO TIME WILL OUR GUARANTEE EXCEED THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE PRICE.

Choose Females, Males, or Straight Run

No other hatchery allows you to choose as many different varieties of chickens by sex as McMurray Hatchery — females (pullets), males (cockerels), or straight run (as hatched). We have professional sexers that come to the hatchery each hatch day to sex the birds, and we guarantee 90% accuracy on their work. Each breed listing in this website indicates how each breed is sold. Please note, we cannot guarantee an equal number of males and females in a straight run order.

Small Minimum Orders

Whether you are just starting a backyard flock, or adding to an existing one, our low minimums are sure to meet your needs. Over a century of experience shipping baby poultry goes into our guidelines for minimum orders. Baby chicks and other poultry need the warmth of each other, and the cushion, to safely make their journey. Our minimum orders are higher during colder months — January through March — to ensure a safe delivery. In April, when temperatures start to increase, our minimums decrease to as low as 6 for day-old baby chicks. See below for a list of minimums by type. If you need less than these minimums, consider our 4-9 week old chicks or 15-22 week old started pullets which have no minimums.

Minimums for each type of poultry:

  • Chickens: 25, 6 After April 1 Learn More
  • Ducks: 10, 2 After April 1
  • Geese: 10, 2 After April 1
  • Guineas: 30
  • Partridge: 35
  • Peafowl: 8
  • Pheasants: 30
  • Quail: 100
  • Turkeys: 15

Order One of Each

Many of our customers want to raise just a few chicks of a few varieties. For over 100 years we have remained true to our roots, serving the needs of small backyard flock owners and poultry enthusiasts. When placing your order, you can select as few as one of any breed as long as the total meets the minimum number required for each type of poultry in that order. We do recommend ordering a few of each breed however, to ensure you get a good sample of a variety.

Extra Chicks for Warmth

In order to assure that your birds arrive healthy and happy, we use a custom-designed chick shipping box, adjust ventilation holes, add heat packs when needed, and time our shipping for access to the most airline flights. Adding extra male chicks (free of charge) for warmth is another option. If you do not want us to add extra chicks, please let us know when you are ordering.


Occasionally we will have breeds which did not hatch as well as expected. When this happens, we ask to substitute extra chicks — of equal or greater value — of breeds similar to what you have ordered. If you indicate no substitutions on your order, we may either delay your order or ship it minus those birds and refund your account. Many of our customers prefer to have the original total number of chicks they ordered rather than a refund. If you phone in your order we will ask you about substitutions. If you mail your order, please indicate your substitution preference on the order blank.