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McMurray's Coop Controller

McMurray's own Coop Controller will open the door in the morning and close the door at night. No programming required. Our controller senses the sunrise and sunset to control the door position. The controller includes a built in temperature sensor that will only open the door if the outside temperature is above 20 degrees F. This protects the chickens on cold winter mornings.

Our sliding door (12" x 12") is roost proof, a swinging door invites chickens to roost on the door.

New Controller Design! An integrated light in the controller makes installation simpler and quicker! The light insures that the chickens have 16 hours of light per day for increased egg production.

Along with the new design is a different plug-in for the sensor. If ordering a new control box or new sensor please communicate your sensor plug-in type.

  • Shuts door at sunset. Protects against predators and weather.
  • Opens door at sunrise if the temperature is above 20 degrees F
  • Supplemental light built into the controller
  • Complete door controller kit. Includes door, door frame and installation instructions. Plus watch our installation video.
  • Choose the length of cable you need to go from the inside mounting point to the outside sensor. Coop Door Controller comes with two lengths - a 6 foot length which is adequate for most installations, and a 12 foot length for installations where the sunlight sensor will be further away from the coop door.

Check out our videos below. The first is an introduction and the second shows an installation.

The installation video is slightly dated.  It gives the general steps involved in the coop controller installation. Please refer to the downloaded manual for the current instructions.

Additional Information:
The box is 7 1/4" W x 4 3/4"H x 2 1/2"Deep
Rails are about 32" long.


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Catalog Number Description each Order (QTY)
  5MCC Mcmurray'S Coop Controller with 6 Foot Sensor Cable $299.95 (each) Order (QTY)
  5MCC12 Mcmurray'S Coop Controller with 12 Foot Sensor Cable $299.95 (each) Order (QTY)
Coop Door Battery Lead 5CDBL Coop Door Battery Lead $9.95 (each) Sold Out
  5CDR Rails for Coop Door $17.13 (each) Order (QTY)
  5CDPP Power Supply Plug for Coop Door $9.99 (each) Order (QTY)
  5CDS Screw Package for coop door $2.13 (each) Order (QTY)
  5CDC Control Box for Coop Door $225.15 (each) Order (QTY)
  5CDD Plastic Door for Coop Door $14.51 (each) Order (QTY)
  5C6 6' Cable & Sensor for Coop Door $25.26 (each) Order (QTY)
  5C12 12'Cable & Sensor for Coop Door $25.26 (each) Order (QTY)
  5CDSA Switch assembly for Coop Controller-Replacement $22.50 (each) Sold Out
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McMurray's Coop Controller
Attachments - click to download.
Download the Coop Controller Installation and User Manual