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Anti Pick

Blue Kote Wound Dressing
Blue Kote is a quick-drying, protective wound dressing to treat ringworm, skin abrasions and surface wounds.
Hot Pick
Hot Pick is formulated with all natural ingredients to help reduce feather plucking and cannibalism in birds. It contains bitter herbs and spices in a natural base.

Pine Tar
Phenol containing pine tar is a natural antimicrobial, germicidal treatment not only for horse hooves but can be used to cover a wound caused by pecking.
Pinless Peepers appllied
Pinless Peepers
Pinless Peepers Pkg of 25

Poly Peepers
This is the most popular and best selling anti-pick device. This standard type of peeper is very flexible and bends very easily to keep from getting caught in netting.

Plastic Anti-Pick Bits
These reusable bits are easily applied and removed without a tool. Plastic bits won't cut into beaks as metal bits do. Use only during captivity and do no use on breeding males.